Tuesday’s Diablo 3 Media Coverage

Another round of Diablo 3 goodness from the Intertubes in case you want to read more Diablo 3 opinions today…

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Diablo 3 Media Coverage

    • Good lord, that Destructoid article is bad. I’ve always appreciated that Destructoid is freely critical about the bigger games, but this article just comes across as forced. Gotta get those page views I guess.

    • I think he fails at basic math. To quote him
      “the gold farmers will be able to spike up prices extremely high simply because they will be the only ones ever around to actually get the chance at that four or five percent rate.”

      Let’s just assume 99.9% of total player population is normal player while 0.1% is gold farmers. A normal player plays 0.5 hours a day, and a gold farmer plays 12 hours a day. Now if you do the math you would find, that about [b]97.6%[/b] of a given item is acquired by normal player. Therefore, no chance in hell can gold farmer spike up the price. In real world cases, I willing to bet the ratio of gold farmer is way lower than that. Also 4% or 5% is a really high chance, someone remind me of what is the drop rate of Zod runes again?

      disclaimer: this doesn’t factor in that fact Gold farmer might be more efficient at acquiring items, but the concept holds.

      • I like the cut of your jib, but you’re arguing against a flawed premise. 

        Increasing supply LOWERS prices. Even if 50% of the playerbase were gold farmers prices would just go down, not up.

    • It read like the guy had just finished playing WoW for the day and wrote an article about WoW. Then he went to “find and replace” and changed every instance of WoW to Diablo 3. Throw in some stock images of the RMAH and call it a night.

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