Updated: The Story of Diablo

Blizzard has updated their online Story of Diablo. It summarizes the story up to this point (with D3-era DiabloWikiMetcons included) and takes the tale through events in Reaper of Souls. The RoS portion of the story begins on page 54, and should be useful for those of you who rushed through the Campaign Mode without really reading or listening, and have only played Adventure Mode since. *cough*

Updated: The Story of Diablo. Here’s the last page of the book, which seems to provide some pretty clear foreshadowing to what we might see as the plot of the next Diablo 3 expansion:

…And Tyrael wondered if his Nephalem allies, who had now bested champions of both Heavens and Hells, would one day fall to the same corruption that brought low even the greatest of the Archangels.

We’ve speculated about that on the podcast, since it seemed the only place for the story to go. After besting all of the Demons (repeatedly) and taking out the strongest of the Angels… what’s left to fight other than our corrupted selves? (It’s a familiar trope in fiction, you know.)

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  1. One Ring to rule them all,
    One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all
    and in the darkness bind them.

  2. In the next expansion of Diablo 3 we will be playing as the followers that have to kill the now corrupt main characters.

  3. Shouldn't be hard to kill us. Just drop a jailer or phasing hulk beast.

  4. Seems that Imperius is much stronger than Nephalems. In one spell he can blow a demonic fence and a horde of daemons (at the entrance of Pandemonium).

  5. And what's new about that? Tyreal says that at the end cinematic of the game. I see no point of this news. I hoped for some breaking news, and that's just old stuff everyone knows.

  6. Nephalem fighting each other sounds an aweful lot like the plot for a game introducing the PvP system which they've actually already sold you with the base game, but never delivered. Instead they made players attackable, called that Brawling, and said that was the fully fleshed out arena pvp system with a dedicated reward structure and feature implementation they were advertizing as post-release patch content.

    As much as I doubt that there will be another expansion for D3, the less I doubt their brazenness of selling you the same feature as a separate product for the second time.

  7. I sure as hell hope they don’t mean Malthael, i don’t see when he could have been corrupted. he just saw an opportunity to get rid of evil and decided to get rid of humans as well. this shit has been discussed by all angels since thousands of years. they were not corrupted. and so was.
    ffs blizzard efin amateurs.

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