UK Gamers Watch the Diablo 3 Cinematic on Ginx Live

As you all know by now this week the VGAs will be aired and we’ll get the first look at the full Diablo cinematic. Exciting stuff! If you’re in the UK however getting access to a VGAs live stream is never easy but this year will be showing the awards live from 1AM GMT. Keep the page bookmarked for this weekend UK gamers.


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  1. Maybe U wrote about it and im missed it but I wanna point at some blue post on eu server, f.e. this one

  2. Release date announcement yayyyyyy. They better….

  3. We’ll be getting our first look at which “full Diablo cinematic?” This is the first time I’ve heard of the Video Game Awards and am looking for information regarding what I’m thinking you meant that Blizzard will show a new/full Diablo cinematic of some sort.

    • Really? They’ve been doing it for like 6 years now… So at this years VGA they are giving the founders of Blizzard the “Gamer God” award and then they will premier the D3 intro cinematic and hopefully reveal the release date, but that part’s speculation…

  4. I’m praying for a Tyrael appearance!

  5. elly’s voice is hot. and im english.

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