Tweety @Diablo Goodness

Blizzard is still plugging away with their Twitter accounts, and there’s been some stuff worth looking at on the @Diablo channel this week. A few quotes:

Female wizard continuing to have her armor looks defined, and variant textures created.

In today’s #BlizzSpotlight : Check out this fresh #Diablo III – Fallen One Fan Art!

Diablo3 bottom bar UI redesign in-progress focused on redesigning the potion interface to be easier to use.

Diablo III team-wide StarCraft II tournament, single elimination. Finals today, best of three.
Diablo3 StarCraft II-tournament finalist teams: Wyatt Cheng, Nick Chilano, and Ian Ameling vs. Matt Ryan, Anthony Rivero and Non Thareechit
The winning #Diablo3 developers in the SC2-tournament will each win bike messenger bags. (You’ll be able to buy one at the end of the year).
Congratulations to Wyatt, Nick, and Ian for their 2-0 victory! Enjoy the messenger bags

Chris Allsopp has joined the team as a tools programmer. Welcome Chris!

Wizard resource system first pass concepted by Mike Nicholson, and it?s looking… volatile.

Dual-wield attack animations for the male monk are in progress. Check out some fist weapon concepts.[/blue]

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