DiabloWikiBashiok continued his busy week on the @Diablo Twitter feed on Friday and Saturday, with a few more notes of note. Several of these twittersations began earlier in the week; refer to the previous post for the background on MP numbers and animal-themed armors.

    High-priority task for our modelers this month: We have a critical shortage of demon corpses.—Diablo

    I agree with 4 being a solid number, but what would be the downside to having 6 players rather then 4 players in co-op?—TeslaFalcon
    Simply readability. Being able to see through the effects, explosions, monsters, etc. More DiabloWikicharacters makes readability worse.—Diablo

    A temporary bug made ragdoll DiabloWikimonster corpses circle the dungeon floors like they were Tokyo drifting. I kind of want it to stay.—Diablo

    When you say animal themed armor do you mean in terms of the effects they provide or their appearance?—snillum101


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