We have finally hit to 90% unlock and Yay we got wallpaper, featuring original artwork by DiabloWikiBrom. Thats right folks only 10% more until the Diablo III: Wrath video.

    90% — Class Wallpapers
    Congratulations! Your actions yield for you new treasures of true artistry. Choose any of the desktop wallpapers here to champion your favorite hero.

    Head on over to the Reveal Page for the wallpapers in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions.

    Bashiok replied to a fan asking about the Brom art a few days ago, as it’s been featured on the reveal pages for the past month.

    His stuff is decidedly not “Blizzard art”, which is what makes it so great to me (aside from him just being an incredible artist). I always think it’s intensely awesome to see characters rendered through a different artist’s lens, and not only appreciate their unique take on something, but broaden my own imagination of what these characters or locations could be. We can sometimes get caught up in the thought that these worlds are complete and realized realities with little variation, but they’re really interpretations on a theme. Diablo III speaks to that more than anything else we’ve done I think, as it’s very clearly and intentionally a moving painting in its aesthetic. It isn’t intended to be a literal 1:1 explanation of Sanctuary. In any case, exploring the types of interpretations artists make, like Brom, is wildly enjoyable for me.

    Plus he did the original Diablo II box art, so it’s kind of a homecoming of sorts. Which makes me tear up a little.

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