A couple of useful Blue posts on two-handed weapons and the new legendary property of the Unity ring.

    Any plans on fixing 2-handed weapons? Because unless you’re a DH or Crusader, 2-handers are all auto-brims/souls. Complete garbage that goes straight to my blacksmith, not even worth the time id’ing.
    Grimiku: I have an update to 2handed weapon damage that you all might be interested in. There have been several bugs with 2handed weapons rolling damage tiers lower than intended, or not rolling damage at all. This should have been corrected in a recent hotfix, but it is still possible to find a 2hander with these bugs on the PTR and closed beta. It should be less likely, though. We’ll be keeping an eye on the situation to make sure these items are where we want them to be.

    The OP is harsh, but essentially accurate. I haven’t seen any two-handers I even considered equipping thus far in the Reaper of Souls beta, other than on my Crusader. (Even my DH uses 1H xbows, since they roll with the best DPS.) I don’t really think just boosting their damage would be enough to make them viable for other classes, but perhaps we’ll get some Skorn-like options at some point.

    Urgent – Not Safe in Town with Unity Ring

    Unity in combat... but not in town.

    Unity in combat… but not in town.

    Apparently, you aren’t safe even in town if you’re wearing the new Unity ring. I don’t have the ring, but would have guessed that it has a radius of effect and doesn’t work in town. In its current state, It is just asking to be used for griefing. Perhaps the effect should be made to extend only as far as Strength in Numbers, and not work in town.

    Tsarnis: Thanks for the reports about this everyone. We currently have a fix identified for this internally and it is looking likely that this will be deployed to the Beta/PTR as a hotfix. I can’t promise specifically when that’ll be out, but its something we are working on currently.

    In the meantime, I’d advise that you simply avoid wearing this ring in multiplayer games if you are idling in town or otherwise not in a position to respond to the incoming damage.

    I found a Unity ring in the beta, but it was some weeks ago, before the new shared damage property was added, so I haven’t done any testing with it myself. It’s going to be weird when/if lots of players in the same game have that ring, and obviously there are a lot of Hardcore implications.

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