In a strange convergence of technology, absurdity, and a slow Friday, DiabloWikiTyrael made his angelic presence felt on Twitter, trading barbs with @Diablo to the semi-amusement of all.

    more Tyrael art is needed—Tyrael

    We tend to focus on making art of important characters. OH SNAP—Diablo

    haha granted, but where would Sanctuary be without my divine intervention, you can all thank me for smashing the worldstone—Tyrael

    Can we? CAN WE!? You too.—Diablo

    I’ll give the guy credit for originality, but his role playing leaves something to be desired. Tyrael does not say, “haha.” Just…. no.

    Also, points to @Diablo for working in the subtle allusion to the still-unrevealed plot of Diablo 3, thus stirring up flashbacks to countless posts speculating about Evil Tyrael.

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