It’s been a tough week for Twitch streamer following the announcement of new copyright measures. As you may or may not know, Google stepped in to buy Twitch for 1 billion USD and that deal has now apparently gone through. This is why we’re seeing massive changes to the popular streaming service.

    twitchThis week Twitch sprung a couple of announcements on the community. The first is that VODs would no longer be saved and highlights will have to be created if videos were to be kept, which is a time consuming pain for streamers. The second change is the introduction of copyright audio detection on all saved highlight reels.

    If you’ve used Youtube for storing videos then you’ll know how strict the audio detection system is, it would flag videos as copyright infringements if there was the slightest hint of music or even background sound that could be deemed owned by another party. We’ve even had videos flagged that had no music but were just straight talking interviews with us directly. The system is simply terrible.

    While Twitch stream highlights will be scanned for audio infringements, there will be no audio detection on live streams. This means that any archived highlights deemed to include copyright audio will be muted by the automated system where that copyrighted audio appears in the saved highlight video. Twitch streamers will then have to raise an appeal if the video has been flagged, and if it’s as slow as Youtube, that could take weeks or months.

    In the past 48 hours Twitch users have been leaving in droves to other services. Yesterday the IncGamers team took a look the Twitch alternatives to find out which streaming services are worth checking out if you want to jump ship because of these changes. It’s worth a read.

    If you’re a Diablo 3 streamer then we advise you take a look at these other services. Twitch really has messed up quite badly. The Twitch CEO even went as far as saying “we screwed up and should have announced it ahead of time. Sorry”.

    Yep, you sure did. Adios Twitch.

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