Update Your Battle.net Profile if You Want Diablo 3 Beta

Blizzard CM Zarhym made a post on the D3 forum reminding everyone that they need to update their B.net profile and run the System Check program in it… but only if you want to (slightly improve your chance to) get into the Diablo 3 Beta.

The beta test approaches! We’ve just updated our System Check program and would like everyone to update their Battle.net Beta Profile information by running the new one. You should do this regardless of whether there have been hardware changes made to your system.

You can run the new System Check by visiting the Beta Profile settings of your Battle.net account:

I don’t have a Beta Profile
If you haven’t yet created a Beta Profile on your Battle.net account you’ll be presented with two download options, PC and Mac, for our System Check program. Running the program will present you with the Beta Test Opt-In Agreement, and once you agree to that it will immediately query basic computer specification information such as your type of video card, processor, and RAM. Clicking the Send button will then upload the shown information to your account.

On your Beta Profile page, you’ll want to ensure you at least have “Diablo Universe” checked for future testing, if not StarCraft and Warcraft as well. That’s it! You’re now eligible for future beta test opportunities.

I have a Beta Profile
If you’ve previously uploaded your system info you should use the links to download the new System Check program for PC or Mac and update your system info. Run the program, read through the Beta Test Opt-In Agreement that appears, and once you agree to that the program will immediately query your basic computer specification information. Click Send and the program will automatically update your profile with your system specifications. You’ll remain opted in for whichever beta tests you’ve previously selected, and you can change these selections on your Beta Profile page at any time.

Having current system specifications and checking the franchise boxes to express interest in beta testing our future products does not guarantee your entry into the beta test. We will grant a very limited number of people entry from the entire pool of those interested, based on their system specifications and other factors. While having an official Battle.net Beta Profile is one way to potentially get in, we’ll have information on other ways to increase your chances as we draw closer to the beta test.

We’ve had a mention of this on our Beta FAQ for well.. forever. Since I know a lot of you guys played D2 and haven’t paid much attention to Battle.net in years, this is something you need to do. True, the odds of it paying off are miniscule; Blizzard has something like 5m WoW players in the US and EU, and I bet 90% of them have checked the box to be considered for the D3 Beta. Plus a million or two SC2 players. And Blizzard will pick something like 20k people from that, for the first round of the D3 beta invites.

You’ll have much better odds of getting into the D3 beta via invites from friends who are already in it, website contests, keys given out with a pre-order, etc. But hey, adding this .0001% chance can’t hurt.

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    45 thoughts on “Update Your Battle.net Profile if You Want Diablo 3 Beta

      • I live in Australia and the version I just downloaded is

        Do you think there are different versions for different for different locations?

        Oh wait it’s probably cause it’s the mac version…..

        • Change your language in the bottomright from the Beta page to Americas – English(US) and you will be able to download version, worked for me and I’m in Netherlands 😛

    1. Does not work for me in europe:(

      In firefox it sais that the file could not be found.
      And in Internet Explorer i belive that it downloads the old version of the opt in and it cant submit the information.
      Got to wait and see if it changes.

      • I had to change language from the right to be able to download. Then again, it was SystemCheck_enGB.exe v. so I dont know if it did any good. :/

        Edit: Changed language to EUROPE – ENGLISH (US) and got the right version.

    2. Please gods, let me get into the beta. I played DIII at Pax in 2009 in Seattle. I believe the toon Blizzard had set up for PAX  game play was the witchdoctor. It was 20 minutes of heaven. I remember my hand trembling as I played. I even wore my DIII t-shirt. I think I’ll wear it again tomorrow for good luck. <fingers crossed>

    3. Ran fine on my Win 7 box but wouldn’t talk to the battle.net server on my MacBook Pro.  Maybe it’s not playing nice with Lion.

    4. So, after you send your comp info, they don’t get back to you and say if your machine is up to par?

      • As previous betas, you’ll probably only get an answer if your pc is up to par. I doubt anything else is sent if your pc isn’t.

        • I never got sent anything about being on par and still got a beta invite last time. I don’t think they send out anything at all, the game might not even be optimized yet.

    5. I just updated my beta profile, but they are still showing on my profile that I have only one 1 GB video card installed when actually I have two 1 GB video cards installed. I just e-mailed Blizzard, hopefully they will update my info, maybe they won’t, at least I let them know. I just hope I’m selected to beta test.

    6. Umm.. it updates your information in a new browser window… so you should be able to see your specs.

    7. One obvious way to tell its the new file is that it lists your internet connection speed at the bottom after its done checking, on the b.net page. The old file did not.

      • Wow, thank you so much. Everyone should definitely check that after sending info. My first two tests show a speed 10 times slower than the actual.

        • Mine as well. It listed my speed at 2.7kb/s haha I just downloaded a whole album in about 20 seconds. Something is off

          • I wasn’t downloading and got 2.1 kB/s.
            Ran it again and got 136 kB/s.
            Again and got 240 kB/s.
            And a fourth time for 399 kB/s.

            Somehow I don’t trust the program at all. :p

      • Correct, and this info does NOT show up on European beta profiles yet, even if you use the new US system check tool v1.0.0.33.

    8. OH NO! Real Money System Check!
      I wonder actually does the region change before downloading affect your chances to get beta earlier. Like isn’t it better to change language to Americas – English (US) before download?

      • Made a comparision between Americas US and Europe US with Hex-editor, got some differences. Most of them are just posting links (us.battle.net instead of eu.battle.net).

    9. I wonder if having been previously a beta tester qualifies as one of the other ways to get into D3 beta. Starcraft 2 isn’t that far from D3 in terms of technical issues like Battlenet at least.

    10. Worked for me after changing from EU to US. But for the harddrive it picked one of my external hdds instead if the main one where I install everything. And this hdd is almost full showing up as 0% free space, will that be a problem?

      • I think free space on the harddrive has been updated or something as well. It was saying I had 100% free space, now it more accurately says 45%.

    11. Time to dust out my laptop for this, don’t wanna use my main. Doubt they will be giving invites to people who are running the GTX460.

    12. Hard Drive size is still off, though.
      I have a 160 GB PCI Express Revo2 SSD that’s not taken into account with 104 GB free space.  That’s what I’d run the application off.  It only counted my 500 GB mirrored RAID (I store most of my stuff on a NAS) and the stats on that look really awkward with 96% free space.

    13. On my account it says
      “Unable to Continue
      You must have at least one full version of a Blizzard Entertainment game attached to this Battle.net account in order to set up your beta profile.”
      Do I really have to cough up €15 for a chance at entering the beta? And if yes, what is the probability of getting in?
      By the way, I did have a couple of physical CDs with Diablo II back in the day, but they are long gone now.

      • Read the post. Safe bet that most people with a WoW or SC2 account have opted in to D3 beta. Taht’s got to be 5 or 6m people in the US/EU. If Bliz sends out 20k invites to first wave, thats’ 1/300. 

      • I’m in the same boat.  I played D2 to death, but even that meant I haven’t played in years.  Not going to spend $20 re-buying some long lost discs for a infinitesimally small change of getting a beta invite.   :((

    14. I’m having problems to re-update my beta profile. First I download the program and it say that was impossible to send the information, i check my firewall, internet connection, everything! Now I cant even download the tool. Can someone try download the update tool just to be sure that still offline or online? Bad english sry ^^

    15. Doesn’t it seem sort of odd to anyone else for Blizz to pick beta testers for D3 from a pool largely consisting of players of their other game worlds? Each of their franchises is so very, very different, I’d bet that a good portion of the D3 audience doesn’t play WoW or SC2, at least not the ones who would want to devote the time and detail to beta test thoroughly. And vice-versa: I would imagine that dedicated WoW/SC2 players aren’t going to want to really push the limits of a small bit of D3 in a beta.

      I wonder if in their invite algorithm they are going to give a certain number of slots priority to only-D2 players?

      • Doesn’t seem odd to me at all.
        If they only invited us hardcore fans, they’d only get our perspective on the game. We’ll know it back to front before we even play, we’ll know how to play, we’ll be instantly good at the game.
        A WoW or SC2 player who has never played Diablo? Not so much. They’ll be actual new players, and that’s valuable input to give.

    16. I disagree with that. I think they are just making sure all the people that have opted in are not \afk\ so to speak. Only people that are paying attention to the beta news are going to know to update their info. Anyone unaware or too lazy to do this will not be in the consideration. I think this will cut the numbers considerably.

    17. So I’m away from home and I’ve previously done a beta system check on my desktop computer. Should I update the beta profile with my laptop? It can run SC2 on lowest…

    18. I have never been able to get that program to work on my gaming computer, it just can’t connect to Blizzard and I have tried for hours after reading everything I could. In the end, missing out on an hour and half test isn’t something I really care about.

      • Wut, last time I did the test it was more a minute and a half test lol. I doubt they have changed it that much since SC2 beta.

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