v1.0.4 Quick Reactions: MF, Paragon System, Boss Changes, and more…

With the v1.0.4 patch live on the US server this evening, I hopped on for a quick test run. I used my Demon Hunter who had been working through Inferno Act Two (she beat Zoltan Kulle just last night), took her back to Act One, switched most of her survival gear for MF gear. Her loot is 95% self found, so it’s not spectacular, but she’s got around 180% MF and with a 1086 blue bow she previously had no problem with Act One killing speed.

Paragon Ding

My first reaction after starting in Act One was, “Damn there’s a lot of stuff dropping!” That impression deepened the further I went, and it was nice to see more loot. I didn’t count exact totals of items, but there was very noticeably MOAR. I had to go back to town due to a completely full inventory (I picked up every blue and yellow) 5 or 6 times doing about half of act one, (I’d have expected 3 or 4 returns) and every trip had 8-12 Rares. More blues drop, more rares drop, and while the increase is mostly from normal monsters (which now have a 4x higher chance to drop blue/yellow items), it seemed like I got 3 rares from bosses more often than I expected.

I kept a count of the Ilevel 60-63 rares (though not blues, and there were tons of them as well) I got, as well as the drop items from the two big bosses I killed.

  • Ilevel 60 Rares: 11
  • Ilevel 61 Rares: 12
  • Ilevel 62 Rares: 8
  • Ilevel 63 Rares: 1
  • The Warden: 5 blue, 3 Rare.
  • The Butcher: 4 blue, 4 Rare.
Self-found weapon upgrades? UNPOSSIBLE!!1!

For a while I had more 62s than 60s or 61s and thought the drop rates had been wildly boosted, but probability evened it out over the last half hour of my play session. I think I actually did worse than expected on 63s, finding only one Rare, and that one came early on, from a random boss in one of the tombs below the Cemetery.

Update: Played another quick game with HolyKnight and found my best weapon ever. Upgrade on a cheap one I bought in the GAH weeks ago. Now if only that INT were DEX… *grumble*

Areas Cleared

I started out in the cemetery, and did the 3 tombs below there. That netted me 5 bosses and got my Nephalem Valor stacks full, as well as filling my inventory. Screenshot to the right is my inventory after just that first part, in like 10m of play time, and this was while building up my stacks, so some of the bosses dropped no rares at all.

I then popped out to the Festering Woods and found 3 bosses on the surface, plus the two in the tombs. That was another full inventory and a town trip

Inventory full after just the 3 Crypts.

After that I popped to Leoric’s Manor and ran back through the house, finding a cultist mage pack right outside the front door. That got me my first death, mostly through carelessness and surprise, since in my MF gear I was running with about 14k fewer hps than usual, and much lower resistances.I then cleared the 3 torture chambers and the jail, including the Butcher. That took me two more town returns with full inventory. I was going to quit at that point, but as my Paragon bar was already 80% full, I went ahead and did the Weeping Hollow. There I really saw the difference in drops from normal monsters, as the Zombies and Scavengers were just item fountaining. I got 4 boss packs in the area, (no Scavenger Den) and actually had to leave some blue stuff behind on the ground so as not to completely fill up my inventory again. I also dinged my first Paragon level, on practically the last monster in the area.

Click through for much more on monster changes, boss modifier changes, Demon Hunter skill tweaks, and more.

I was frankly surprised at how quickly the bar filled up. I didn’t think one quick MF game, of less than half of Act One, would be enough for a full bar. I don’t think my DH has any gear on with +exp, and I don’t even know if that works with Paragon points? It was nice to get exp bonuses for Massacre Bonuses and destructibles again, even if the +500 type rewards from those mean nothing when you need millions per Paragon level.

If you note in the screens at the end of this post, Paragon level 1 was about 5m exp, and it’s over 8m for level 2, so clearly they scale up as your level increases. So no, we won’t see people at level 60.100 in a week, though I’m sure we’ll have 60.10s later tonight, if I got to 60.1 in less than an hour of casual Act One MFing.

Monster Changes

The patch notes say regular monsters are buffed (only in act 2 and beyond; see below) but I honestly didn’t notice any difference. In their drops, yes. Lots more goodies. But if they had more hit points, it wasn’t apparent. They all died in one or two shots, same as always, and I never really had to pay attention to trash mobs; mostly I just targeted the bosses and let the regular guys get caught up in the AoE doom.

Bosses were easier. Died faster, at least. There are some changes to their DiabloWikiBoss Modifiers, though.

DiabloWikiMolten is the most obvious, with a more fuzzy, gas-looking effect on the normal trail of flames. There’s a cool little added swirly solar system type effect on the after death core explosion as well. Makes it much more obvious and easier to avoid.

DiabloWikiFrozen bombs spread out a lot further than before; I had a Frozen packs of Cultist Berserkers in one of Leoric’s torture dungeons, fighting them in a narrow hallway, and several of the Frozen orbs appeared at least 80 yards behind me. I didn’t even see them until I had to retreat and ran back to find them back there. Possibly this was buggy behavior due to the very narrow hallway, but another Frozen Grotesque in the Weeping Hollow was also casting them in quite a wide spread. It reminded me of how Izual does it, though they weren’t as numerous as his are.

There’s also a little knockback effect added when you get hit by a Frozen bomb. Not the huge boss type DiabloWikiknockback, but your character gives a little jumping bounce. I didn’t notice if the frozen time had been tweaked, since I used Smoke Screen an instant after the explosion.

DiabloWikiMortar remains almost too easy, with such a huge dead zone that my DH had no trouble staying inside of it, while still kiting around the Berzerkers or Grotesque firing them. The graphics are improved, too. You now see little orange swirls on the ground where the Mortars are about to land, making them easier to avoid and react to.

DiabloWikiArcane Enchanted; the patch notes said their turrets would spread out more widely. I didn’t especially notice that, but they seemed to be creating fewer turrets than I expected. I definitely noticed the damage nerf against Followers (now just 10% of damage goes to Followers pets from Arcane Enchanted, Frozen, and Plagued.) Kormac stood there, as happily-oblivious to the purple second hand as ever, and was hardly even damaged when one swung through him.

The patch notes said Cultist DiabloWikiBerserkers would be easier to dodge (their massive overhead maul smash attacks) and I definitely noticed that. They take longer to wind up before the hit, and just using Evasive Fire I several times had one get near me, start to swing, and I’d flip back and shoot him two more times before he even brought the club down. It’ll be interesting to hear what players think with melee characters, but those guys were very easy for my DH to deal with. Not that they were super hard before, but the slower attack rate was very visible.

In comments, Valmy reminds me why I should have checked the patch notes while typing up this quick report. Here are the patch changes to monster hit points and damage:

Act I:

  • Elite monster health reduced by 11%
  • Act II:
  • Normal monster health increased by 4%
  • Elite monster health reduced by 8%
  • Overall damage done by all monsters reduced by 8%
  • Act III and Act IV:
  • Normal monster health increased by 10%
  • Elite monster health reduced by 2.5%
  • Overall damage done by all monsters reduced by 15%

  • Demon Hunter Skill Changes

    I can’t comment much on this yet, since I was doing a Magic Finding experiment and thus couldn’t change around my skills lest I lose my STAX!

    DiabloWikiEvasive Fire: DiabloWikiCovering Shot got a slight damage buff, from 125% to 130%, but I didn’t notice any difference in feel.

    The skill that was markedly better was DiabloWikiRain of Vengeance, DiabloWikiStampede. Previously that skill was more useful as a DiabloWikiCC effect than as an attack. It did some damage, but the real point was to get the massive knockback effect against bosses for 5 seconds while I stood safely blasting at their juggling bodies. That still works, but the damage is much improved. Numerous early boss encounters saw all the bosses dead much more quickly than I expected, as each of the Stampede black demon hawk things now does 120% weapon damage, up from 75% pre-patch.

    None of the other skills in my hotbar were changed in the patch, so nothing more to say on this topic for now.

    Items and the Economy

    Light blue potions, gems, and tomes.

    It seemed like I found more DiabloWikiGems and DiabloWikiTome of Secret than usual. Maybe their drop rate is higher now as well, or maybe it just seemed that way since now that they have a light blue coloration, they’re more noticeable. (Or maybe I was just missing 15% of them previously, since they didn’t have a different color when on the ground?)I definitely made more gold than usual; not so much from picking it up, but from finding so many more items and thus having more to sell. (I sell everything that won’t craft into Inferno mats.) I didn’t find any items that I’m going to use (well, maybe one rare bracer will see use on my Wizard, but only since she’s still entirely self found; it wasn’t good enough to sell on the GAH), but it felt like I had a much better chance of that, with many more total items and the better odds for high damage on ilevel 61 and 62 weapons.

    I did notice higher weapon damage than expected. Nothing that was a keeper; the closest was a Rare ilvl 61 two-handed sword that rolled 1070 DPS, but I noted numerous blue weapons with fairly high damage. A one-handed xbow was 790, a DH knife was 804, a 2H xbow was 980, and while none of them were worth using, this was just one game of maybe an hour, with more near misses of almost-gear than I’d usually get in a week of runs.

    So, the economy. Prices will go up since players will make more gold from selling items. Prices will go down since players will find more good items and flood the market. Prices will go up now that new and much-improved Legendary items exist. In total… who knows?

    Better than usual blue 1H xbow.

    Crafting should see a surge in popularity. Not just because ilvl 61 and 62 weapons now pop with top level damage mods, but because total drop rates are so increased that materials will be even more common and cheaper.Repair bills were WAY down. The patch notes said 25% drop in high end item repair costs, but it felt like a lot more reduction than that. I was spending like 515 gold per town return for full repairs, and even the few times I died my repair bill was only 3-5k. This was per visit to town, not for all my gear once I was to the point of having things break, and yes, I remembered to repair more often now that Griswold can do it. I always go to the merchants for item sales anyway, but generally tend to forget repairs from them until the “repair soon” icon appears. Perhaps I’ll lapse back into that forgetful state once the novelty of the Smith being able to repair wears off?


    Fan interest in the patch is high. More people on my Friends List were online than I’d seen in weeks, and everyone I asked said they were enjoying the changes. I’m personally feeling like doing more Magic Finding runs, rather than testing out the new skill improvements, but I’m sure I’ll get to that as well.

    What are you guys trying out? Have you noticed big changes, expected or surprising? Was the patch worth the wait?

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    91 thoughts on “v1.0.4 Quick Reactions: MF, Paragon System, Boss Changes, and more…

    1. Game is too easy now.

      Did few runs got same old yellow loot. Quit until next content patch. They replaced yellow bar with blue and did not even offer any new skills to go with it.

      • Well, if you are used to the Inferno BS, yes, you are going to find the area you were playing in to easy now.

      • Doesn’t seem to much easier to me honestly. I tried out some of the later act portions I was having trouble with earlier and still got my butt handed to me.

        Back to farming I guess for a bit.

      • played it for about 10min for the first time in weeks. feels like same old same old..
        finally got around to uninstalling! feels good πŸ˜€

      • Game is getting better now, away from the auction house “casino” to a fun farming game. Inferno could still be easier for mediocre geared chars.

    2. I got through the first two parts of act 3 inferno fairly easy with my WD tonight. I couldn’t make it up the first set of steps with out dying before the patch. I am a little concerned they buffed damage too much. I was dying a lot before but I didn’t care because I wanted inferno to be hard. Now I am a little concerned…

    3. Tome of Secrets drop like rain

      Witch Doctor with pets is much easier than before

      shocked at quickly I gain Paragaon levels

      no Legendaries yet, but blues and yellows all over the place, nothing useful, but nice to see πŸ˜€

      • I found 2 legendaries my first run of 1.04, followed by another the following run and then one just this morning.

        Two were level 60, two were not. I found heart seeker, the 2h barb-only gavel (which I was SOOOOO stoked about… until I ided it…) some uber crappy level 53 pants and a level 57 knife called kill which has absolutely nothing legendary about it.

        To sum up the 4 legendaries since the patch dropped: As useless as 1.03. Also as worthless.

        Heart seeker had 67X DPS and the gavel had a feeble 800, with +str, +crit dmg and a bunch of other garbage stats you can find on ANY rare item in the game. It was vastly disappointing. Especially the gavel as my main with 300+ hours is a barb, I thought to myself “finally something that will be usable…” level 60 unique and it went right to the salvage anvil.

        Sad really.

    4. I played for a bit and reached level 1 popcorn and it was like whatever.

      Once you hit 100 it will be a nice bonus but considering an item can give you 300 Intelligence in one item slot its not that great….

      Before the patch I could clear act 1 without problems, Now I still can but the champ packs hit harder i think – i died many times in act 1 where as before the patch i would barely ever die.

      due to a smaller pool for champ packs to choose their affixes I saw much more “fast”, “chains”, “jailer”, “ancient spear”, “Teleport” etc.

      I have the impression that with D3 in general there is something wrong with the whole game system.

      As for items, well I didn’t find anything good so after picking up 2000 items and nothing good in it i was disapointed.

      also not one Unique item except a bunch of still useless rares with 250 DPS in act 1 inferno.

    5. It doesn’t look like the patch notes have fixed anything regarding actual game-play and progression, so I figure I’ll continue waiting this one out.

      • I am somewhat out of sync on this one… What is wrong with “actual gameplay and progression” as of now?

      • Perfect. We look forward to not hearing from you until the next content patch. Take care, but I’m not sure how we will survive without your brilliant insight into the ARPG genre and optimism.

          • Oh look, the old “I guess you didnt even play d1/d2(enter other game name here)” comebacks. Its almost as bad as using the old “grammar” insults.

          • With an attitude like that, you didn’t deserve the Diablo series. 10 cents betting you don’t know what that avatar represents…

    6. Oh and btw, after 2 hours of play only 1.5 levels reached is not that good.

      Imo levels 1-30 should go fast (max a week) 30-70 (1-2 months) and 70-100 should take many months of constant play

    7. So, let’s only have sixty levels so as to try and make each level feel more significant. Then let’s add a hundred additional pseudo-levels on top of that, creating a total of one sixty levels, of which none feel significant.

      But seriously, they capped it at sixty to take away the end-game grind, and now they’re adding a new system to provide for an end-game grind?

      • I’ve said it all along, the current developers have no clue what they are doing in regards to making an ARPG. Either that or they were purposefully releasing an incomplete game…

        Which do you choose: incompetent or malevolent?

      • As I understand it, it wasn’t done to take away the grind, but prevent players from outlevel the content. That is why this system fits. You get some goal to work for (grind) without being able to trivialize content by becoming a much higher level than the monsters.

        • Outlevelling the content or monsters is only a problem if the game is designed so it’s possible to outlevel the content/monsters. Having a simple, hundred level levelling system doesn’t require you to ultimately dwarf the content any more than a mishmash sixty level plus a hundred paragon level levelling system does.

          • The number of the levels, whether 60 or 99, is more or less irrelevant. The pertinent question is how long it takes until you have unlocked all of the levels that affect your combat calculations and unlock your skills. I prefer a system where you get all of the “real levels” out of the way fairly early on so that you have all your skills and they can balance Inferno around being slightly higher than you.

      • So, let’s only have 30 levels so as to try and make each level feel more significant. Then let’s add a 69 additional pseudo-levels on top of that, creating a total of 99 levels, of which none feel significant.

        • sounds better than having nearly 60 levels that don’t feel significant, then another 100 on top of that, those of which feel even less significant.

      • If you don’t understand why the game needed paragon levels, you simply don’t understand.

        The normal 1-60 leveling it makes sense that they want each level to feel like a big deal. But it also makes sense that they want to “cap” the new stuff your character gets.

        Paragon levels were needed because there was nothing in D3 to mitigate the worthlessness feeling of grinding, losing gold, not finding anything and logging off feeling like you’ve wasted effort. Paragon fixes that because even if you don’t find anything, you at least get some progress.

        Of course, it’s far more popular to just cry about D3 than to either just stop playing and following it, or suck it up and admit you like it.

    8. I had a good time with my DH today and I have noticed some of the patch changes. Sentry seems to be a lot more effective and Entagling Shot seems better too (I’m running a somewhat experimental set up with Entangling/Evasive Fire on my mouse and Spike Trap for big dmg). I agree that there’s a big boost to item drops, especially rares. I also got at least one of the “buffed” lower level items – a lvl 60 hand crossbow with damage on par with a 63 (about 800 dps…not fantastic overall but fantastic for a lvl 60).

      I wasn’t finished with the game by far before this patch, but this just gives me even more long term incentive so I’ll be playing this game for quite a while.

    9. The game is too easy, the legendaries are way to overpowered. Rares should be best items in the game. I should be allowed to reach max paragon level in 2 hours so I can whine about end game again.

      Let the whine begin.

      • Seriously, more than the game I’m done with the community. THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING!! The tweaks are neat and the game will continue to evolve [look what they did to it with a measly patch]. Enjoy it or just unplug and take a walk.

        • Agreed. For me, the worst part about this game is the community. Criticism and complaints are one thing, but with D3 it’s like a never-ending sea of bs.

          Yeah, you don’t like the game because it’s too easy / too hard / items are too rare / items are too common / too repetitive / doesn’t allow you to boss run / isn’t dark enough / loot system sucks / no pk / etc.

          Just move on with your life. There are a lot of fun games out. Play one. Stop complaining about this one. Some people would rather just enjoy the game and talk to other people about it.

          *Yes I realize this post is complaining about complainers, and I don’t care.

      • Agreed. All the overpowered legendaries I have found in the last half a day since 1.04 came out have ruined the game for me. Quiting!

    10. My latest HC WD is 52 in act 1 hell. My observations:

      Pets are sick. Definitely makes WD a lot easier. Not to say that both dogs and garg can’t die, because they can, but really only to a serious elite pack. My dogs die far more often to me blowing them up. Nice to see them stick around long enough to strategically explode them.

      Toads were moving a hell of a lot more quickly. I use exploding toads and barely saw my mana bulb move at all my whole play session.

      Like Flux said, more blue and yellow items dropped. Seemed to my like tomes and gems dropped more often as well. And it is probably coincidence, but I got a legendary tonight. Nothing special, lvl 30 item and can’t remember the name. May be theoretically useful to a lvl 30 char. Will have to see. It was just notable after having only dropped two legendary items before patch. They DID say they were going to buff low level legendary drops, after all.

      All in all, much easier. Time will tell to see if that is a good thing or not.

    11. I am happy with the patch, very happy in fact.

      First I played in a group for a few hours in act 1 and I did pretty well, the group did as well. Although there was some weak peeps who strapped on the mf and were dying a lot. I did not care however as I was able to still kill well.My character is not richie rich so I was happy about this with my mediocre gear.

      After that I soloed and was having great fun slaying the monsters just like in my D2 glory days. The best part is I finally found an upgrade to my belt I had for a long long time. My first real upgrade after 100+ hours.

      Overall it felt like I was gaming again and not at WORK.

      Here is hoping to more improvements in the future!

      • I took my monk through Act 1 Inferno and found three better weapons than the one she had in the first 45 minutes!

        I also stashed several possible upgrades for my WD and DH.

        Must sleep, but so far, I like the patch. πŸ˜€

        • She’s killed Inferno Butcher, but was struggling in Act 2.

          Was using a 870 DPS sword with a star emerald. Found two two handed swords that increased her DPS without any sacrifice, then a high DPS socketed fist weapon. Currently dual-weilding, and not dying.

    12. WD pets are fantastic now. I Switched out my old pet-tanking gear for DPS gear and the pets tanked A2 like champs. Mana feels better to use while still being (somewhat) distinct from arcane power, but it did slide pretty close to AP on the mechanics scale. New VQ is perfectly adequate, AFAICT.

      I did find boatloads of items, including a 950 DPS ceremonial dagger in A1 and a 2H mace with 550+ INT also in A1. I found a legendary as well, but not a cool new one. C’est la vie.

      I haven’t played the game much in months, but I had a lot of fun with it today. Here’s hoping the AH markets don’t explode too badly. 9/10, would patch again.

    13. Flux, you said you noticed no changes in normal monsters. This is because A! white monsters have not changed. The life increase in white-normal monsters is only for A2-A3-A4.

      Here is the full info about this:
      Act I

      Elite monster health reduced by 11%

      Act II

      Normal monster health increased by 4%
      Elite monster health reduced by 8%
      Overall damage done by all monsters reduced by 8%

      Act III and Act IV

      Normal monster health increased by 10%
      Elite monster health reduced by 2.5%
      Overall damage done by all monsters reduced by 15%


    14. I played with my DH, who’s still in Act IV Hell and just hit Level 60 tonight. I’d wondered why I never noticed the circles where mortars were about to hit before, now I know why. πŸ™‚ As someone whose DH tends to hang out in mortar range, I think it’s a great change.

      There are now circles that show the range of the frozen bomb explosions, too (unless it’s always been there and I never noticed?) I like that better than the dodge-and-hope technique.

      I’m pleased with my new, improved Stampede, too.

      I’m sorry to report that despite the alleged decrease in follower dialogue, my DH still asked Lyndon why he left Kingsport within a minute or so of the start of every game session.

    15. As a level 36 wiz I still find myself relying on the templar to help keep my health up. Currently on act 1 nightmare. So I havent been able to take part in most of the new stuff since its mainly end game stuff so I have no idea how the end game was before the patch but the game does run smoother for me now no more lagging when I first get on and get that first group of enemies after me. Which is a good thing. If you want to see what build I am currently using just ask.

        • it looks like all your gear is self-found (pretty low level)

          you don’t use the AH ?

          I could throw some old Witch Doctor gear your way — its all Int based

          • I have a barb wherewith I didn’t use AH at all. The gameplay and the loot was much more rewarding, and crafting was awesome too. As the patch goes live on the EU servers, I’ll start a WD this way, now that legendaries have increased drop under 50, and the overall there are more drop to expect, I guess it should be just fine without AH πŸ™‚

          • Nope I stay away from the AH and RMAH. The monk and WD are my borthers characters since I am using his account right now until I get my new pc which will be hopefully some time by the end of the year. I need something better then this old Amd athlon 3500+ at 2.2ghz running windows vista 32bit. So yeah all my gear is either self found or self crafted.

    16. I’m liking a lot of the changes. Feels like they may need some tweaks here and there. But, the alternate progression addition does feel like a nice little carrot on a stick that takes the sting out of just item grinding. I hope this is just the first step.

      Maybe it’s the fact that I’m playing a melee character here, but I’m not noticing it being much easier at all. In fact, I think some of the enemies have been a lot worse. Died a ton of times here trying some of the act 2 farming spots I used to mess around in. Probably need to rethink my skill selection maybe or passives.

      I have also noticed a marked increase in the quality and quantity of items as well. Nothing I needed for an upgraded. But stuff that made me stop and really think about using for a minute or two before putting it into my stash for later examination.

      Not sure if this will “save the game” for people. But it’s a nice step in the right direction.

    17. A lot of the patch changes are good but……I didn’t want the game to feel so much easier. πŸ™

      • As long as the “difficulty” they removed was much of the “cheap” difficulty I’m happy. Things like getting vortexed into chains + molten and instantly dying was lame. Things like mobs placing a arcane sentry under me (obscured) and instantly dying was lame. Getting chain feared by nightmarish / fast / horde was lame. That’s where 95% of my deaths came from.

        The update makes things easier but it also makes them more skill based because it gives the player more control in avoiding them. I think that’s a really good change, personally.

    18. My main is a WD and I really enjoyed running act 2 with some of my old awesome-while-leveling-but-useless-in-inferno builds. Good stuff!

      I was also lucky enough to find a 5 affix level 62 ceremonial knife recipe way back when. Been saving up and went through 1.3 million gold worth of crafting them. I think weapon upgrades are going to be a lot easier to find now. The widened damage ranges are pretty significant and out of the 25 or so I crafted I ended up with 5 that had dps greater than or equal to 800. The best roll was a 870s dps 400s life on hit 1 socket piece with some intelligence and vitality to boot! As someone who really enjoys crafting and tries his best to avoid the auction house I am really excited about the possibility of crafting an end game viable weapon.

    19. I really like this patch. Being a WD, I almost have to. All the hate on the VQ change, I think was for naught. I run with bears and VQ and while yes, it does use up mana quick, with the mana regen most people have (which should be better than mine) should only give a quick stop in use.

      The pets, let’s just say they’ve gone from ridiculously stupid to ridiculously strong. They are now useful. I did a complete run through Act 1, Inf and I had no deaths of my pets. While this is probably because I out gear A1, I went into A2 and had my butt handed to me a few times. It’s easier, but not that much.

      The paragon system is excellent. It pairs up the old D2 with the new. I do find it funny that the same complainers that had issues with the level 60 cap because it wasn’t 99 levels are the same ones complaining about the extra 100 levels of grind. I like this because it gives something else to do while grinding and it has some worth to it. I like that if you get to the top you can just wear bad ass gear without a need to wear MF gear. I really don’t see a problem with that change tbh. I mean when you get there, why do you want that stat on your gear instead of a bunch of kick ass stats. MF didn’t make the game fun, killing shit does. Looking kick ass in your armor youve worked towards is fun. Stating up for MF to find gear, to me, not so much. /rant.

      Happy Hunting!

    20. Changes seem great. Arcane Hydra is very powerful. Yellows are everywhere. But I’d like to highlight the problems I found so far.

      Stuttering was brutal yesterday. Butcher managed to kill me a couple times. It had been long since he killed me. I just coudnt control my character precisely enough.

      I got a bug where an Elite turned Invisible and Untargetable. Luckily, he had Mortar affix, so I could figure its position from the missile source. Hydra would ignore him, but eventually Blizzard did the job. It was a “Charging Beast” in the Fields of Misery, IIRC.

      Later, I got stuck under one of those blades on my way to Butcher. The blade kept me stunlocked, unable to kill me for my high Life Regen, but I couldnt walk or teleport away. I was able to break out by casting Town Portal, just to get stun locked again in the next blade.

      While I love the changes in 1.0.4, it’s sickening that I can’t run the game as smoothly as I did in 1.0.2. Multiplaying is just impossible. Even the “Buddy got online” popup can be a deathtrap.

    21. I like the changes. Played some with my monk, barb and wiz. Ok, my wiz is useless now, but the melee classes got some huge buffs in spenders. 7 sided kick and rend is so awesome now! This will make gameplay and builds more fun.
      I think farming will be more interesting after some paragon levels. My experience is that legendaries drop often enough with decent MF. I have found about 30 of them + 8 set items. I even got two pieces of Natalyas in the same run. Cant wait see the frist legendary after this patch. The game is getting better and hopefully blizz will fix endgame in new patches.
      I think diffculty is almost perfect now.

    22. Had a great time playing last night. Greatly improved drops, my wife’s WD can use zombie dogs again, buddy list is full again.

      Bravo dev team, now get working on more endgame modes.

    23. Act 3 inferno is heavily nerfed. Arcane sentries there used to be certain death in about .2 seconds. Now I can ignore them. The nightmarish nerf is definitely noticeable, but jailer/froaen combos are still difficult. Before patch I felt I needed some serious armor upgrades still for my barb. Now I don’t feel like I need any more survivability.

      Act 4 is still pointless for farming, though it is considerably nerfed as well. Playing from start of act through second rift netted 4 sracks in 30 minutes. Really?? Act 4 still needs serious work. There simply are no elites that count. Lots of purple bosses, but they don’t add stacks.

    24. Also, finding weapon upgrades yourself no longer feels like a laughable proposition. Armor upgrades, however, remain elusive. But the huge damage nerfs mean the armor quality needed to survive has gone down considerably, so prices on armor will go down since demand will not be as high. Plus the new legendary armors are incredibly good and look to be dropping more frequently than similar rares.

    25. Cool new items and 2 handers are better. Having a lot of fun with my barb. Feels like what I wanted the game to be.

      • No doubt. The first rare I found this patch was an ivl 63 2h sword with 1000+ DPS, 170% crit damage, +6000 health on kill and a socket. My barb is loving it!

    26. I did not gain paragon exp as fast as what the OP quoted. I only had about an hour and a half to play last night. I cleared the oasis, ancient ruins, desolate sands, and vault of the assassin. I probably killed 25 packs and a whole lot of regular monsters. I filled up about 5 segments of the bar. I don’t have any +experience gear at all. So maybe I am doing something wrong. I did find a blue amulet with 175 vitality and 36% MF, so Kormac got a new present.

      I like the changes, and I really give them credit for trying. I was happy with the game anyway, so making monsters a little easier and more loot drop only makes me even more happy. I thought the NV idea was awesome, adding Paragon levels gives an extra boost to stats and something to achieve over the long haul.

      I got all my parts in for my new rig built with D3 in mind today. I might try Torchlight 2, but PoE and Guild Wars looks so shitty, there is no way I will even put that shit on my hard drive.

    27. Tweaks are good.

      Just needs more items, more monsters, and more random areas.

      I’d ask for more skills, but like they’re going to give us anything new instead of cramming it into an expac.

    28. With paragon in place bots are going to pump a metric *#$% ton of gold into the economy over the next few months. Guess we will soon see what people will do when a million gold is worth ten cents or less. Should have an interesting effect on the auction houses. πŸ™‚

    29. New 2 handers are pretty funny on the enchantress. Found a +500 dex staff which bumps her up to 33% dodge. Her dps is bad, but she survives much better.

    30. I saw that terrible, game-breaking stuttering issue is not fixed even after 1.04 I stopped playing after 5 minutes. I will wait for the fix then play it. It`s unplayable for me. I can play games like BF3 on max details without any single issue but can`t play Diablo 3 smoothly. That really sucks.

    31. I got a Logan’s Claw in Act 1 Inferno within ~2 minutes of starting my first 1.0.4 game….plan to give it to my sister’s Monk πŸ™‚

    32. This makes a great promise for the PvP part.

      With a little more tuning AND the PvP out in October expect 13 million sales beforevthe years end.

      Diablo 3 = fail will sound really idiotic.

    33. I played through act 1. Realized that Blizzard managed to make even more crap drop and then went back to Diablo 2. Second pack of monsters (I level 48 and in Act 3 NM) dropped a thul rune and a set shield.

      • And what? D2 doesn’t have ‘crap’ drops? D3 must have ONLY ‘good’ drops? Keep up with your delusions mate.
        If you counted Thul rune and a set shield as a good drop, I doubt you will ever find anything in D2 bad and D3 good.

    34. If anything it seems to be worse than before. I hit lvl 3 paragon last night with my monk, but apart from blue items that drop very often , yellow items seem to be of much lower quality than before. Also, act 3 inferno seems a bit harder, probably due to the increased health of trash mobs. Champion packs that usually droped 3-4 yellow items now dropped just 2, maybe 3. No legendary yet /sigh…

    35. LOL at all you people! “I logged in yesterday for 15 minutes and did not get the SUPER ULTRA POWERFUL LEGENDARY they have promised me in the patch notes This game is so lame! Uninstall!”
      Fucking CRY BABIES! Some might say that a game is supposed to be challenging! If you have no fun playing it, why insist? Quit, and do it quietly. You are not getting God Mode and some of us are here because we enjoy the game.

    36. It’s not only the items that made D3 so bad. It is the whole game, tunnel running, bad skills, bad mobs, ghost town effect (no chat rooms, they should have included 8-16 player multiplayer) also and U CANT EVEN FUCKING CHOOSE THE GAME U ARE JOININ ?? wtf!?

      the point being, they can fix the item system as much as they want, it will never make the game any better. it still wont interest anybody cause there is no content and no arpg atmosphere to be honest.

    37. Although I agree with some of the points made:
      – Can’t choose the game you want to join
      – Item hunting less interesting, mainly because I’m used to finding uniques at boss fights and selling the blue and yellows. This has a different feeling in comparison with DI and DII.

      I must say I like the patch changes a lot, gameplay is smoother and I find Hell and Inferno to have the correct mix of difficulty.

      I feel that Blizz will keep working on improving and things as chatchannels, PVP and more content (I know – they had 10 years).

      But still true fans should be able to appreciate, the story, graphics and great bosses and anticipate new changes.

      Last and final, I love the way how my DH and Monk can solo after the patch. Thanks Blizzard! πŸ™‚

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