Diablo 3 Patch v1.07 Analysis: New Crafted Items

Lots of comments on the patch preview in the news post and the Diablo 3 community forum, and I wanted to go into more depth on a few of the details. Dueling for certain, but later for that. For now, how about those new crafting recipes?

(Much of this is speculation since we don’t have the full patch details yet, much less the PTR available for testing stuff out, and things will probably change during the PTR time anyway, but we’re fans and there’s something new, so speculation is what we do!)

Here’s a quote from the preview with the key info:

In 1.0.7 we’re adding a new set of Rare crafting recipes that will create account-bound gloves, pants, wrists, a chest piece, and an amulet.

These new items will have six affixes and feature a primary stat (Str, Dex, Int, Vit) that extends higher than what is currently available in the respective slots. The items will also require an account-bound crafting reagent called Demonic Essence, which drops from Elite monsters in Inferno.

There are a few obvious questions not answered by the above.

  • 1) What are the crafting recipe costs (lots of gold, and/or other mats like Fiery Brimstones?)
  • 2) How many DEs are required in the recipe and how readily can they be obtained?
  • 3) What’s the value of the “extends higher” main stat on those items?
  • 3.1) Just how variable will the range be? (+225 is a lot different than +175-275.)
  • 3.2) Who let the dogs out? (Who, who, who, who?)
  • The quality and viability of the items is probably the biggest question, and I’ll tackle that below. For now, let’s consider the availability of the DEs.

    The preview says it’ll have a 20% chance to drop from Elite monsters at MP0, with 15% increases with each higher MP, up to 81% at MP10. And that 8 of the sub-bosses (Skeleton King, Spider Queen, Magda, Zoltan Kulle, etc) will have a 50% chance to drop it when you have 5 stacks. How many will we get? How many will we need?

    Demonic Essence Scarcity

    First of all, since the preview only listed the starting and closing values, I was curious enough to calculate them all, mirroring the miracle of compounded interest. Here are the chances for a Demonic Essence to drop from an Elite in Inferno.

  • MP0: 20.00%
  • MP1: 23.00%
  • MP2: 26.45%
  • MP3: 30.42%
  • MP4: 34.98%
  • MP5: 40.23%
  • MP6: 46.26%
  • MP7: 53.20%
  • MP8: 61.18%
  • MP9: 70.36%
  • MP10: 80.91%
  • We don’t know how many DEs you’ll need for the recipe or how much gold it will cost, and the figures may change during PTR time, but it seems that DEs will be pretty common. For example, a typical DiabloWikiAlkaizer Run includes oh… 15ish bosses/champions, so even on MP0 you could expect about 3 DEs each time, and going up to MP5 doubles that. Since powerful characters can do those runs in 15m or less, stocking up on DEs shouldn’t be hard.

    Aside #1: Perhaps this will be encouragement to do a few more areas per run to get more bosses since there’s a definite payoff that only comes from 5 stacks? It’s also a sort of encouragement to play more in Act 1 and Act 2 (no, really) since those acts aren’t *that* much less boss-filled than Act 3… the real difference comes from the much lower density of trash mobs, and since trash mobs don’t drop DEs…

    As for Act 4… LOL. You said “act 4.”

    Aside #2: Do you suppose Resplendent Chests have a chance to pop a DE as well, if you’ve got 5 stacks? And how about Uniques, the purple-named bosses? Everyone’s been asking for a buff for them (to their stats and their drops) since launch, and we’re still waiting for it, but if those tools could potentially drop a DE then at least they wouldn’t seem completely useless.

    Click through for much more, including slot-by-slot breakdowns of the highest attributes now available, comparisons of rares to legendaries, and concluding thoughts, theories, and questions.

    Crafted Item Quality

    The new crafted items will have one inherent bonus to an attribute, plus 6 random affixes. Note that there are already crafting recipes to make all those types of items with 6 affixes, but (almost) no one bothers with them since the reagent costs are so steep (around 100k gold and 30~ blue mats) and since even with 6 random modifiers the odds are terrible to get the (minimum) 3 or 4 (with good seeds) that an item needs to have good value.

    Which sums up the whole problem with crafting as it is in D3. I have a theory/observation, though. Crafting in D3, in the current system, would be fine… if Diablo 3 was a single player game without any Auction House. Crafting isn’t worth the trouble now since you can 1) probably find a better item, and 2) definitely buy a better item. Without the AH, especially playing self found, we’d all have some decent gear but probably have one item slot that just wouldn’t RNG up. If you couldn’t find a good belt or shoulders or quiver or whatever, dropping 80k and a bunch of mats to roll a guaranteed six-affix one would be a pretty good deal. (Assuming you could find the Plan in the first place, but I hope/assume they’d drop more readily in a game without an AH.)

    It would probably take you 6 or 8 or 10 tries to get one that was a solid upgrade, and that would be expensive… but after all, without the GAH you’d have nothing else to spend your gold on. (Gem upgrades, but without the AH you’d have a lot fewer items with sockets, so you wouldn’t need them so much.) Thus it’s only the presence of the GAH that makes crafting so irrelevant.

    That aside, these new crafting recipes are just the current “Grand Exalted” six-affix recipes plus one big guaranteed bonus to an Attribute. That’s not bad, but shouldn’t the crafting recipes have been about that good to begin with? To make them viable against the best of found gear? Alas.

    Anyway, the new ones are basically Hellfire Rings, minus the 35% experience boost, plus 2 more random affixes, plus a slightly (?) higher guaranteed attribute bonus. Is that worth it? Maybe, but look how many rolls it takes to get a really good DiabloWikiHellfire Ring. Most players don’t have a great one, one, and we’re content using a decent one, even if it’s 4k or 6k or 8k less DPS than our best ring, since we want that big experience bonus.

    But the new crafted items won’t have that experience bonus, so they’ll only be worth using if they can actually outdo your best rare or legendary item for that slot. (Obviously Blizzard didn’t want to make them guaranteed better or that’s all anyone would wear a week after v1.07, so there’s a fairly delicate balance to strike, which is why designing a good item system in an ARPG is really hard.)

    The available plans (which must be found except for the Chest, but sound fairly easy to find) are: 1) Gloves, 2) Pants, 3) Wrists (bracers), 4) Chest, and 5) Amulet. (Not available: rings, helms, shoulders, belts, boots, weapons, or Off-hand.)

    These crafted items will all be account bound, and they each feature, “a primary stat (Str, Dex, Int, Vit) that extends higher than what is currently available in the respective slots.” That’s kind of the key point and we’ll have to see what those values are to get a real sense of the item’s value. Running them down slot by slot, though:


    Gloves are about the cheapest item for the quality in the game today, since they can roll all the big offensive stats that rings and amulets get, but with fewer other possible affixes. This means that gloves roll with several good affixes all the time, and have come down and down in price over the months. You can currently buy a good DiabloWikitrifecta pair of gloves with 150 to a mainstat and maybe even res all or MF or another supporting stat for just a million or two, which is FAR less than a ring or amulet with those stats would cost.

    In my GAH experience, a quality (5m+ price) rare glove needs to have about 150+ to the DiabloWikimainstat, with superior rolls going up into the low 200s. You can get higher of course, and the billion gold items have far more plus other great stats.

    Looking at the Americas GAH right now the highest attributes on gloves are:

  • 297 Dexterity
  • 295 Intelligence
  • 298 Strength (but that’s only IK gloves. The highest rare is 197.)
  • Vitality tops out at 225 but that’s on a Tasker and Theo. The highest rare vit is 198.
  • And those may not be top end items; just rolling a lot to one attribute means little for glove value, when you need a good CC, IAS, and hopefully CD as well for them to be really good. Thus these new crafted gloves will need to be pretty big. Even if they have a guaranteed attribute of over 300, or maybe 250 Vit, they’ll need to pop with 3 or 4 other good mods as well.

    Maybe the moral of the story is that these new crafted items are *very* unlikely to be useful to players with massive billion gold budgets, (since only .0000001% of items are) but that they’ve got a good chance to provide upgrades for the vast majority of players who aren’t so wealthy.


    The Bracers economy varies a lot from the Gloves economy. Gloves are one of the few item slots where Rares are the best option for most characters. That’s very not the case for Bracers, where almost the entire top end market is pushed by one legendary, the Lacuni Prowlers. Less rich players can make do quite well with Strongarm Bracers, since a good roll on that legendary is better than 99.9% of rare bracers.

    Bracers also differ from gloves in that the Lacuni Prowlers have inherent bonuses to Attack Speed and Movement Speed, and you can not get either of those on Rares. Thus the best Bracer is *always* a really good roll on a Lacuni Prowler (with Critical Hit Chance from one of the random affixes) and they are appropriately expensive.

    I don’t see how the new crafted bracers can change that, assuming they’re just rares with one big attribute, since Lacuni will still have AS and FM. The only way the new bracer can take some top end value is if the attribute can roll so big that it’s worth more than the AS on a Lacuni. (The FM is less valuable since it’s not too hard to get up 24% from two other item slots. See our recent item strategy article listing every Faster Movement item in the game.)

    What are the current maxes for attributes on bracers?

  • Dexterity: 265, but only on Strongarm Bracers. The highest Rare is 200.
  • Intelligence: 262 on Strongarm Bracers. 199 max on Rares.
  • Strength: 267 Strongarm. 199 Rare.
  • Vitality: 198 on Rare.
  • How about Lacuni Prowlers? They can’t roll so high on attributes since unlike the Strongarm Bracers, they don’t have an inherent attribute that gets boosted by a double roll from a random affix slot. Here are the highest values on Lacuni Prowlers, again taken right now from the Americas GAH.

  • 200 Dexterity, 191 Intelligence, 200 Strength, and 191 Vitality.
  • So if the new recipe has one inherent attribute bonus that’s bigger than anything can currently roll, it has to be at least 270 for the mainstat or 200 for Vitality. Would a character with really top gear take (for example) a 280 Dex crafted bracer over his 195 Dex Lacuni Prowler, assuming the other stats were excellent? Is 85 more Dex, plus maybe 2 or 3 other good supporting stats) worth more than 9% IAS from a Bracer?

    Feel free to debate that in comments.


    The pants market is much more open than Bracers, with top end gear coming from Rares and often Inna’s Set, since like the Lacuni Prowlers, those offer Faster Movement and Attack Speed, which can not be obtained on Rare pants.

    Here are the highest Attribute values on pants, right now on the Americas’ GAH:

  • Dexterity, Intelligence, and Strength are all basically the same, with the max around 270 but only on Depth Diggers. Some Blackthorne’s Pants also get in the 200-250 range, and Rares max out at 200.
  • Vitality: 390 on Blackthorne’s, but that’s a very unusual roll, with only a handful over 320. Rares max out at 300. (All of these pants can have up to 2 sockets.)
  • Just to be thorough, here are the max values for Inna’s Temperance, which always has 2 sockets and is mostly used by DHs and Monks:

  • Dexterity: 196.
  • Intelligence: 99.
  • Strength: 100.
  • Vitality: 200.
  • Inna’s further complicates things by offering a +130 Dex set bonus with any other item in the set. This largely explains the semi-popularity of the crappy/cheap Inna’s Belt, but better-equipped Demon Hunters and Monks choose to pair Inna’s Armor or Helm (Monk only) with the pants. Barbs and WDs/Wizards don’t find Inna’s that useful, since their main stats don’t go nearly as high.

    So for the new crafted pants, they’ll have to have some huge values to exceed Depth Diggers, and I bet the won’t. I bet the pants will only go to 250 mainstats and (maybe 350 on Vit) to out-point Rares, but won’t really compare with top quality Depth Diggers, Blackthorne’s, or Inna’s pants. But I’d be happy to be wrong, and if v1.07 lets us roll we can roll 350 mainstat or 450 Vit rare pants with 6 affixes, those could challenge for the high end gear slots.

    Chest Armor

    Chest Armor is probably the hardest slot to break into, since there are multiple awesome chest set armors. The Immortal King’s, Inna’s Armor, Tal’s, Zunimassa’s, and Blackthorne’s chest armor can all roll with great stats and 3 sockets and they get big set bonuses as well. A rare chest armor will have to really push some huge bonuses to pass those up for high end gear.

    Let’s check the highest attributes while we’re here, though.

  • Dexterity: 286 from Tyrael’s Might. You see some Cindercoats in the 230 range, before Rares and Inna’s come in at 200.
  • Intelligence: 281 from Tyrael’s Might, with Cindercoats in the 230 range and then Tal’s, Zunimassa’s, and Rares at 200.
  • Strength: 276 from Tyrael’s Might, Cindercoats in the 230 range, and then IK and Rares at 200.
  • Vitality: 299. Rares in the 290+ range, along with all of these listed Set Armor options.
  • Here the values are pretty even across the board. The new crafted chests need to roll 300+ to beat the mainstats or Vit, but they really need a lot more than that to offset the guaranteed sockets and awesome set bonuses from the set armors. I have trouble envisioning a rare crafted chest being end game gear without a really great roll.


    "I like amulets. No I like Amulets!"
    “I wear amulet! No I wear amulet!”
    I think the Amulet might be the most wide open slot and it’s definitely the one I can see myself crafting first and most often. Rare jewelry can be as good or better than any set or legendary, and for economic reasons largely stemming from the quantity of possible affixes (more on jewelry = lower odds for a good roll) rings and amulets cost *vastly* more than gloves with similarly-excellent offensive stats. (That and you need two rings and only one pair of gloves. Thankfully there’s no Ogre class in D3.)

    Max values on Amulets:

  • Dexterity: 428 on a Mara’s Kaleidoscope. Lots of rares from 330 and down.
  • Intelligence: 417 on a Mara’s. Lots of rares from 330 and down. Tal’s amulet often pops from 250-300 Dex.
  • Strength: 409 on a Mara’s. Lots of rare from 330 and down.
  • Vitality: 383 on a Mara’s. Lots of Rares and some Tal Rasha’s amulets in the 330+ range.
  • Pretty obvious which Amulet hits the highest attribute values, and with 400 or higher to all attributes from Mara’s, plus rares regularly rolling up to 330, the new crafted amulet will have to really blow the doors off to get into that top end gear conversation. Even if it’s just comparable, say 250-350 on the mainstat, plus six random affixes, that’s well worth a roll. You’d have a very good mid-quality amulet with just the inherent stat plus 2 of the 3 legs of the Trifecta, and plenty of other mods for maybe picking up Vit, Res All, etc.


    It remains to be seen how much impact on the end game economy these items will have. We can’t sell or give or trade them, but if you roll your own awesome amulet you won’t be in the market to drop 5 or 50 or 500m on one in the GAH. Might the high end gear costs in these 5 slots drop, compared to belts and boots and shoulders and rings and the others that don’t have such a recipe (yet)?

    We’ll know more once we get the exact figures (which may well change during PTR testing and feedback), but a lot of the potential of these items depends on just what Blizzard means when they say, “…a primary stat that extends higher than what is currently available in the respective slots.”

    Take amulets: all the mainstats can go up to 400 or higher, and Rares in the 300-300 range aren’t uncommon. So what should these new crafted amulets do? Base of +200 to one stat, with a chance for that to be doubled by random affixes, the way Mara’s +84-89 to each attribute can? Or should the inherent bonus be 100-300, or 150-350 or 200-400 without any possibility of that same attribute stacking on for even higher?

    More generally, are you guys eager to try the new crafting recipes? Angry since you think Crafting should have been this way all along? Excited if these are just the first steps on a long-awaited crafting improvement project?

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    44 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Patch v1.07 Analysis: New Crafted Items

    1. I really think they should be focusing less on endgame rares right now and giving us better crafting in general, especially while leveling. The endgame is important of course but right now that’s ALL that matters, the journey is basically being left behind entirely to focus only on the destination. Crafting needs to become a viable thing during leveling otherwise it’s just going to come back to the same old formula: recycle normal blues/yellows and inferno legendaries to sell the mats on the AH, vendor trash everything else.

      • If you’re playing self-found then crafting is a great source of rares and 3-mod blues. I don’t see the need for much of a change there, except for better tuning of certain items (some early items are OP while some later items UP).

        If you’re getting your pre-60 gear from the AH then I can see your point, but in order to compete with the AH gear the crafted gear would have to be either unreasonably cheap to craft or unreasonably powerful. Either of the two would severely hurt the viability of found gear, unless the found gear was also unreasonably powerful too.

        It’s just not an easy problem to solve, except for maybe reducing the inherent variance on gear so that a well-rolled AH item isn’t that much better than what is found or crafted. However, that is not the philosophy the devs chose, so we probably won’t see any dramatic changes to the item system for quite some time.

      • I am really worried about the effect of adding so many different BOA items to the game will have on the overall economy of the game.

        Many items that are now considered to be usable will become obsolete and its going to greatly reduce selling and trading overall if half your gear is attached to your account. Really bad idea on their part, this isnt wow, its not like you can ever lose your gear.

    2. it doesent really seem like they are improving crafting, or at least all the other stuff you can craft. who would craft anything other then theese new plans and the hellfire ring which in most cases are a complete waste of time. They have to rethink the whole crafting system in my opinion. Also i dont understand why some of the legendaries doesnt get buffed in this patch, the useless ones off course!

      • Yeah, this is kind of the general consensus at this point. Most would agree they are taking “steps” in the right direction (albeit tiny ones) but anything they do at this point that isn’t an overhaul is more than likely just a cheap band-aid fix. Yes, yes, an improvement is better than nothing…. but…

        I think that’s part of the reason people are irritated. They had all this time (years!) to flesh out the item system (and crafting) and in the end it failed, and now they’re trying to backpedal and fix it. In the end, everyone knows it needs fixing from the ground up, and wonders how they messed up so badly. I would assume a lot of people share that same sentiment.

        • At this point, the game has come too far for a complete itemization overhaul to make any practical sense. Players have simply invested too much time/money into their items for those items to be weakened or even made redundant through a balance patch – such a decision would antagonize a large part of their playerbase.

          We’ll probably have to wait until the first expansion for any major improvement to itemization, as expansions normally cause a fair amount of power creep. That would give Blizzard ample opportunity to rework the item system and make players outgrow their equipment, simply by offering those players more powerful gear that is based on a new and improved itemization system.

          However, it’ll be some time before we get there, so the most you can expect now are these small band-aid fixes that aim to adress the most blatant imbalances and issues.

          • I don’t mean to sound offensive in any way, but if you acknowledge the point ‘bloat’ is trying to make, how can you even consider an expansion set? This game is in dire need of fixing !now! – and twice the speed, quality and magnitude of current patches wouldn’t be anywhere near enough.

            Eventually, after they’ve fixed the whole item system, affixes, crafting, AH impact on gameplay, skills, attributes, multiplayer, pvp, randomization and diversity, monster balance/population, drop chances and third-party business, then we can mildly overlook the shortcomings of the graphic and music quality in this game and talk about trusting again in them coming up with a decent expansion.

            As long as the game cannot even come close to meeting the high expectations that made such a financial success, however, I don’t see any need for even higher expectations in form of an add-on product.

            • The expansion is already planned; whether or not you acknowledge Bloat’s point doesn’t change that. Would I like to see the itemization issues fixed now? Of course. If there’s a lesson to be learned from Blizzard’s approach to item balance, though, it’s that because of the AH, they’ve learned not to mess with people’s items. It’s the reason why they didn’t nerf the legacy Natalya’s set bonus and why they’ve chosen not to nerf the monk resistance passive. It’s also the reason why we shouldn’t expect something as major as an overhaul of one of the game’s core systems before something as major as an expansion. It’s simply too late for those changes now.

            • Let them plan as many expansions as they wish – you can’t be serious about joining that “expansion will fix it” choir though. Expanding on working systems is what expansions are there for, fixing broken stuff is what patches are there for.

              Do you actually believe they’d hold back on balancing just because of the AH? There’s a ‘no warranty’ disclaimer popping up whenever you buy stuff there. After all, when you ‘buy an item’ on the AH, you don’t buy an item – you pay them for assigning a digital copy (which never leaves their exclusive property) to a virtual character (they own) that is assigned to your account. You pay for the service and own nothing; they reserve the right to do with their property as they please.

              That said, is it set in stone anywhere that ’63’ has to be the maximum item level for level 60 characters? You could peacefully revamp the whole item system by adding item level 64 and 65 items to Inferno MP5 and higher. The players themselves would then conclude that ‘their’ gear is outdated and needs to be adjusted towards the shiny new item format – nobody would care about level 63 items anymore.

            • No, I’m saying that the expansion *may* fix it. Given the complexity of the issue, I find it unlikely that it’ll be fixed before something like an expansion, partly because expansions involve longer dev cycles than patches (more time to solve the problem) but also because power creep is one of their selling points (higher level cap, new items etc).

              I’m not ruling out the possibility that it’ll be fixed sooner, obviously, but it is my understanding that there’s too much to fix and too much at stake for a fix to be simply patched in. Adding higher ilvl items might work, but it seems like that would be a natural part of an expansion rather than a patch, since the expansion content would then need to go even further in terms of ilvl.

              As for the AH, of course it affects item balance even if its within Blizzard’s legal right to do what they want. After the attack speed nerf and the negative reactions that resulted in, they developers seem to have adopted a “let’s not mess with people’s gear” mentality. The reason a clearly broken skill like One With Everything still hasn’t been nerfed is because they don’t want to undermine people’s investment in their gear. The longer they wait, the greater that investment and the greater the repercussions. Look up Wyatt Chang’s developer journal on the official D3 site, it says the same thing.

      • yeah imagine flux made this article and analysis in a short amount of time, which shows how flawed the new craftable items are. I dont think they know what they are doing!

        • I mean everyone who have played the game for atleast 200 hours know the diablo 3’s many flaws, but blizzard are obvios unaware of all the issues :'(

    3. Thanks for the Demonic Essence calculations.

      I am just wondering if we can use waypoints like in Diablo 2, and teleport between acts.. We are lacking that information as well.. I mean, killing Rakanoth and get good drops there is .. Hard! And play ending of Act 3 just to kill him seems a bit odd!

      • i’m wondering about that too. If we can get to 5 stacks and then just rampage, do all 3 keywardens in the same game, etc. Or if it’s just some kind of “finish the act and continue” thing that would promote long games and not runs. And not be worth it, since getting 5 stacks in a new game takes a lot less time than running all the junk quests on a full act clear.

        • I’m sure it’s the latter, otherwise they would have said we would be able to teleport between acts. Which means that it will pretty much have no effect whatsoever on gameplay indeed.

          • yeah, and this is why i am so irritated with some of the changes… we, the community, cry for something for so long, that they decide to do at least ‘something’ about it – damage control or call it what you like.
            And so we get this non-sense change to NV, and why? Because it was the easiest way to do and put the issue to the end of the ‘to do’ list. For me it’s ridicolous, that the devs dont see (woah, sorry, i’m sure they do realize) that this change is a bunch of bullsh** and won’t solve anything.

            As always, the next patch will be the step in the right direction, but i am annoyed with thoses steps pace.
            1.0.7 is ok for me, although I was waiting for more content changes including more skills tweaks, monster density and ITEMIZATION balancing (1-60 needed ASAP, fixing some garbage affixes – thorns, life after kill, indestuctible… RLY? after recent patches?? :\ )… Why the hell is it going so slow? Is there, like, 10 people working on actual Diablo 3, rest making expansion?
            Even if the do work on itemization, i’m afraid it will be the same as with the PvP system. Just make it fast, run the PTR and let the community help working things out!!!

            I am die hard fan of the series, but really, my loyalty, love and patience are being tested here.

            In conclusion – the NV 1.0.7 change is a joke to me, better if they haven’t changed anything and provide an obvious solution later – just let us change acts and quests from the level of the game, please.

            • I don’t even know why there are quests in D3. None of the quests offer anything worthwhile. All the rewards are insignificant, trivial XP and/or Gold. In other words, the quests are nothing but bothersome roadblocks to how we want to play, especially after the first play-through where we collected all the way-points throughout the game, in each difficulty level.

              Once I have played through each difficulty and beaten the game, I want to jump into games and take way-points to anywhere I want, and play how I want… not be roadblocked by inane quests and forced to play through in a linear fashion. And I know I’m not alone. Barring creating games to run a boss or sequence of bosses, EVERYONE creates games at act-end so they can do just that. Alkaizer runs anyone.

        • Flux, just 2 things
          1- When you say bosses sometimes you are confusing them with elite monsters the ones with blue, yellow and purple.
          2- They said that the plan for the gloves, pants, wrists and amulet that will drop from the bosses.
          Very nice article BTW
          My guess the optimal route will be Ghom – Cydaea – Rakanoth – Izual until all the plans drop and back to a3 farming

    4. I think this is just baby steps to move the crafting in the right direction. If this works, then they can try more powerful crafting. If this isn’t enough, then they step it up a little higher. They know they have to keep the game relatively in check until they can release expansion material in 2014-2016. If the game and the marketplace are a joke then the expansion won’t sell more (unless they just happen to include a ladder system in the expansion…).

      Also, if you read the patch preview, the plans themselves are 50% chance to drop from certain special bosses, not the DEs. The plans should be quite easy to come by (emphasis mine):
      “The other PLANS will drop randomly in the world, but also HAVE A 50% chance to drop off the following bosses when you have five stacks of Nephalem Valor:

      Skeleton King
      Spider Queen
      Zoltun Kulle

    5. I’m quite worried these items wont be worth the hassle at all. How likely is it to craft a pair of gloves with CC, AS, allres and armor with these? Without those stats, it’s not likely they’ll be worth using for endgame.
      Same goes for most other parts. It might be possible for the amu to compete with Mara’s with a good roll, but then it would need CC 9+ and something more like AS/critdmg/allres. Preferably two of those stats. It still wouldn’t have the skill bonus dmg that Mara does though.

      I may be wrong though, it will all be based on the price for crafting these things πŸ™‚

    6. Just like WoW it is all about the endgame. The journey to sixty is irrelevant according to Blizzard.

      • Especially when it is only used for an overly long tutorial for new players to take baby steps into the game. (Monster affixes, anyone?) Other games/companies don’t have this problem; they simply have a single area designated ‘noob’ or have a completely separate tutorial mode.

    7. The writer of this post sounded like the account-bound bracers and gloves aren’t worth that much but if you’ll check the current situation of rare gloves and bracers on gAH/RMAH, most of the godly items getting bid on are crafted too.

      I would also like to point out not all ‘godly’ players are using Lacuni for wrist. Some of them are using the godly rolled Warbands/Armplates that are usually crafted.

      To make it short, I believe crafting account-bound wrist & gloves can really push your character — it can be even called as end-game gears because of its stats, although I think the chances of getting a good roll is as slim as the current crafting system on 1.06.

      At least now, there’s another choice for players.

    8. the big question is whether or not the mats are BoA; if they are not, the AH will be flooded with them and this will affect the economy I reckon. On the other hand if the mats are BoA and if Blizzard as a result starts to introduce items that are potentially better than the ones you can farm of the AH, they will undermine their AH concept. Will be interesting to see what their strategy is (although the whole development of D3 doesn’t seem to be governed by any other strategy than ‘overpromise and underperform'(at least to the customers- I reckon the shareholders were overjoyed by 400-600M$ revenue from a single game))

      • I believe they stated the Demonic Essence is BOA.

        I believe the real question is if it requires a brimstone. I can’t imagine a better opportunity for them to create a demand for brimstones, and would be shocked if it didn’t require at least one.

    9. i wouldnt be suprised if the overall price of these items is disproportionately high just so you have to do something in 1.07 if you are mindless drone that can’t be bothered with whether or not ~50-100 more strength on gloves will really improve your playing experience.

      eg. as of know 6 affix gloves cost
      28 Essence,5 Tears,8 Tomes, 88k gold
      how would you feel about 6 affix gloves for
      100 Essence, 25 Tears, 30 Tomes, 5 demonic essence,
      2 Brimstone, 300k gold ?

      • They would be stupid to make those craftables that expensive. Oh, I’m sorry! Ofcourse, they are.

    10. I’m just excited to put all my crafting junk to use. I will be doing lots of crafting when this comes out. Been waiting, oh, only eight months, for this.

      I’m hoping for some huge numbers here, though, otherwise, it’s useless. No one, but the richest most dedicated, will blow piles of gold on 50 more main stat.

    11. More things added to the game.

      Blizzard games always get played for a decade.

      That’s why I only play Blizzard video games besides my boardgame fix.

    12. oh hey, another terribad idea.,
      items that are better than all others – means all players will end up looking the same again eventually,. just like in D2….

      • don’t be silly they just add a new tier of gear for you to grind out as time progresses.

        that is how “content” works in Blizzard Irvine- why actually improve the game if you can just pile on.

    13. If the recipes give items with just stats as the bonues, it will be a bit disappointing. I think they should put a choice of move speed OR attack speed on bracers to offer more end game choices over lacuni/inna’s.

      Also, 1% lifesteal on gloves would be interesting…

      • That’s the force of this game really.

        The advantage over an MMO is that you don’t need to stay attuned with reputation grinds and the latest Tier of gearSCORE.

        Just log in and have some killing fun in group or solo mode.

        The old Diablo 2 fans simply don’t understand that this Diablo 3 is so much better adapted to long term casual internet play, they have no idea how popular this kind of light casual gameplay is over the next few years.

        So it “killed” your Diablo franchise ? Big deal: the game is getting played every day by many as can be seen from the instant group forming.

        I predicted that: expect to see the next D3 clones in 2 years time.

        CASUAL – ON LINE – Hack&Slash – RMAH – in light mode.

        Instant winner against instant D2 whiners.

        It certainly beats all these internet IPad or light console games with ease.

        You choose πŸ™‚

        • Thanks, Thrall, for posting what I have been thinking. I am casual, thoroughly enjoy the game, and appreciate the fact that I can pop on for an hour or two yet still have a sense of achievement.

    14. I like that they’re giving us new items to farm for. Typically my friends and I have trouble coming up with alternatives to the “Turn down the MP0 and run Act 3 again” games. If we instead say, “I want to get the plans for that craft-able amulet” it will be a refreshing change.

      That said, the biggest problem with crafting remains: there’s no way to tailor the mods. OK, at least you get a main stat, but how about adding a way to upgrade your current gear? For example, I want to keep the gloves I’m using, but replace this mod with a new random mod. Make it expensive-like a near-top quality gem or something. I’d be fine with make the gear BoA at that point as well. But these are going to have to be some stupdendous recipes if I’m going to put my time into crafting instead of getting more paragon and chances at legendaries.

    15. Interesting. One would think that the primary focus of this change would be on why anyone would want BOA gear in a Diablo game. I hope none of you guys complain when you realize that you can’t sell anything anymore (because everyone goes after BOA gear) and you finally realize that D3 turned into a WOW clone minus raiding and with 1/1000th the content.

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