A bizarre reference to Diablo III in news about a tragic murder, as a 23 year old man strangled the 20 year old mother of his baby. Here’s the quote from the Beaver County Times of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania.

    Lordi and Wolfrey had broken up last week in a relationship whose deterioration could be tracked through their Facebook postings. On Thursday, Lordi posted a Facebook note that her romantic status had changed from “in a relationship” to “single.”

    Even before the breakup, the Facebook status updates for Lordi, who regularly quoted song lyrics on the popular social networking site, took a decidedly darker turn. She typed in “I am an unloveable, impossible creature,” on May 15 as her status.

    Up until May 10, Wolfrey’s Facebook postings were routine—including photos of his son and an announcement that he was heading home from work “to the fam.”

    That day, he posted “Fool! You have jusy (sic) ensured the doom of this world. You cannot even begin to imagine what you set in motion this day.” In a comment beneath his own status, Wolfrey mentioned “Tal Rasha.”

    That might have been a reference to the Diablo III online role-playing game, in which Tal Rasha is an evil character, but since that status update, each one of his status postings referred to death, including “if you are in love you are better off dead” on May 10.

    The article is wrong in the Diablo III reference, but you can easily see how it happened. Reporter going over the break up FB posts, searches “tal rasha” and sees mentions of Diablo, with other news mentioning Diablo III as a hot new game, and combines the two.

    In actuality, as most of you probably remember, the quote comes from Tyrael in one of the Diablo II cinematics. It’s what Tyrael (while doing his usual tactic of blaming a human for his own angelic failure) says to Marius after Marius yanked the soulstone out of Tal Rasha/Baal’s chest, freeing him to wreak more havoc. There’s no reason to connect the video game or the quote to the murder; as the article says, the two people were fond of quoting song lyrics and other bits of pop culture insight into their Facebook status updates.

    It is weird though, that a D2 quote was in the guy’s head less than two weeks before he murdered his girlfriend in a fit of heartbroken idiocy. You have to think he was like most of us; still occasionally playing D2 while waiting for D3. Hope no one else is going through the relationship hell he was, and if you are… don’t kill anyone. You will not get a D3 beta key in prison.

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