Last week a fan sent in a proposal for what he called Unsealed Diablo III, and asked us to post it for the community to see. I liked the presentation even though I don’t think there’s anything on earth that will influence Bliz to change their online-only DRM for D3. The following quote is from the reader’s email as he explains his motivation and idea, and you should view the infographic’s text which explains things further.

    For an extended period of time now spanning both before and after Diablo III’s release I have had thoughts concerning the online-only nature of the game. I of course am among quite a number of people. Ranging from players/critics who tend to argue in various forums with highly emotional or dismissive conjectures and opinions that at average span a couple of sentences, or writers for online publications who report on the issue which in turns leads to more posts in response underneath.

    What I am offering is a product of my own work which lays out a proposal for player access to Diablo III. I have been through Blizzard’s Diablo III home page and touched upon areas of concern with both what I have termed Sealed and Unsealed access might bring about, but not too much that it creates a sea of words. Ease of reading and comprehension is what I am attempting to aim for here.

    I am aware that 90% of comments will be perhaps in similar vein to the ones I have mentioned above but I feel that I needed to sit down and bring my thoughts to some form of a visual medium, and in doing so attract and develop an amount of intelligent, incisive and hopefully a lack of enmity form of feedback as I intend to somehow make Blizzard aware of this document’s existence. If this comes about through notability brought on by your user base and/or when I find appropriate means to get in contact with Blizzard. Any assistance on the latter would be very much appreciated.

    In finishing, I wish to stress that this isn’t a be-all end-all document. If need be I intend to cultivate feedback to further enrich and consolidate the contents, but not to the point it becomes a multipage document. I have other ideas for that if required ha-ha!

    Kind Regards,


    Click the image to read his proposal infographic. You can also see it in our Diablo 3 Misc gallery, if you prefer.

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