Last week Blizzard shared all that info about how DiabloWikiTransmog will work via the Mystic in Reaper of Souls, but of course there were a few minor details not covered. One of those is the seemingly-weird question of finding items now, leaving them unidentified, and then ID’ing them in RoS, thus “earning” that item’s appearance via the Mystic.

    does this mean even unidentified pre-2.0 items will not unlock the skins?

    2) After patch 2.0, will we unlock skins only through self-found identified legendaries/set items, or will we be able to acquire unidentified items through trade and then ID them ourselves to unlock the skins?
    Vaeflare: We’re still working out the details of Transmogrification and the full scope of the items it impacts.

    Cheese_platterFor your first question, right now identified Legacy Legendary items will not unlock an appearance, but we’re still debating what to do with unidentified Legacy Legendary items.

    For your second question, we’re also still discussing if we should put any restrictions on unlocking appearances for non-Legacy Legendaries (i.e. whether we’ll require you to both loot and identify the item to unlock its appearance, or if you just need to identify it). So, we don’t have firm answers to either of your questions just yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know just as soon as we do. 🙂

    What are the new materials needed, and how are they obtained?
    Vaeflare: Those details are still being worked out as well. Once they’re more finalized, we’ll let you know! 🙂

    This is lame. Of course items found now shouldn’t unlock the Transmog look in RoS, months in the future. That’s so cheesy it should come with a glass of wine. It’s also pointless and silly beyond achievement-hounds desperate to rack up all the Transmog credits a day after release, since legendaries are going to much more frequently in DiabloWikiLoot 2.0/RoS than they do now.

    Still, I feel strongly that a bonus tied to items in the expansion should only apply to items you find in the expansion. You’re free to disagree, and if you do may I recommend a nice fruity California viognier and a slice of baguette to complete your snack?

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