Cain died for this?

    Cain died for this?

    Lots of fans are busy testing out Patch 2.4.1 on the PTR and/or datamining it, and they’re finding heaps of new cosmetic items and other visual buffs. A nice compilation of them in this post on reddit. Undocumented Features in Patch 2.4.1:

  • New transmog item: The Reaper’s Kiss drops from the Infernal Maiden rift guardian
  • New transmog item: Star Helm dropped by Orlash
  • New transmog item: Star Shoulders dropped in the Realm of Fright
  • New Wings of Kokabiel dropped in the Realm of Regret
  • New Wings Lord Culsu’s Wings
  • Furious Charge animation cancelling has been fixed as promised months ago by Wyatt
  • Looks like you get grey/white transmog items randomly from every boss ATM.

    Much more after the break…

    More from a Battle.net thread:

    According to the textures datamined, there are 6 different wings in theory. They are as follows:

    Three variants of the Butterfly Wings

  • Bat Wings
  • Skeleton Wings
  • Angel Wings (like Christianity angel wings with feathers and whatnot)
  • Undiscovered:

  • Angel Wings
  • Skeleton Wings
  • 1 Butterfly Wing variant

  • Dark Bat (Drops from Tethrys). Image and animated.
  • Star Helm. Image.
  • Amberwing sword (Drops from Erethon). Image.
  • The Reaper’s Kiss staff (Drops from Infernal Maiden). Image.

  • Wings of Kokabiel (Drops from Uber Maghda). Icon. Screenshot.
  • Lord Culsu’s Wings (Also drops from Maghda…?) Image.
  • Star Pauldrons shoulders (Drops from Uber Diablo/The Soul of Evil). Image.
  • Quinquennial Sword (Drops from Jay Wilson in Development Hell). Icon. Equipped.
  • Second Quinquennial Sword (Dropped by Josh Mosqueira in Defiled Crypts). Equipped. Icon.
  • Gallery of all the new images linked in this post:

    The Patch 2.4.1 notes (while not yet complete) were pretty thin on item/skill changes, so maybe new visuals, plus lots of LGem power creep, are the main enjoyment/distraction coming up in the next patch? Is new cosmetic gear giving you a sartorial tingle?

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