Tyrael Statue in BlizzCon Swag?

Tyrael Statue

It looks like Tyrael could be making an appearance in this year’s BlizzCon swag bag as the guys at WoWInsider have managed to obtain a pic of a Diablo 3 Tyrael statue that is apparently going to be included, although this has yet to be confirmed at the moment by Blizzard and there is no source of the pic mentioned so file it under ‘rumour’ for now.

This would make a nice addition to your desk I think you’ll agree so let’s hope it’s nice and robust so it doesn’t get damaged in transit. Full image after the break

Tyrael Statue
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19 thoughts on “Tyrael Statue in BlizzCon Swag?

  1. I wouldn’t disgrace my desk with that abominable representation of Tyrael. It’s a spiky buttplug at best.

  2. It’s clearly modeled after the Mini Tyrael wow pet and thus is a less detailed version of him with more exaggerated features aka “chibi” version… I would’ve rather them made a more realistic version like the barb statue or like the wow action figures, but I guess that would be too pricey for a give away bag of “free” stuff… oh well… I won’t be going to Blizzcon anyway so doesn’t really matter to me…

    • this link sends you to the home page in the US, and it seems that the item you are talking about is not on the US site.

  3. They need to have a mighty and tall damn Diablo statue one of these days. we have kerrigan, jim raynor, tyrael will be cool but diablo must be created. HE SHOULD BE guarding the blizzcon headquarters, not some WoW figure!

    • There is going to be a Tyrael statue at this years Blizzcon, at least thats what the show floor map on my Blizzcon app’s floor map says.

  4. After going to 2 blizzcons .. getting the Jim Reynor (kinda cool) , then getting the Dethling (weak!) … the blizzcon I am not going to will actually have something that I like.

  5. did you say wow.. when were talkin about diablo character…. man this sucks screw this little toy blizz ❗

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