Unannounced Diablo project artists appears?

Unannounced Diablo project artists appears?

There’s been a lot of speculation about a new Diablo game being announced at this year’s Blizzcon following numerous job postings. An interesting Facebook post from a 3D artist could point to work being underway.

Freelance artist Gilberio Magno posted on his Facebook page on 8 September that he is working on an unannounced Blizard project. He wrote:

Hey guys! Believe in your dreams :)

I can’t say the project name for now but I’m very, very… happy to do part of a great project of the Blizzard with amazing team.

I worked hard for this happens. Thanks everyone for all support you gave me until here its was and is very important to me.

While this doesn’t specify it’s Diablo, if you look over his personal site you’ll find examples of Diablo related work, notably his Leoric art which was posted back in April.

While it’s certainly not conclusive evidence, it is intriguing.

Thanks WizardGurl.

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    14 thoughts on “Unannounced Diablo project artists appears?

    1. That’s not Leoric. Loeric is a MASSIVE shock-white skeleton with a crown. That looks more like some sort of Lich-King thing.

    2. That’s interesting indeed. Let’s just hope that this time all elements making up an arpg will be present and the devs not being content with just having produced a hack’n’slay.

    3. That´s too colorful and unrealistic (look at the size of the armor and hands), it’s great modeling skills, but awful Diablo art… PLEASE BLIZZARD, DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN.

    4. I’ve always struggled to tell the difference between Warhammer art and Wow art. They are so similar. How does one tell the difference?

    5. an expansion based on the Skeleton King? ugh. the guy was not even a contender in the original or even when they recycled him in D3.

      • Leoric and his armada of skeleton archers could wreck your low level char in D1 when you found him somewhere randomly on level 3. Almost every boss or station in D1 was pretty challenging if you were the appropriate level and untwinked, etc. Very different game type and challenge than we see in D3 today, entirely due to fans complaining that D3 was too hard upon release.

        Also, there’s zero reason to believe one particular piece of this guy’s artwork, created long before he was hired by Blizzard, gives any indication of what direction the art will take in the next Diablo sequel.

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