Tyrael Statue and Cosplay Photos

Some more photos of the Tyrael statue, plus some assorted Diablo cosplayers (best I can tell) from day one of Blizzcon 2011. Check more photos in Blizzard’s facebook gallery, where I got a few of the cosplay pictures in this update.

Below is only a selection; see many more in the Blizzcon 2011 gallery. Thanks to The Eliminator and Grug for most of the photos, and yes, Miss Tyrael should have won everything. Not just the costume contest. Everything.

Tragically, the streak of Diablo costume champions came to an end this year, as SC2 and WoWsuits took the top three places. At least Diablo arts took first and third place in the fan art contest.

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    5 thoughts on “Tyrael Statue and Cosplay Photos

    1. The reason ms. Tyrael didn’t win is because she is professionally affiliated with the contest/blizzcon. Look up Apotheosis Agency (the models name is jo-jo chen)

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