Tyrael Hoodie Now Available

The Diablo 3 merchandise over at Jinx got a boost with the addition of the new Tyrael Hoodie as modeled below. The hoodie comes in at $69.99 and is an ideal addition to your gaming wardrobe. If you fancy it grab it now while stocks last.

Thanks libradude for the tip.

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  1. won’t buy, as I said on MSN, it’s very different from the original design, which is much cooler.

    • Agreed. Not sure why they decided to change that up. Also, where’s the demon hunter coat? I actually considered buying that if its price is reasonable.

  2. so, any news of the “original” tyrael hoodie, demon hunter coat, etc???

  3. I really liked that buttoned up shirt with the diablo III buttons and red collar…. where did that go? 

    This hoodie was a good idea, but I really don’t like it’s design at all.

  4. What changes to the Tyrael hoodie? I saw these a while ago on Kotaku but is there another design? http://www.kotaku.com.au/2011/10/what-the-discerning-diablo-iii-fan-is-wearing-at-blizzcon-2011/

  5. yay for this image viewer!

  6. The design doesn’t remind me of Tyreal at all but I might buy it anyway. sigh Edit: This one’s tight: http://bit.ly/uA5v8I

  7. This is a great thing to wear if you don’t want to ever get laid.

  8. for 70 bucks…just not

  9. If it was khaki I might consider it but that particular shade of taupe isn’t something I’d wear.  Actually that with the cream trim is the colour scheme of one of my nanny’s twin sets so definitely not for me.  Sorry, can’t +1 today.

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