Everyone is Spin2Win now.

    Everyone is Spin2Win now.

    Though there was much freaking out back when Patch 2.2 went live with the “now you see it; now you don’t” last minute removal of Mortick’s Brace, time seems to have proven Blizzard’s point. Barbs using the Spin2Win build are everywhere, they dominate the GR leaderboards, and if you ask any Barb player how gimped they feel over the lack of an ideal BiS item in the Bracer slot, they just laugh.

    Everyone agrees, right? It’s obvious. Or not… Unhallowed Essence Overpowered? Spin2Win Underpowered?

    I play all the classes, fairly evenly now actually… I recently set out to try the new UE set because it had all the “buzz” surrounding it, and frankly I can see why. I mean sweet merciful crap.

    So if I have this right the set gives you a base 20% damage just for showing up provided monsters aren’t around. This seems to be multiplicative. Then for every 1 point of discipline you get a 15% increase to generators and multishot. So basically (I could be wrong here) the set is giving you (with max discipline)

  • 81 * 15 *1.2 = 1458% damage boost!??????
  • Which would be fine except it says “generators”, so both chakram and elemental arrow are included given krider or spines of seething hatred. Plus this is without even being able to test deadmans as it’s time locked behind seasonal, but it seems like it DOUBLES the damage of this set.

    I mean it’s complete madness, my multishot is regularly hitting the entire screen for 1.2-1.4 billion damage while charkam is hitting at a “weak” 600 million. I thought the new Tal’s changes were amazing, but my wizard looks like a total freaking chump in comparison.

    I know the IK set in its original 500% incarnation was crazy OP with mortics, but after watching my DH just look at stuff in GR40 and have it topple over, I have to wonder what the devs consider to be “OP”. According to Wyatt it was decided a week before that mortics was overperforming, despite the entire PTR having pages of feedback on the subject.

    But UE is balanced?
    Grimiku: To understand why Unhallowed Essence wasn’t changed, I think it’s first important to clarify why we decided to hold off on releasing Mortick’s Brace. Here’s the original post from Nevalistis:

    “In summary, though, we made the decision to remove Mortick’s Brace from 2.2.0 about a week prior to the release of the patch. With their removal, we believe each class should be within a couple Greater Rift levels of one another (which would not have been the case if the item had gone live). This is in line with one of our goals for the patch, which was for each class to have two or three competitive builds capable of Greater Rift 50+.”

    Wyatt Cheng goes a bit more in depth on this decision (and the possible future of this item) in a recent(ish) video interview with Ziggy D, and you can jump straight to that discussion here @ 3:01.

    Getting back on topic, while Unhallowed Essence is indeed very powerful, and fun to play, it wasn’t and currently isn’t creating a large disparity on the Solo Great Rift Leaderboards like Mortick’s Brace, which is why it wasn’t changed or removed. Even so, we’ll make sure to pass along your feedback about this particular set to our development team.

    Lest accusations of thread-surrection derail us… yes the OP above is two weeks old, before people really knew how powerful Spin2Win was, but thread has stayed active that whole time, with plenty of people still griping about the lack of Mortick’s Brace. And the Blue reply was made just yesterday evening, so it’s still a current thing.

    And no, the OP’s argument isn’t a good one since as the Blue points out, the UE set is not OP compared to the other DH sets. One could certainly argue that six-piece set bonuses are way too good, but that’s how gearing works in RoS at this point, and every class benefits from it. Ironically for the OP, the better argument would have been to hit at the flaws in the UE set design, except that the Spin2Win build has the same problem; it’s too powerful for how easy it is to play.

    The DH’s Unhallowed Essence set requires very little of the player to succeed. 1) Players must maintain their distance in order to keep the 4p set bonus active (and staying back synergizes perfectly with Steady Aim, Zei’s, and not dying), and 2) players must alternate a Generator with Multishot to manage their Resource (and this synergizes perfectly with UE’s buff to Generator damage, Taeguk’s, and Focus/Restraint.) Not all UE DHs use all those items/tactics, but you can clearly see the set was designed to work as it does, and while it’s comparable in power, it’s much easier to use than Marauder’s or the awesome new Natalya’s.

    So what do you guys think? Is anyone still willing to argue that Barbs were ruined by the removal of an obvious BiS legendary bracer? And do you guys agree that there’s a common problem with Spin2Win Barbs and UE DHs… that both are too powerful for the relative ease/simplicity of their gearing and play style?

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