Tweets of Meats

Some substantial stuff in the recent twitters from Blizzards @Diablo feed, quoted below for your convenience.  Blue text are Blizzard’s remarks, white are fan tweets that Blizzard replied to.

  • Do concepts usually turn into side, front and back view blueprint sketches before modeling or do they solely model based on concept?—by Boaan
    • Almost entirely based on concept, although it’s up to the artist. They can also clarify with each other face to face.
  • Awesome new Act II boss concepts by Vic. Hopefully moving into modeling soon!

    • Act II boss? Are you going in chronological order, too? Yikes. It’s going to be a while, isn’t it?—by possiblynathan
      • No the game is sort of attacked all at once in some ways. We don’t generally go in complete chronological order.
  • With the skill system revision work progresses to integrate the respec system a bit differently.

    • We didn’t know anything about how Respecing was going to work the first time. How do you plan to not tell us anything about it now?—by FloodSC
      • Very carefully.

I’m awarding a special bonus point to FloodSC for perfectly asking the question we all wish we’d asked first.

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