A fan asked for some updates on “core” game features, and got some replies from Bashiok:

    Have there been any updates in regards to health, mana and it’s cousins…Ie. Fury

    DiabloWikiBashiok: DiabloWikiFury is going through some further iteration. The orb system wasn’t really working out like we had hoped and was creating some roadblocks. The other resource systems, nothing really to share. The wizard instability is reworked as well. More about all those at BlizzCon.

    Have there been any changes to health/mana orbs?

    DiabloWikiBashiok: No mana globes. DiabloWikiHealth globes, they’ve changed appearance since last everyone saw, and we’ll probably get some info out about those before BlizzCon.

    Any updates on health/mana potions?

    DiabloWikiBashiok: No? They’re still around.

    Also, have there been any changes to the player skills system? I.e. the way we learn new skills and shape our characters.

    DiabloWikiBashiok: Yeah, I mean, there’s no real trees any more. Kind of. But this is something we’re not talking about until BlizzCon. You’ll see it then. It sort of streamlines the tree system, but there’s still a skill tree there technically if you wanted to map it out… and there’s… other stuff, I’ll stop there, it’s getting confusing.

    Bashiok didn’t exactly spell it out, but DiabloWikiMana Globes have been out of the game since before last year’s BlizzCon. They were redundant and of limited utility, so they were removed and various other skills were tweaked to give the DiabloWikiWizard and DiabloWikiWitch Doctor mana bonuses from DiabloWikiHealth Globes.

    As for DiabloWikiFury, I’m not surprised to hear that it’s being tweaked after proving something of a roadblock. The system of gaining Fury from taking and dealing damage seems sound, but spending it only in 33/66/100% chunks felt limiting, with so wide a variety of skills to fuel.

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