Updated Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 Notes for the PTR + Varying Socket Values

Blizzard provided Updated Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 Notes for the PTR over the weekend to reflect changes in the newest patch. We covered all the skill changes in a skill comparison datamining post late last week, but the notes codify and centralize a lot of the miscellaneous changes (buffed 2H weapons, salvage all, DiabloWikiRamaladni’s Gift bugs, etc) that have been mentioned in recent blue posts.

Here is the newly-added stuff of note:



  • Portals to the DiabloWikiTreasure Realm can now only spawn in Adventure Mode at level 70
  • Healing

  • The amount of DiabloWikiLife on Hit granted by items and DiabloWikiParagon points has been further increased
  • Ramaladni’s Gift
    Bug Fixes

  • Players will now properly be prompted with a confirmation dialog before using DiabloWikiRamalandi’s Gift
  • Fixed and issue that caused items to re-roll their affix values when Ramaladni’s Gift was used on that item
  • Will now properly be Account Bound
  • Fixed an issue that allowed sockets to be rolled back on to an item via Enchanting after Ramaladni’s Gift was used on that item
  • User Interface

  • Legendary Gem upgrade success chance will now show on the Greater Rift scorecard
  • General

  • Cooldown Reduction now affects the recharge time of skills with charges
  • Items

    The base damage range of all two-handed melee weapons has been increased by approximately 23-26% depending on the speed of the weapon, with slower weapons receiving a slightly higher increase

  • This change will retroactively apply to existing items
  • This change will apply to all item rarities
  • As a direct result of this change, the Crusader Passive Skill, Heavenly Strength has also been adjusted
  • Items

    DiabloWikiLeoric’s Crown

  • Legendary Power added
  • Increase the effect of any gem socketed into this item by 75-100%
  • DiabloWikiThe Swami

  • Minimum level increased to 30
  • Legendary Power added
  • The damage bonus from enemies killed while in Archon form now lasts for 10-15 seconds after Archon expires
  • Achievements: Bug Fixes

  • Champion Subjugators will now properly be counted towards Achievements
  • Fixed an issue preventing some of the criteria for the On the Edge of Reality achievement from being completed in Adventure Mode
  • A Prisoner’s Journal should now properly drop after freeing the prisoner from the A Stranger In Need event
  • Players should now properly receive credit when completing Realm of the Banished in Adventure Mode for the Dungeon Master Achievement
  • Fixed an issue that prevented looted follower tokens from progressing the I Got What You Need achievement
  • The Swamp Hawks needed to complete the Stamp the Champs achievement should now properly spawn


  • The number of Magic materials required to craft Legendary and set Bracers has been reduced from 120 to 72
  • New buttons have been added to salvage all normal, magic, or rare quality items in your inventory at once
  • These buttons unlock when the Blacksmith reaches maximum level
  • Do you realize that DiabloWikiLife on Hit and DiabloWikiRegeneration have been boosted 5x from their initial Paragon 2.0 value? LoH was 16.5 and it’s up to 82.5 per point. Regen was 33 and it’s now 165.1 per point.

    Varying Socket Values?

    Interesting legendary property on DiabloWikiLeoric’s Crown (db), with 75-100% more bonus from socketed gems. First of all, that helm does NOT get a socket as an inherent bonus, which should probably be changed if the legendary affix only works with one. Secondly, that change doesn’t include DiabloWikiLegendary Gems which can’t be put into helms. That aside, is doubling your gem bonus (up to +46% Life, 23% faster cooldown, or +82% MF/GF/EXP) going to influence your helm decision? Probably not much at the high end, especially since practically all the Torment-only sets include DiabloWikiLegendary Helms and many players are locked into one for their gear/build. But it’s a nice bonus that gives that particular hat some variety and uniqueness from all the rest.

    It also brings up a topic I was debating with people some months ago. What if the power of sockets in items in D3 were variable? Say every socketed item had from 75-150% gem bonus, and it worked just like it sounded; gems socketed into that item would grant 75-150% of their listed stat.

    My initial idea was to use this to ameliorate the issue of items that *must* have a socket to be viable. So give all weapons a socket, but there’s still RNG in terms of how powerful that socket is. Obviously you’d want a 150% socket rather than a 75% socket, but even if you got a lower roll, at least the weapon wouldn’t be useless, as non-socketed weapons are today. And if 75-150% is too much spread, make it like 80-120%. And of course there’d be some set or other item bonuses that could boost the socket% value for a given slot or for all of your slots, or you could enchant the socket value along with the # of sockets, etc.

    I had those conversations long before the DiabloWikiGift of Ramalandi came along as Blizzard’s solution to the “must have a socket or it’s crap” issue, and hadn’t thought of the topic for a while, but it’ll be interesting to see if Leoric’s Crown and that new legendary affix is a sign of things to come. Imagine that +75-100% socket bonus as an item set bonus that applied to every piece of armor you were wearing… would want?


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    1. I do not understand why realm of greed is adventure mode only. Do they really want to terminate and finish campaign mode?

    2. CDR working on Charges seems like a huge benefit to monks-especially if you don't have/want Jawbreaker.

    3. Making some kind of variable-value socket modifier only changes the "must-have stat" from "socket" to "socket with the top 3% of value for gem modifier." This will always remain a problem until emeralds are nerfed or have their weapon property removed entirely. I really wish they'd go ahead and do so, or remove sockets from weapons entirely and add a set of replacement stats that aren't direct DPS boosters.

    4. "It also brings up a topic I was debating with people some months ago. What if the power of sockets in items in D3 were variable? Say every socketed item had from 75-150% gem bonus, and it worked just like it sounded; gems socketed into that item would grant 75-150% of their listed stat."

      A fun idea … but, any % would be interesting. Even if the socket% ranged from 10% – 75% for most sockets and for special items, leorics, 75% – 150% … I would take any of that. Just another way to get a boost. We're gonna need it if we want to see tiered rift 100 without cheating.

    5. Sorry Flux , New Leoric’s Crown is BIS to Bar and Crusader, good for pet WD ( not sure for monk and i dont play wizard and monk).

      Max25% CRD mains Crusader can save 1 + slot of CDR to achieve perm Akkhan ( we need to max CDR in nearly every slot to achevie now ) Not BIS?

      25% CRD means a big step to achevie Perm WOTB or very short Cool down to WOTB. It can work with Raekor set , IMK set or Earth set….

    6. Flux’s idea is similar to the one I had earlier today. What if gems had different effects depending on whether they were socketed in a 2H weapon, a 1H weapon, or a Shield? This would alleviate the imbalance and add another consideration when deciding whether to go shield, 2H, or dual-wield. The only problem is I don’t think they could think of 12 different effects gems could apply without some of them being duplicates.

      • Diablo 2's Gems and Runes had 40 different effects.

        • http://diablo2.diablowiki.net/Rune_list

          So I went and looked to refresh memory, and compared those values to the affixes we see in D3… and it's not that different. There are plenty of D2 affixes that aren't directly applicable, like +max resistance, but that could just become +200 res or something.

          And while there were 33 runes in D2, it's not like all of them were meant to be viable end game options. Their bonuses got progressively more powerful, but their utility didn't much correspond to scarcity and ultimately most of the highest level runes were only valuable since they were required for various Runewords.

          So in retrospect I'd say runes as a stand alone thing would have been a pretty lame socketing system, very unbalanced and seeming arbitrary in value, except that runewords were some of the best items in the game which made runes awesome, since even if you had zero use for one, you knew you needed it to upgrade to the next level. I wish D3 had some kind of long term collectible objects like those, so you'd feel like you'd found something useful and could gradually collect towards a big upgrade. D3v sort of had that with gems, except that it took way too many for very incremental upgrades, and the AH short circuited the whole collection process anyway.

    7. 2H boost and HS adjustment result in a slight decrease in damage for Crusader, as already pointed out in the bnet ptr feedback thread. HS penalty should be adjusted to at least keep the same damage as before.

    8. Know what this game absolutely must have? More RNG trolling, so even more things are capable of completely dicking you over!

      Increasing the power of socketables in items you normally wouldn't want with a socket, 2 handed weapons, and so on would actually be a good idea. But no variable ranges. **** variables in D3.

    9. I'm excite for LoH and regen to be boosted x5… My crusader currently has the Rogar's huge stone, or w/e its called, 95% more life regen depending on your current life. That is his main survivability for T4 and he can cope fairly well, even in a 4 player game. So hopefully should own it! T5/6 onwards!?

    10. It is not \good\ for Pet WD (I should know, I am one). I’ve salvaged a bunch of Leoric’s crowns over the past week. None of them are better than my Mask of Jeram (just based on stats, not the +pet damage value)

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