As sweeteners in their cleverly-insidious “pay for 12m of WoW and get D3 free” promotion, Blizzard is also offering a beta slot in the upcoming Mist of Pandaria expansion pack, and an in-game epic mount that they’re calling Tyrael’s Charger.

    The final model for this flying horse has not been revealed, but the test version has been data-mined, and you can see it in action in the video below. I don’t play WoW so it’s not really my problem, but I hope they make some tweaks to it. The armor is nicely DiabloWikiTyrael-esque, but it’s so bulky on the horse’s legs that the steed looks stumpy. Like a pimped out hockey goalie.

    IMHO they need to slim the knee pads, or make the legs longer. Or both. The wings might be a bit much also. Unless the goal was humorous golden horse, rather than epic battle steed. In that case carry on.

    This is far from the first Diablo thing to get ported into WoW, you realize. They’ve got mini Diablo pets, mini Tyrael pets, and more. Check out the Easter Eggs page in the Diablo Wiki for a complete list.

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