Unlock 90% – Class Wallpapers

We have finally hit to 90% unlock and Yay we got wallpaper, featuring original artwork by DiabloWikiBrom. Thats right folks only 10% more until the Diablo III: Wrath video.

90% — Class Wallpapers
Congratulations! Your actions yield for you new treasures of true artistry. Choose any of the desktop wallpapers here to champion your favorite hero.

Head on over to the Reveal Page for the wallpapers in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions.

Bashiok replied to a fan asking about the Brom art a few days ago, as it’s been featured on the reveal pages for the past month.

His stuff is decidedly not “Blizzard art”, which is what makes it so great to me (aside from him just being an incredible artist). I always think it’s intensely awesome to see characters rendered through a different artist’s lens, and not only appreciate their unique take on something, but broaden my own imagination of what these characters or locations could be. We can sometimes get caught up in the thought that these worlds are complete and realized realities with little variation, but they’re really interpretations on a theme. Diablo III speaks to that more than anything else we’ve done I think, as it’s very clearly and intentionally a moving painting in its aesthetic. It isn’t intended to be a literal 1:1 explanation of Sanctuary. In any case, exploring the types of interpretations artists make, like Brom, is wildly enjoyable for me.

Plus he did the original Diablo II box art, so it’s kind of a homecoming of sorts. Which makes me tear up a little.

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    71 thoughts on “Unlock 90% – Class Wallpapers

      • I like the barb one but the rest, for me, are a little meh. It’s just the painted versions of the same art from the book of cain.

        • On the contrary, I find the barb art to be the weakest, the female monk one being the second worst (the hair rendering just doesn’t cut it for my tastes), the rest are FANTASTIC though, reminds me of Frazetta’s work.

          If you don’t know who Frazetta is then get out. 

        • That is because the book of cain images are sketches, and these are the finished paintings.

    1. Meh. Where are the opposite gender counterparts and the 2560×1600 resolutions ones?

    2. wallpapers?! for the 90% unlock?! This should have been for the 10-20% unlock or not at all. lol

    3. This looks like fan-art and not something the artists at Blizzard would make….

    4. Lol, do they still want us to believe these unlocks depend on us liking their facebook page and what not? Because 2 PM my time, the % was 86%, now it’s nearly 5 30 PM and it’s 90%.
      You’re not fooling anybody Blizzard, except retarded people.

      • Of course it’s not 🙂 Wanna bet 100% will appear on Tuesday, exactly one week before the release? 😀

      • No dude, Blizzard PR and web team are so talented they were able to accuratly predict the flow of likes, shares etc over the internet and make a formula so that everything will unlock exactly 1 week before release and every items at almost equal intervals. Geniuses.

    5. funny how the one time that a real fantasy artist does illustrations for diablo 3, nobody likes it. fucking n00bs.

        • Say what you will about these wallpapers – you’re entitled to your opinion on them, and taste in art is somewhat subjective – but to call Brom a “noob” makes you come across as fairly ignorant (even if you were just trying to mock Nauthiz).

        • Someone who professionally does classical fantasy artwork (classical painting / sketching training, rendering in distinct fantasy style, stuff you see in old Conan comics / DnD cards). Most modern video game industry artists never get that kind of experience and in turn have much more stylized rendering and affinity toward digital art as opposed to paint on a canvas.

    6. I actually like them…except the eyes of the wizard. lol Are these done with oil colors?

      • How can anyone hate them? This is Brom, one of the best fantasy artists currently producing work.
        I suppose you’d prefere the work of Samwise, the WoW artist who designed the pandas. 

        Brom you rule all! 

    7. I quite like them. I need a new WP so I’ve taken the DH despite her pneumatic chest.

    8. They are all from Brom, the guy that does all the best pieces of art for Diablo.

    9. God you people will complain about anything.
      I really like the witch doctor one

        • I think people are certainly entitled to like them or not, but a lot of people go far beyond merely stating their distaste, complaining incessantly about something offered to them for free.

    10. I love Brom as much as the next guy, but I don’t think he did an amazing job with these ones.  The DH and Monk share the same pose, so does the Wizard and Witch Doctor.  I feel it’s a little lazy and unusual coming from Brom that he just used the same reference for both those pairs :[.

      DH and Monk are my favourite of these arts though. :3 

      • Definitely not among his best works. I love his Diablo II boxcover painting, it gives me the chills. But it’s still better than most of the official stylized D3 art in terms of pure rendering skills though.

      • They share the same post because they have a common background.  If you line them up you will see that the 5 of them go left to right with the Barbarian in the middle and that the dark parts in the background sync up with the next image. 

        It is not laziness, it is that they were painted as a team.  You know, for a co-op game.  Hard to imagine, right? 

    11. Not to be ungrateful or anything but I really hate wallpapers. My desktop is black.

    12. Its good arts but I will never use them as wallpapers. Too much brown and ugly faces.

    13. Brom is a great artist, but it looks like he dropped the ball. It looks like they were rushed. Blizz should have had Victor Lee do these.

      • I think the “problem” is that these are close-ups of a larger piece, and weren’t meant to be displayed in this way. It’s like taking a group photo and chopping one person’s face out of it – their pose might look fairly awkward isolated from its proper context.

    14. I love these wallpapers so I guess im part of the minority that do. Its frightening that this quality of art is dismissed by many. Got to agree with Brent about people complaining about anything. Don’t get me wrong everyone is entitled to an oppinion and its not wrong or right but you see this so frequently in forums/comments nowadays.

    15. I’m a bit surprised Brom did these. Most of the stuff that I’ve seen of his is top notch. Maybe he painted these with his non-dominant hand.

    16. The rendering skills of this artist (Brom) are LEAGUES ahead of what the typical official Blizz D3 art churn out to be, in terms of realism and painterliness. I’m sure fellow artists and sketchers here would agree. 

    17. I didn’t like these at first, but… they kinda grow on you if you really appreciate them. My favorites are a tossup between the Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter. The wizard’s face still looks a bit goofy though :/ It’s the eyes…
      Brom’s style is VERY dark. It fits the bill 🙂

    18. 2 possible cynic options:
      They drag the last 10% out for a week.
      They unlock it a week before realease to fill in the last Tuesday before release now that the “Meet the YYYYYY” are done.

      And no 1920×1080? Really Blizzard?

    19. Wow, what an epic reveal. I never though 90% unlock of those super dark secrets are going to be wallpapers. That is even more epic than those dev diaries, which were really dark secrets too and I literally sat on my ass watching them. All in all, this “Reveal” thing was really epic and exciting.
      /ironic rant end

    20. crappy ones rly .. WD probably best one. For unlock i would expect wallpapers that just makes you want to use them… seen better fan made.

    21. Is it wierd that I’m starting to like them? Damn, they really grow on you… What kind of magic is this!?

      Anyway, I won’t change my Ol’ Tristram wallpaper, it’s been here on my desktop for so long that I’d have to throw my monitor away in order to get rid of it. 

      • I have that same trist background at home and at work. It’ a great piece of art.

    22. every single one very ugly.i have never done any fan art but i think with a week time i could create something much better.
      +again its a joke that this is a %-unlock-thing. i mean: i saw these artworks on the blizz ads on their game info site.

    23. for everyone who wants to do the wallpapers other then the demon hunter on the darkness falls page, and cant acces it(like i couldnt) go to the the site like the one i posted, then just change the name demon_hunter to (barbarian, witch_doctor, wizard, monk) for the correct one

    24. Brom is actually a badass artist, He’s done a TON of work for wizards of the coast, magic the gathering card game and lots more.  People already have this image in their head of what each class should look like so the wallpapers just dont fit what folks have come to expect.  Personally i would pay nicely to have 1 of his originals hanging up in my man cave.  

    25. I’m quite sure *we* didn’t unlock anything. I think Blizzard *unlocks* stuff overtime regardless of how much activity the site may or may not get. Not trying to ruin the magic here or anything :P.

    26. Some of you people are ridiculous.   Brom is one of the top fantasy artists alive and there isn’t an artist at Blizzard who wasn’t influenced by him at some point.

      Does it look different than normal Blizzard art?  Yes – Brom is the only one painting in a traditional medium – the rest are digital.    He also has his own style….which apparently offends some of the nubs.  Variety is the spice of life…you will figure that out sometime after you exit puberty. 

    27. Top artist? Really? Looking at this wallpapers i would say he is okey but not outstanding. Internet is full of better artist than him.
      WD is best of all this 5 and DH is bearable. Colors are terrible especially background.
      Even if this artist has better pictures still whoever pick this ones for such important event was blind or just tasteless. They lack “wow” effect for sure.

      • Yes, top artist.   Brom is the guest of honor at Spectrum Live in Kansas City this month which is a large industry convention for Fantastic Illustration being attended by many of the “top artists” in the field.   These legions of artists on the internet you apparently think are better than him are not the guest of honor, are probably unknowns, and in all probability will never amount to anything.   I realize I am most likely talking to a troll, so won’t plan on receiving a reasonable response.

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