So insists Blizzard Tech support, in several hotly-debated posts from the PTR feedback forum.

    Vasadan: My team has spent the last two days testing every single Legendary item in the game. We tested the ones being reported as bugs as well as the other more popular ones.

    Here is how we tested: We tested the current 1.0.5 build on PTR as well as our newest 1.0.5 build internally. We spawned in over 200 of every single item. We checked each affix the item rolled against our internal data of what each item is supposed to roll.

    Conclusion: All Legendary items are rolling their set and random affixes correctly.

    I will be escalating this to the Website Game Guide team as that information may be incorrect. There are many items listing +2 Random Properties but it is not clear to the player that a random property may be a property being rolled into total damage (such as additional Min Damage, etc).

    As of right now, there is nothing wrong with the affixes being rolled on your Legendary items. This includes Legendary items being rolled in 1.0.4 retail as well as 1.0.5 PTR.

    If that is true, how can Mempo of Twilight spawn without any primary stats at all? According to its page it should always roll 170-200 Str, Int or Dex, but on the AH you’ll find many of them without any at all.
    Vasadan: Remember that we buffed newly dropped Legendary item in a previous patch. After that patch, only new items dropped would be buffed. What you could be seeing on the AH are the older versions of Legendary items as those were never buffed.

    We will continue testing this as players report issues, but I wanted to post this because there are a lot of “I’m not getting X random property” posts and those items are working correctly.

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    Vasadan: Jodd, you are correct. I apologize. I’ll look into the Mempo of Twilight further, as this may be it’s own bug.

    I ask because your extensive testing obviously missed Mempo.
    Vasadan: Actually, it didn’t 🙂 I just tested it this morning and it is fine. The following items were rolled on the current PTR build internally. For obvious reasons, I am not bringing them onto the live PTR.

    The Game Guide for Stormshield is wrong. Stormshield rolls 5 fixed affixes and 1 random.

    Please remember, just because an item can roll something doesn’t mean it always will. In addition, just because it is not rolling something doesn’t mean it cannot.

    Like I said before, I will send over some corrected information to the people who handle the Game Guide. The Game Guide is pulling data from our game, but some of the “+X random properties” are wrong.

    TL;DR – Please trust the items you are rolling in-game. It may be frustrating to see them not match up to online guides, but sometimes those guides can be out of date or incorrect.

    Alright guys, I’m going to lock this up. Imgur is not behaving right now so once it does I’ll upload some screens and update my previous post.

    If someone would like to discuss the bug by showing more evidence than just “the Game Guide says this”, please feel free to make a new thread. There are lots of people just saying “you’re wrong”, and that is not constructive.

    Isn’t that just like tech support? Some software doesn’t work for you, and when the guy from the cable company tries it, it’s fine. The main issue seems to be that some online game guides, including Blizzard’s, aren’t showing the current correct stats for the items. But those items will roll correctly when found in the game… or so insists Vasadan.

    If Rush or Dorjan has a chance, they could probably post something interesting about this. Every new patch I hear hours of cursing from them as they update the tech on our a live character account to pull the new stats correctly. Programming is not my department, but apparently Blizzard changes the formatting of the code in their spreadsheets (or something like that) in almost every patch, so that DBs that pull that data (including Blizzard’s) have to be reconfigured to show the mods correctly.

    In another thread on this issue, a fan found the Mempo of Twilight page with a bugged version of the helm Mempo of Twilight. It’s bugged since it should have +170-200 to either Strength, Dexterity, or Intelligence, yet it does not. And yes, it’s definitely a v1.04 version, since you can compare all the earlier versions on the Mempo of Twilight page in our Diablonut, and the stats are very different in v1.03 and earlier.

    Vasadan doesn’t really dispute that, but he does insist the helm will spawn okay in v1.0.5. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    One minute they say nothing is wrong, then oh yeah Jodd you are right and then suddenly nothing wrong again. Seems odd we’re never seeing these items in-game even if they can seem to roll them on there magic item generator.
    Vasadan: I said that I will upload pics as soon as Imgur lets me. Since Legendary items have value, I take all bug reports of them very seriously. Jodd asked if I could look at Mempo again and I did. I said I was wrong when I told him he was looking at the pre-1.0.3 legendary Mempo.

    If you can roll items on the PTR, roll one of the inna’s favor/teperance/inquisitors who think is fine and put it on the AH for 2 billion no buy out. I’ll take a screenshot and upload it for you.
    Vasadan: I’m not going to do that 🙂

    Can you please provide a definite answer? Is Mempo SUPPOSED to roll one of those three attribute ALWAYS? just a simple yes or no, if your answer is YES, then I have provided you a link to a mempo which refutes that claim.

    If the answer is NO, then can you please tell us what it is supposed to roll.
    Vasadan: Yes. It will always have either Str, Dex or Int.

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