Upcoming Diablo 3 Legendary Items: Real and Spectacular

I’ve joked in the past that some of the posters on Battle.net seem to be proactively attempting to ensure that they will never, ever, under any circumstances, be hired to work in the gaming industry. A prime example of that came up today with a fan asking for the removal of the new and useful crafting recipes, a reduction in item drops and quality, and a general removal of the fun and excitement provided by gear upgrades in Diablo 3.

The thread stimulated a couple of blue replies which didn’t address the OP at all, but which did drop some intriguing promises for big improvements to the Diablo 3 legendary items.

I think Blizzard is getting ready to introduce a lot of new legendaries and generally improve drops.
Vaneras: Pretty much this, and I am pretty sure the game will feel quite different to play once you get your hands on one of those game changing legendaries 🙂

One simple question, new or reworked ones ?
Vaneras: That’s a good question, but unfortunately one I cannot answer yet. More information on this will be posted once it becomes available though.

The various recent previews about new/improved legendaries have mentioned some game changing features, but it’s hard to predict in advance how much difference it will make to, for example, wear boots that let you run through monsters or a Source that allows a Wizard to cast two Hydras at a time. Perhaps the devs will give us some hard numbers or examples, but I think most of us will want to see them for ourselves, or at least hear first hand reports from players on the PTR when the patch goes into testing.

The full post by the OP from the above thread can be seen below.

After 1.0.7 everyone can easily get BIS amy, shoulders and gloves for free. You need 11 items to gear up, 3 of them are totally free of charge.

After 1.0.8 more items will be available via the crafting system (as blue dev says), including weapons.

At the end, everyone will be able to build a superbly geared char FOR FREE .

My question is simple:
If gearing is free, why the hell would anyone enjoying farming??? Who could possibly enjoy farming the same maps over and over again if he cant get anything to sell???

I know many people won’t agree but what i am saying is that the only thing that makes this game worth playing is the sweet sweet sound of an item being sold in AH. You take this away, you have no d3.

This game used to be really hard and expensive. And it came to be the fastest selling game in history of gaming while being hard and expensive.

+ remove crafting
+ reduce drop rates by 50-60%
+ stop listening to forum noobs, they already did a HUGE damage to this formerly great game.

And for the love of god please don’t introduce more legendary items. It will kill whatever is left of D3’s economy over a night.


I’ve read this three times and it still doesn’t make any sense. If these changes were coming to a game without an Auction House or trading, they’d sort of make sense (logically, though I still think the ideas would be terrible). But in Diablo 3 for the PC/Mac… this is bizarre.

Why would someone consider crafted items “free” when making really good ones requires dozens/hundreds of rolls of fairly expensive materials? For much less gold than it costs to make dozens/hundreds of rolls for the crafting recipes, you can simply GAH quite good gear, and buying stuff with gold on the Auction House doesn’t require *any* playing, since you can just buy gold with money. At least making the crafting recipes requires you to play enough to find the Demonic Essences, which can not be purchased.

As to the basic argument, it’s equally-perplexing. If he wanted to argue for himself that the game should be harder, that’s fine. But saying that making better items available will ruin the popularity is just bizarre. Perhaps the guy hasn’t read a forum post or comment thread since May 16th, 2012, since I don’t know how else anyone could think that the big problem with Diablo 3 is that there’s too much good loot dropping and that it’s too easy to gear up your character.

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33 thoughts on “Upcoming Diablo 3 Legendary Items: Real and Spectacular

  1. “remove crafting” 😀 It’s my favourite part of the game. It’s pitty that someone didn’t perceive the essence of crafting…

    • Yeah, what an idiot.
      Diablo 2 LOD had crafting as well. It was just called different – but it was the best way to get epic amulets.

      • OP was clearly just butthurt for buying items with real money. He has likely spent hundreds of dollars on the game, some dude comes along with a wickedly powerful amulet, “Where’d you get that?”. “Crafted it!”. Dude seethes with anger, and this is the result.

        That’s my guess anyway. Regardless, it’s all kinds of dumb.

  2. ‘the only thing that makes this game worth playing is the sweet sweet sound of an item being sold in AH.’ Someone please give him a box on the ear. Or is he being sarcastic?

  3. did he really say for free? i know a few people who have spent upwards of 30+ million trying to get that BOMB trifecta amulet….

  4. Sometimes, I honestly worry about how the outside world might perceive the fans of this game or the general populace that play video games when posts like the one made by the OP are what they may glimpse of the “discussion” going on. Holy shizzle…that’s easily one of the dumbest things I’ve read all year.

    • I’m fairly sure people who don’t play video games care as much about anything that goes on in our little world as we care about the order of panel presentations at a convention of accountants.

      Which is, not at all. Not even a little.

      • If talking about game design scares you…don’t you dare to turn on the TV where I live it’s shamefully/horrifying.

  5. Crafting is sweet, yes its expensive, and yes, it takes a significant amount of time to assemble the materials, but its a good feature. I would like to see it improved however. There are some serious flaws with it right now.

    If the average player is saving materials for a month and then getting nothing useful when he or she finally does craft than that’s a problem. This is why people quit, no rewards for you time.

    I just crafted 50 archon chest armors of dexterity and still nothing better than my AH rare. That’s horrible.

    Even being able to re-roll or improve one stat would be nice and might keep more gear in my hands and being used, instead of being more essence material.

    Right now its just feels so random and there is no sense of excitement when crafting, its basically like winning the lottery instead of something you can look forward to with a lot of effort and time.

    In d2 you could count on good runes dropping if you put in your time, in a few hundred hours you should have some decent ones. In this game a few hundred hours is a laughing stock and you end up buying all your crap, because you will never find it or craft it in that amount of time.

    I really don’t see why there cant be some sort of balance here for everyone. There needs to be rewards for all types of players not just the elite MP10 farming class.

    • I think the problem here it’s always the same. AH.
      Don’t take me wrong, “a game with AH it’s better than a game with external AH systems”, but…What happen with and online community with an AH? It’s VERY HARD to balance drops. What you can take in 1 month playing another can take it within 4h playing and then sell it on AH. Add to this that you can buy then use then sell the same item, and it makes the “good drops” extremely cheap/bad and the “very good drops” extremely costly/not so worthy. They are worth it, but in a complete different level it can take me month to upgrade my weapon and its not even very good, damn I can’t even buy most of my gear in months…
      Resume, there is a HUGE step between good and very good. Excellent is €xcellent. And…at this step it stops being funny.

      • The issue is that good gear never leaves the market. Since nothing leaves the market, your odds of finding something in the top 99% of all items ever found in the past 8 months are astronomically bad. Your odds of ‘winning’ in d3 decrease with time.

        Without sinks for high end gear, the devs have to incrementally improve items so you have a chance at getting some progress on your characters. The crafts helped to a degree in giving progression outside the ah. But until there is some way to remove old gear from the ah, you will always be fighting against the combined farming might of the entire player base.

        The ah is just too visible and it makes it easy to see how bad your gear is. You can easily search for similar and find stuff better thAn yours that you cannot afford. It’s depressing. But face it, you don’t really want to be on top, because that means you play more than literally everyone else in d3. Just have to get used to the idea of being mediocre, which sucks.

      • In all seriousness, are there still a lot of players that are playing in hopes of being able to farm MP10 with the best of the best? I would think most players are just kind of having fun now. I’m fine with being “mediocre” as long as I can survive and kill at MP1 (which still allows me to find that Cc Mempo in any act…).

        It seems like a player is tilting at windmills if he/she still wants to take Top 10 dps class honors.

        • I think a lot of people play with the idea that it is fun, but also with the desire to progress their character and get ‘stronger.’ It is an rpg after all.

          The ah is sort of double edged, where you can get amazing gear cheap, but then hit a wall that only winning the lotto, your wallet, or flipping on the ah will breach. It becomes near impossible to find anything of value.

          I just wish there was a mechanic to remove gear from the economy so mid end stuff did not deflate in value so incredibly fast. Hardcore has this – just wish normal mode had some way to do this also.

    • “In d2 you could count on good runes dropping if you put in your time, in a few hundred hours you should have some decent ones. In this game a few hundred hours is a laughing stock and you end up buying all your crap, because you will never find it or craft it in that amount of time.”

      Exactly why I quit playing D3 months ago. Time played means absolutely nothing. Anyone with a credit card will have better gear than you in 5 minutes. Legendaries/Sets are too few and far between, and its not even totally about the frequency, it’s the frequency coupled with fact that when you do find one, 99% of the time, the item is pure crap. Then there is crafting. You play, gather resources, and for what, you are in the same boat as with finding legendaries/sets. 99% of your efforts lead to pure, unusable crap. Again, time played means absolutely nothing. So I no longer bother and play something else where there is a reward for my time and effort.

      • But anyone could do that in D2, with real money. You can google d2 item sales now and find plenty still around. So you just don’t like that it’s officially supported in D3?

        You could play D3 hardcore, where all the gold sales are black market the way God and Bliz North meant them to be? Or wait for the console with no AH at all…

  6. Playing must be fun…Take xxx items w/o even id. them to salvage could be fun…but extremely \dumb\…I mean it could be better if the drops were fewer, better and recipes need less accordingly to that. That’s pretty much what they will do for 1.0.8 aka v0.0.8.
    But ofc…the problem is you will reach a \top gearing\ where it will be extremely hard to get new items again…then what? I honestly don’t know what to do at this point. Imho the game is too short and the \good farming zones\ are even shorter. Random zones? Events? Increasingly difficulty/density dungeons in a row? And OFC…If you make the game with the idea of be played coop. make it possible it’s not a waste of time(coop bonus, events, etc)

    In resume, its hard and it will be LONG to reach the Diablo3 v1.0, but they are at the right path, its a shame they lost 10 years.

  7. I am not holding my breath on this item improvement. Lets not forget we have been here before with 1.04, and it was a humongous flop.

    • Hopefully Blizz learnt from its mistakes.
      Right now, my biggest problem isn’t the fact that a lot legendaries just suck. It’s just a really huge letdown when an other legendary spirit stone drops, or a skycutter.
      And the problem is, they drop, A LOT.
      I was trying to get a zunimassa ring since 1.0.4, but guess what: I never found one, not even a set ring, until last week. Then my cousine and me found overall 4 set rings in 2 hours(he didn’t find any before too), and all 4 were litany of something. Such a bummer. And even if a zuni ring would ever drop, it’d be most likely a shitty roll that I couldn’t even sell for 100k.
      It’s nice to hear from Travis Day that he kinda understands what we feel when “an other Hellrack” drops, but awesome Hellrack drops won’t get me a zunimassa ring, maybe only from the AH.

  8. And I’ll say it again; does no one remember Enigma? Why are they in such a rush to introduce gear that makes the gearing choice even LESS interesting? If I wanted to only hunt one specific type of fixed stat gear, I’d still play WoW.

    • They’ve stated a few times, their intentions are more along the lines of Three Hundredth Spear than Echoing Fury. I suspect the new legendary items are probably going to be mostly for novelty and fun rather than uber-powered items that every Barb needs to have.

  9. If they give us additional stash space, I’m in favor of new Legendaries that open up new builds. To make theme builds fun, they often need pretty specific gear. A good HotA Barb can’t just equip a Three Hundredth Spear and become an effective Throw Barb. An archon wizard is going to have to regear a lot of equipment to become an effective Hydra Wizard, because Critical Hits are substantially less important. My experience with a Sentry DH is that ehp, dex and IAS are the goals which is completely different than the traditional DH builds which rely heavily on CC/CD and IAS only secondarily.

    With only 3 stash pages, there’s no way players are going to be able to extensively diversify their builds which seems to be their dream scenario. Even now, I’m practically out of stash and mule space with 4 heroes and 2-3 distinct builds for each.

    Given the devs demonstrable lack of forethought (or instead the inability to make a decision), I have very little faith they will recognize this ahead of time. Then we’ll either have to wait another 2 months for patch 1.0.10 for more stash space or 6-24 months for an expansion pack.

  10. Oh, i wonder if they’d actually update the current legendaries in people’s inventory or actually remake them too, legacy legacy; can’t wait to see my 400 and odd hours in the updated legendary patch being wasted.

  11. d3 Formerly a \great game\ ? D3 CAME to be the fast selling pc game because it was hard and expensive to gear ? Please…It was riding fully on the reputation of d2 and blizzard and the huge hype both blizzard and the community built up. Sounds like the OP of the thread is just mad that he’s not making a killing botting or was banned and is mad that he doesn’t find it worth the money to buy new d3 copies to bot with.

    What the game needs is a visionary director that is able to tap into some of the amazing ideas and failed iterations of said ideas.

    Crafting = fail, but amazing potential
    World Monster hunting/randomized events = incredible failure, possibly most potential
    runed skills = fail, current iteration is just lazy
    itemization = biggest failure of all, likely won’t get it right the 3rd time around

    I’m sure as hell going to start botting with the new itemization patch. Since the endgame is pure shit I might as well see how much of a difference the new legendaries/affixes etc. will make. I don’t think I can bear to farm anything legit again until they actually put in some creative new system of farming. It’s not like they haven’t had millions of fans clamoring for endless dungeons, more randomization, extra dungeons etc.
    I’m sure as hell going to bot. I have access to plenty of d3 accounts anyway Seeing as nearly everyone I played with quit months ago with no intentions of returning until expansion or simply never.

  12. what a stupid post!!
    crafting is one of the things a good (a)rpg must have.
    who’s the ‘noob’ here i wonder …

    • i just reread both pages of comments and no one is mentioning PoE in this discussion.

      well thought out and detailed post.

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