Lots of fans were complaining about Diablo 2 realm stability issues, and thanks to a Blizzard tech support post, we now know we weren’t imagining things.

    3/26 Server Stability Hotfix

    We recently identified a third party application that was being utilized to cause game server crashes and have applied a hotfix as of 12:30 PM PST to all servers to address this issue. We take the use of these applications very seriously due to their disruptive nature to both the game servers and the player game experience as a whole. We will continue to monitor for any other such disruptions.

    For those of you playing on the realms, how’s v1.13 working for thus far? Our Diablo 2 forums are choked with discussions of the game features, ladder races, and ideal character builds (exploit respecs FTW! Also note that our Sorceress forum has 3x the readers of any other character forum.) but how are things going technically? Are there enough public games, have the hacks and dupes and crashes the TPPK issues been solved, etc?

    Fans who lack the time to investigate personally wish to draw definite conclusions from a few anecdotal rants!

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