Elly, Maticus and myself made it to L.A with no problems last night, arrived at the hotel around 10PM after about 16 hour or so of travelling. We didn’t manage to stay awake long to get something up on the site last night but we have tons incoming. We managed to hook up with Medievaldragon (BlizzPlanet) last night and today we’ll be meeting with Flux, Tamer and Leord as well as Pig and Elvyra from Wandering Goblin.

    Today Elly and Maticus have gone to Blizzard HQ for a tour and a lunch with the devs. We met Bashiok this morning in the hotel and I realised I actually interviewed him about 3 years ago at E3. It’s a small world.  This afternoon there is a Community Summit event at the convention centre then a bite to eat with the community team this evening. We will then be heading off to the Rainforest Cafe to meet everyone who comes along and grab some dinner. If you can make it please do pop by, will be fun to meet people in person

    Tomorrow we start the Live Blogging for the opening ceremony and then throughout the day you will have videos, interviews and articles. This will be on-going for a few days as it takes time to get things online from the press room. Keep your eyes on the BlizzCon 2008 Index, we’ll be updating that as soon as something new is added.

    All the Blizzcon 2008 Coverage.

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