Unlocking Followers in Adventure Mode

A fan asked about unlocking Followers in Adventure Mode and got an answer that surprised me. In Story Mode you unlock them by doing their quests, or advancing beyond their quests if you join someone else’s game. At whatever level you are; as I mentioned in a recent EXP article, I was level 40 with a new Crusader when I finished a single play through of Act One in Story Mode, and didn’t yet have the option to hire the Enchantress since I hadn’t reached her at the start of Act Two.

Why do I have to run the campaign to unlock the followers on a new character? Everything else is already unlocked in adventure mode, why can’t the followers be as well? I really don’t want to run the campaign through act 2 just for that.
Grimiku: Good news! Characters starting in Adventure Mode have access to all of the followers from level one, and you won’t need to play campaign mode to have access to them in Adventure Mode.

Wait, was the change reversed and you can now play Adventure Mode without playing the Story at all?
Grimiku: You’ll still need to complete the campaign mode at least once in order to unlock Adventure Mode, but once it’s unlocked all of your characters of that game type (Normal or Hardcore) will be able to access it, even brand new ones.

I’m not saying he’s wrong since I haven’t tested it lately, but months ago at the start of the Beta, you unlocked the Followers at certain levels, when you were playing a new char in Adventure Mode. I believe it was level 8 Templar, level 12 Scoundrel, and level 16 Enchantress. When you reached those levels you got a little tooltip pop up telling you that you’d unlocked the Follower and from that point on they were standing in town, ready to be hired.

I suppose this new system of making them available right from the start is fine. It’s not like there’s some exploit you can do with an Enchantress at level 1. In theory she couldn’t use any good gear or even use her skills yet. But there it is: Adventure Mode = freedom!

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5 thoughts on “Unlocking Followers in Adventure Mode

  1. How does Adventure Mode work with a new character? Can you instantly warp to Act 5 and kill a level 1 Malthael? Or do you still have to advance through the areas, just with no story and a scaling difficulty?

  2. The more I read such news, the more I feel like tempest rushing Act 5 in normal with Monk, trying to not level up in the process…

    – “Please, die for vanilla gear in less than 45 min of gameplay, Malthael sir!” – Monk says.

    Adventure mode is the land of fun and happiness. Area farming with 4 legos per hour to fix gear (people are saying http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/11765456966), then some bounties and rifts to fix gold – and maybe farm torment for torment-only legos as a long term goal.

    I might play the campaign with crusader if an achievement is involved, but I don’t think such thing exists, iirc (there are “max” level and boss killing achievements, right?)

    • I’d probably play story mode once to experience act 5 and then switch to adventure. Hard to say as I haven’t gotten in the beta yet and don’t mind story mode as much as other people seem to.

      I like variety and if I did adventure mode I’d pretty much clear through every area anyway. The story just gives it a path to follow basically.

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