Two (Formerly) Working Duping Methods in Diablo 3

As a site policy we do not post duping or hacking methods, or allow links to such things, or to gold or item sellers. (Though that’s seeming an archaic rule, now that D3’s incorporated RMT as their long term financial model?) But with two new duping techniques functioning on the realms (earlier this weekend, at least. Both are reportedly disabled by hotfixes), and numerous players sending in links about it, and the YouTube videos showign them with tons of views, we figure you guys need to know what’s going on.

So here’s what’s happening, and yes, you’re free to post ranting furious comments about “thanks for the online only DRM Bobby!!1!!” if it makes you feel better.

The first method is a trick to get unlimited free crafting rolls. It requires one player to give the materials to the other, then leave the game in an odd way. This resets their account to where it was before joining the game, which restores their inventory to where it was previously, while the other player keeps the mats they were given by crafting them into items before anything resets. This method has been hotfixed and no longer functions as detailed:

  1. A gives resources to B.
  2. B crafts items using them.
  3. B gives crafted items to A.
  4. B moves to the new save point or waypoint.
  5. A leaves the room (When A leaves the room, A loses all crafted items received from B, but gets all resources back as well. Therefore, A lose nothing and gains nothing)
  6. The room automatically terminated (server detects anomaly?)
  7. At this point, server lost the track of B giving crafted items back to A (from step 3), thus B still has crafted items. Therefore, B freely gets crafted items. (Because, A gets back resources)

Video of it below, and you’ll probably want to mute it unless you speak Korean and like bad music.

The other technique is less complicated, and involves abusing the item buyback tab between two characters on the same account. Video showing it below is crappy video quality, but one I saw earlier showing it off with narration has since been deleted from YouTube account.

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50 thoughts on “Two (Formerly) Working Duping Methods in Diablo 3

      • I would say 1 month after PvP release.

        I will probably get bored with the game by then so …

    • All I can say is, thank god they nerfed the gold find in act 1 because that was just about to collapse the game. 🙄

      Honestly, I have been in the minority defending D3/inferno/etc and after this gold find/jacked repair bills bit I’m now done too. I have officially flip-flopped.

      • Do you have to be 100% positive or 100% negative to voice your opinion? Maybe it’s just a moderatly entertaining game with quite a bit of work left to be finished.


        • Indeed, this is how I feel. I got into closed beta, but pretty much nothing I ever suggested or reported got fixed before release. And they rush it out the door before even adding PvP.

          On the one hand I like getting to play the whole game sooner instead of just to Skeleton King, but on the other, the ‘professional polish’ you see from most Blizzard games is just missing. =/

          • I agree, though the majority of the game feels great, I feel the end game and a lot of the end game mechanics are very unpolished. If you look at what Jay Wilson said for Inferno mode it reflects that, “We got it to a point where some of our most hardcore play testers felt it was good…and then we doubled it! So trust us it’s going to be hard.” I don’t think that sounds like polish it’s just like a guess. Or something that will be done in the hopes of holding people off from finishing the game. As long as we waited for the game it does in fact feel rushed. And though I’m not hating it because I’m really glad I got to play it before I die, I always praise Blizzard for releasing a completed game…and I can’t with good conscious say that now cause this game is missing big pieces to it and a lot of stuff seems ill thought out. Now I do see the bigger picture of things, and how Diablo 2 was a cool game when it came out but wasn’t the behemoth it is today until Lord of Destruction patch 1.13 or 1.10? Whichever added skill synergies, so I’m very optimistic for the future of Diablo 3 but right now I feel like it’s a very unstable environment and a lot is being changed so we’ll see where it lands.

  1. Oh weird.. it’s from Asia. Stereotypes are coolest because they are usually true 😉

    • And what makes you think that others are not doing it in other servers? It is just that a few fools from korea (in this case) are silly enough (or civic minded enough) to post it on the net 😛

      The other servers runs the same codes so do not kid yourself that others are not doing it there too.

  2. Just because the videos show it happening in the Asian server doesn’t mean that it wasn’t going on in the other servers. Smart people don’t let on about exploits they find until they are done milking it for themselves. I wouldn’t be surprised if hundreds of people were taking advantage of these methods in the US servers

  3. Mute unless you’re Korean and like bad music. I know most people don’t like Korean music but that’s really racist.

  4. ^^ I’m somehow at a loss to how that is in any way racist. Please elaborate.

    He is obvisouly just giving his opinion that the background music is bad (definitely not racist) isnt he? And that we will not understand anything else said if we do not speak the language; so you are better off muting it?

    • I assume he’s just trolling, since he changed the meaning by misquoting the words in the post, and the music in the video isn’t Korean anyway.

      • No clue what language it is, but if you listen past the first song or two (try 2:00) there’s definitely non-english singing in the background.

  5. They found one way to break Bli$$’s perfect online only game, they can and WILL find another. It’s only a matter of time. Just keep patching it up through Hot fixes, they never gonna stop, especially when Real money is involved.

  6. So some crafty people figured out how to dupe items, which was then fixed by Blizzard. I mean do you expect every piece of software to be absolutely bug and exploit-free? What perfect world do you live in…

  7. I’d be VERY curious to know if Bliz banned them.

    To me have these loopholes and bugs is kinda inevitable in an undertaking of this size, what’s important is what Bliz will do about it, which basically comes down to 2 things:

    1. Close the loopholes fast – Check
    2. Ban the exploiters and attempt to keep the their damage out of the system – ???

    Considering that they have the tool set to identify the dupers and exploiters in general and should be able to differentiate between them and those who did an exploit by mistake (statistic), I would be seriously miffed if Bliz let these turds keep their ill gotten gain.

  8. Doesn’t matter anywho. We all know the RMAH is going to be a total cluster for several reason:

    #1 – Confirmed bots farming items = real players have no chance to sell anything for any worthwhile amount

    #2 – Hacks and dupes will continue to happen and even if plugged, the economy still a wreck.

    #3 – If I can buy AWESOME gear for small amounts of gold, why would I pay real money for anything?

    #4 – Amount of hacks, stealing, lawsuits, etc is gonna be a joke.

    Thanks but no thanks on the RMAH —

    • 3# IMHO the gold-botters will outperform item-botters and item-duppers by a large amount so if they are indeed a significant part of the economy, the gold value will go down, not up…

    • Gold and “real money currency” will balance each other out, since you can trade them back and forth. If something is cheaper on the GAH, just use your money to buy gold, then buy the item. If it’s cheaper on the RMAH, sell your gold for money, then buy it there. The two auction houses will end up with similar prices as a result.

  9. So we’ve had lag, server downtime, latency issues, duping, botting and spamming so far… for my single player game.

    Other than ruining my single player experience, what was online only for again?

    • So you can buy incredibly weak, farmed and botted legendary items and fill Blizzard’s coffers.

    • If you are, as you imply, playing as a single player game, then duping, botting and spamming don’t affect you. At all.

      Lag, server downtime and latency I can see, but the other three don’t have any affect on you. Unless you’re using the AH. Then you’re decidedly NOT playing a single player game.

    • You knew well in advance of any preorder you may have placed that it was online only, and you still bought it.

      Did you buy World of Warcraft and complain to Blizzard that lag, botters, and spammers are ruining your “single player game” also?

  10. It’s not technically accurate to say that it was hotfixed. It wasn’t hotfixed in EU/NA, it just never worked there. People said things like “Wow they must’ve hotfixed that real fast if it doesn’t work now” on the official forum, but they assumed wrong.

    • That’s… odd :O Why would it work in one region but not in another? Is the server code really that different, and if so why?

      • Server farms are large yet delicate creatures. The smallest mistake can create the weirdest bugs at times.

    • This is highly unlikely. Where there is hotfix, it needs to be applied to all server for it to run in parity. Notice how you can’t cross server when the previous patch was not rolled out at the same time to all server?

      So as I ask in the previous post, who and where was it confirmed? At least if t here is a source, it can be verified.

  11. Mhh, i think, some kind of thanks to this guys in the videos. The made it open to all and Blizz can react. Is it better , if 10 farmer do it in secretly and no other get a sight on it???

    But for all, for us customers and, more importand, for blizz is it nearly a worst case. There a so a long development, there the online only thing that prefent us for SUCH SHIT and now, all happen the same way like in D2, hehe, only a way more faster. Motivation of the people???? For sure, the RMAH. Many thanks . . .

  12. -Online only will not affect singleplayer performance, we have space magic internet technology that will make it silky smooth.
    *Disconnects, lag, rubber banding, getting teleported back around corners.

    -Everything server side means game will be more secure than ever, hacking/duping/etc will be minimal.
    *Dupes before the end of month, botting rampant.

    -Don’t need gold sink besides crafting, economy will be silky smooth, no need to implement system that removes items from the trade market (like BoP).
    -Crafting is largely unused and scheduled to be fixed, items below ilvl 63 hardly sell on the AH, every act will be changed to drop ilvl63.

    -Inferno will be hard and ultimate challenge.
    *Inferno released as beta to test cheap tricks, only made possible by people using since then nerfed invulnerability tricks and chest/vase/whathaveyou farming, scheduled to be rebalanced.

    Did I miss anything?

    I still enjoy the item pinata though 🙂

  13. If you really want to make the game better why posting this officially on news site ?
    Also as long as i can respect your work on this site i hope you could be banned at d3 site and servers for bringing this to publicity. Sorry, just saying. youtube search is good enough …

    • So what’s wrong with the post? The public should be informed that there’s duping going on despite online only DRM.

    • As far as I know, being a news site means you bring good AND bad news (for some reason news is generally bad, irl anyway). Since it has been patched there is no reason not to post this. I didn’t quite get this, but were both methods only viable in the asian servers?

    • Seriously? Clearly your English isn’t strong but good enough to totally mis-read the whole article and call for their heads on a point you made up?

      The opening line says “we don’t report on this stuff but since it’s fixed we better tell you it happened!”

      Derpy derp will always derpy derp

  14. Advantage of having on line servers.

    Guys lost their work. Lost their loot and everything is rolle back.

    I hope they ban and close their accounts.

  15. can they dupe gold?

    so they fixed the known ways to dupe, now what about the unknown ways ?

    I had high hopes for D3 thanks to not having interfaces for modding and the whole drm dilemma, yet i have to read about dupes.

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