A fan who might have spent a bit too long gazing and drooling over the character selection screen on the official D3 website asked what’s up with those animations? Bashiok replied with the voice of reason.

    The monk and barbarian animations look pretty much ok…but what the heck is going on with the WD and Wiz??? Was it a serious design decision to give the WD Cerebral Palsy or was that just some kind of mo-cap accident? The Wizard animation looks even worse…she just looks like a puppet whose strings are being jiggled around.

    Please tell me this is just placeholder animations that aren’t going to make it into the actual game…

    Bashiok: We design and animate our characters to be viewed from game-cam distance. They really aren’t meant to be seen from the distance that we show them on the website. So yeah some things (all things?) might seem strangely exaggerated that close. We have to design our characters, create textures, animations, spell effects, etc. all for a fixed camera that’s way up in the sky. It’s actually more challenging to adapt to and work with than if it were to just be seen from a personal view.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok revisited the Jace Hall show thread to remind us that in this week’s show would go online tomorrow, and conclude the wacky events shown last week. (Summary of the D3 portions of last week’s show.) Bashiok also commented on the D3 Project Lead’s haberdashery, as seen in that Jace Hall episode.

    I have one question… how often does Jay wear a pirate hat??

    Bashiok: Every. Day.

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