I’ve joked in the past that some of the posters on Battle.net seem to be proactively attempting to ensure that they will never, ever, under any circumstances, be hired to work in the gaming industry. A prime example of that came up today with a fan asking for the removal of the new and useful crafting recipes, a reduction in item drops and quality, and a general removal of the fun and excitement provided by gear upgrades in Diablo 3.

    The thread stimulated a couple of blue replies which didn’t address the OP at all, but which did drop some intriguing promises for big improvements to the Diablo 3 legendary items.

    I think Blizzard is getting ready to introduce a lot of new legendaries and generally improve drops.
    Vaneras: Pretty much this, and I am pretty sure the game will feel quite different to play once you get your hands on one of those game changing legendaries 🙂

    One simple question, new or reworked ones ?
    Vaneras: That’s a good question, but unfortunately one I cannot answer yet. More information on this will be posted once it becomes available though.

    The various recent previews about new/improved legendaries have mentioned some game changing features, but it’s hard to predict in advance how much difference it will make to, for example, wear boots that let you run through monsters or a Source that allows a Wizard to cast two Hydras at a time. Perhaps the devs will give us some hard numbers or examples, but I think most of us will want to see them for ourselves, or at least hear first hand reports from players on the PTR when the patch goes into testing.

    The full post by the OP from the above thread can be seen below.

    After 1.0.7 everyone can easily get BIS amy, shoulders and gloves for free. You need 11 items to gear up, 3 of them are totally free of charge.

    After 1.0.8 more items will be available via the crafting system (as blue dev says), including weapons.

    At the end, everyone will be able to build a superbly geared char FOR FREE .

    My question is simple:
    If gearing is free, why the hell would anyone enjoying farming??? Who could possibly enjoy farming the same maps over and over again if he cant get anything to sell???

    I know many people won’t agree but what i am saying is that the only thing that makes this game worth playing is the sweet sweet sound of an item being sold in AH. You take this away, you have no d3.

    This game used to be really hard and expensive. And it came to be the fastest selling game in history of gaming while being hard and expensive.

    + remove crafting
    + reduce drop rates by 50-60%
    + stop listening to forum noobs, they already did a HUGE damage to this formerly great game.

    And for the love of god please don’t introduce more legendary items. It will kill whatever is left of D3’s economy over a night.


    I’ve read this three times and it still doesn’t make any sense. If these changes were coming to a game without an Auction House or trading, they’d sort of make sense (logically, though I still think the ideas would be terrible). But in Diablo 3 for the PC/Mac… this is bizarre.

    Why would someone consider crafted items “free” when making really good ones requires dozens/hundreds of rolls of fairly expensive materials? For much less gold than it costs to make dozens/hundreds of rolls for the crafting recipes, you can simply GAH quite good gear, and buying stuff with gold on the Auction House doesn’t require *any* playing, since you can just buy gold with money. At least making the crafting recipes requires you to play enough to find the Demonic Essences, which can not be purchased.

    As to the basic argument, it’s equally-perplexing. If he wanted to argue for himself that the game should be harder, that’s fine. But saying that making better items available will ruin the popularity is just bizarre. Perhaps the guy hasn’t read a forum post or comment thread since May 16th, 2012, since I don’t know how else anyone could think that the big problem with Diablo 3 is that there’s too much good loot dropping and that it’s too easy to gear up your character.

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