Tweet, tweet, tweet.

A fair number of Blizzard’s recent @Diablo tweets haven’t been exactly game-related, but since there’s no other news yet this week, let’s catch up on the dreams, chili recipes, and art challenges!

Once a week we host a sketch group to keep our artists? minds and wrists limber. Subject this week: Depression-Era Walrus Time Traveler.—Diablo

Apparently, Jay Wilson makes award-winning chili.—Diablo

We hope you will put a chili jar in the Blizzcon’s goodie bag.—Diablo3ESP

It might be a good alternative to hand sanitizer…—Diablo

Today I had another dream about DIablo since 2008 xD. The reveal of the 5th class: Archer. He had a massive shiny nature themed bow. The female had a “cosmos” themed bow. When she pulled it, the “inside” of the bow distorted reality, like a “portal”. lol xD—alexlbl

Haha, sounds pretty awesome.—Diablo 

The hand sanitizer was actually a goodie bag item from Blizzcon 2008. I’m sure the booth babes appreciated it, come picture time.

Update: The entertainment value of this post’s comments are inversely proportional to the game info in it. Click through, srsly….

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