UGO also visited the New York D3 preview event that MTV has been milking articles out of for the last few days, and has done a writeup about it. The article content is content are things we have read and re-read since DiabloWikiWWI 2008, and while it’s nice to read it “just one more time” to really let it sink in that Diablo 3 WILL be coming out, two pieces of information are actually quite interesting with this article; Trading through whispers is the first one:

    There are additional plans to streamline item-sharing between different characters, one suggestion being to allow items to be traded or sent through whispers.

    The second important one is about whether or not Battle.net 2.0 will be free to play:

    Pricing for the game is still being decided, but don’t expect to pay subscription fees for access to Battle.net.  Sure, there’s always the possibility that different membership tiers will be introduced later on, but nothing we heard during our chat suggested that the team has anything other than a free-to-play model in mind for Diablo III’s online play.

    Pretty much what I thought, but also awesome to have more people talking to devs and get the same impression!

    Remember to check out the Diablo 3 Media Coverage archive for all interviews and previews related to Diablo 3 from all over the net.

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