DiabloWikiBashiok jumped into a thread with info about the various D3 character non-mana resources, and shared some new info on the latest changes.

    The DiabloWikiBarbarian‘s DiabloWikiFury system (Last we have seen) works like this:
    The barbarian has certain moves he can use. Hitting with these moves generates fury to do better moves. Some better moves take away fury balls. Last we have seen, He has 3 fury balls, some skills use one some use two and so on.

    Bashiok: Kind of. No more fury balls.

    Any damage the barbarian does or takes generates fury. This fury builds up as his resource, to a cap. When not doing or taking damage there’s a grace period, and then the fury will begin to recede.

    You build fury to use skills, as the majority of the barbarians skills require some amount of fury to use. There is a shout that generates fury itself, so it’s not always necessary to be in combat for a while before you can start using skills.

    DiabloWikiInstability on the DiabloWikiwizard. All we know is what Jay Wilson said. She gets more “Blasty” as she gets more “vulnerable.” They have said it will make more sense then mana did once we learn about it which is cool

    Bashiok: This is no longer the case. More at BlizzCon.

    Bashiok said that the DiabloWikiMonk‘s resource system is fitting of a holy warrior – thats all we know about that.

    Bashiok: yar.

    As for the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor – he still uses mana.

    Bashiok: yaryar.

    Bashiok had previously hinted that the “DiabloWikiFury Balls” might be gone, and this is definitely confirmation of that. That change wasn’t unexpected; having just 3 possible costs for Barbarian skills, one of them 100%, seemed too limiting of the character design, so it’s not surprising they’ve gone back to a more mana bulb-like quantity. The news about changes to DiabloWikiInstability are surprising though, since the system, even as vaguely-described as it was, seemed conceptually sound.

    Also, it might have been an oversight on his part, but Bashiok saying “More at BlizzCon” seems like bad news for hopes that we’ll get a current D3 demo build at Gamescom later this month?

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