Updated Artwork for the Grotesque

Varquynne spotted a cool update on Blizzard artist DiabloWikiAnthony Rivero‘s art blog, where he posted a high quality, updated version of the Grotesque monster. Yes, the one that’s full of eels. A quote from Anthony’s update.

This was one of my favorite monsters to work on in Diablo 3. I love creating fleshy, bloody, mutated monsters, and this guy definitely fits the script. He was originally concepted by my friend and former colleague, Cheeming Boey aka Boy Obsolete. Before he scrawled intricate designs on styrofoam cups, he designed and animated many a monster.

This version is slightly updated from the version currently in the game. I wanted to test out some new tools and there were some things about him that bugged me. I brought the model into 3dCoat to retopologize him and touch up his texture in order for him to look a little sharper up close. Since Diablo is a game played from a top down isometric point of view, the in-game assets don’t always hold up that well in close ups, since they’re optimized for a camera that’s pretty far away from the action.

This is not a normal mapped model. The techniques used are pretty “old school” combined with more current production processes. Essentially, what you’re looking at is just a basic diffuse texture map applied to a low poly model with all the lighting information painted in.

If you want an even larger view of that thing’s suppurating wounds, you can see it in huge size in our Diablo 3 Monster Artwork gallery, along with all the other spike-covered beasties you can shake a stick at.

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15 thoughts on “Updated Artwork for the Grotesque

  1. flux, how do I email you? i have some pictures of the stuff from the walmart launch party contests and the answers to those questions 🙂

  2. I’m gonna try to sleep for as long as I can to reduce the wait. I’ll go sleep in 4 AM which is in an hour and a half, when I wake up it should be only 10 hours till release <3

  3. Hmm this reminds me. Is the Thousand pounder still in the game or has he been taken out?

    • Everything Blizzard touches turns out cute when put in a game. Even the Grim Reaper.

  4. I have always thought this monster was so lame. Reminds me of Oogy-Boogy from Nightmare Before Christmas.

  5. A soft spot in the middle as a target for the iron fist of the monk, nice. I was so intent on May 15th I just realized I actually get kill that monster tonight. What a lovely morning.

  6. Is it me only or anyone of you also sees that this fella is kinda smiling XD he`s so cute with his stiched smile 😉

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