Upcoming Jay Wilson Interview

At last, there’s a sign of another of the dev interviews that Bliz handed out last week, like early Halloween candy. We’ve been posting our Jay Wilson interview since that evening and wondering when anyone else would step up. At last someone has, and it’s Imagine Publishing. They conducted their own interview Jay Wilson, which will be published in the November issue of GamesTM magazine, on sale October 29th, 2009.

There’s no telling if they’ll have the entire 30 minute interview transcribed, or will just be offering some highlights. It’s also unknown if their questions will be ones we hardcore fans are interested in reading, or if they’ll be those worthless, BlizzCon public Q&A, “Will the Necromancer be the 5th character?” type of questions. It is certain that it’ll cost you ?4.50 to find out, since that’s what all the previous issues of Games TM cost.

Yes, this seems a rather mixed blessing. At any rate, here’s the one Jay Wilson quote from their blog tease.

“The problem with coming up with a competitor for Diablo is that you just don?t see people making games like Diablo any more,” he says. “I can see a lot of third-person action games on consoles being competition for Diablo because I think they?re pulling the same audience.” But other PC developers it seems are unwilling to dip their toes.

Wilson sums up: “Ultimately, I don?t want to sound unhumble but I?m not too worried about competition for Diablo.”

Update: PlayTM previously posted an interview with Jay Wilson… 5 months after the fact! This could be a long wait….

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1 thought on “Upcoming Jay Wilson Interview

  1. Funny how all the comments are on the D1 monsters bit, which was a misc questions I just threw in here to plump this one out a bit.  I’d say from Jay’s answer that no, he hasn’t played D1. Not any time within memory, anyway.  Other people on the team have though, hopefully including some of the guys who are handling the monster design.

    I found his comments on the skills fairly interesting. At least the devs aren’t full of delusions of grandeur that they can design perfect skills and ideal builds that no player could ever improve upon. I like that they realize it’s on them to just make as much cool stuff as possible, and then hope it works out fairly well in the crash testing reality that is online play.

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