This could be an indicator of upcoming content additions or just a small graphics update but the “wings” of Tyrael on the DiabloWiki.Net have transformed from elegant white “tentacles” to fiery, smoky tendrils. Seeing as how the Diablo 3 logo got some pulsating smoke emanating from behind it, it could very well just be a web graphics update, but it’s still interesting to speculate if it’s “just” that or possibly a major change coming up…

    Click for bigger image

    This is how it looked before:

    So, what do you think? Web update or a sign that we’ll get new info soon?

    DiabloWiki.Net contributor D3nick also made a new entry in DiabloWiki for the official site, that we’ll be updating with more changes in the future: DiabloWikiOfficial Diablo 3 Website

    He lists the following things to have changed:

    • DiabloWikiTyrael now has vastly improved glowing wings.
    • An ambient sound was added to the main page.
    • The navigation bar now emits a red fog/mist from the main Diablo 3 logo.
    • A loading bar appears above the selected language indicating completion progress for that page’s navigation bar.

    You can join the discussion in new Diii.net member crimson’s thread about the official page changes.

    Thanks Collateral Damage and crimson for the tip!

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