When I first played through Diablo and Diablo II, I never read the manuals. the games still managed to give an immersion into the game, and the lore just seemed long-winded and boring. More so in Diablo I than Diablo II. Not because it was actually boring mind you, but I was a whole lot younger then, at least in terms of maturity level.

    Regardless, DiabloWikiTyrael is one of the coolest video game characters ever made, and through interest in him, I got sucked into the rest of the lore. Let’s see if the same works on you!

    Something most people don’t know is that Tyrael actually was in charge of destroying DiabloWikiSanctuary, obliterating all life on the planet, and was quite happy to oblige as well! He is the DiabloWikiArchangel of Justice, and it was his job to direct the Heavenly Host to tear the world asunder, and getting rid of the “abominations” – the humans (or DiabloWikiNephalems, as they were still then).

    The human (or Nephalem, whatever) named DiabloWikiUldyssian showed Tyrael that humans can show compassion and goodness, and in the end he changed his mind. Instead he later was the the last council member within the DiabloWikiAngiris Council voting for definitely saving Sanctuary. After this, he has also been helping the humans more, especially in creating the DiabloWikiHoradrim to fight the DiabloWikiPrime Evils when they were banished from the DiabloWikiBurning Hells by the DiabloWikiLesser Evils and even been in trouble with his own kind for “meddling”.

    After decades of hunting the Prime Evils together with the Horadrim, they finally caught DiabloWikiMephisto in the DiabloWikiKhejistan jungles, and later DiabloWikiBaal in the DiabloWikiAranoch desert (close to DiabloWikiLut Gholein, in fact). As the Horadrim had been badly hurt, and Baal had managed to shatter the DiabloWikiSoulstone meant for his imprisonment, the powerful mage DiabloWikiTal Rasha offered to contain the demon within him. Tyrael had the dubious pleasure of forever sealing the demon within the mage. Diablo was found shortly thereafter, and imprisoned in Horadric catacomb of what later would become DiabloWikiTristram.

    A few hundred years later, the Prime Evils had managed to corrupt nearby humans and Tyrael assisted the heroes in permanently destroying the Soulstones. He followed the heroes, unable to assist in the final battle against either Diablo or Baal. After the fight, he declared the DiabloWikiWorldstone to be irreparably corrupted, and destroyed it, resulting in a massive blast. He has not been seen since; it’s over 20 years ago now…

    There has been much speculation and rumours that Tyrael in fact cares nothing of humans, and the destruction of the Worldstone is for some devious purpose. Seen from a certain light, it seems strange he first supplied Soulstones to the Horadrim, only to ask the heroes to destroy them a few hundred years later. What implications will the destruction of the Worldstone have on Sanctuary and how do we know it really was corrupted beyond salvation? Baal had not spent THAT much time in the chamber, and was the stone really so easy to corrupt?

    This and more has been added to the DiabloWiki DiabloWikiTyrael article.

    And now just before Christmas, I also want to tell everyone how much it is appreciated with the help you do in the wiki. The thousands of visitors we have every day could not access all this knowledge without you. Thank you Cogo, Masofarian, Newbie, Holyknight3000, Belushi81x, Asteria, Flux, Vipermagi, Onderduiker, Cgb and Veskin7 Bukito!

    And to everyone: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2010. We had a fun noughties decade!

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