A fan asked about the live chat coming up on Tuesday and got some Blue guidelines for what to ask about and how to ask it. Tuesday Live Chat Reminder and Rules:

    If enough of us swarm the twitch chats, maybe they can fix some of the most glaring issues with this game right now: trials, auto health pots, 500 bloodshard cap, awful class balance, etc.
    We’re already collecting questions right now (you can submit a question by commenting here or by tweeting @Diablo using the #D3QA hashtag) and will be taking questions live from Twitch chat, as well. As fair warning, this particular Tavern Talk is focused on Seasons, so the majority of questions will also be focused on that topic.

    If you decide to participate in chat, great! We just ask that you remain civil and avoid spamming. On that note, “swarming” is probably one of the worst things you can do, too, since that all does is flood chat, causing your questions and other players’ questions to move by so quickly that those of us moderating are unable to pull them to be answered. 🙁

    As some have already noted, we do actively moderate Twitch chat during livestreams. So, full disclosure: profanity, harassment, and spamming will lead to a time-out, or an outright ban from the channel if the behavior is severe enough or persists for long enough period of time. Asking hard questions or expressing dissent is totally fine, though. Just be respectful, towards those on stream and everyone else hanging out in chat, and you’ll find yourself a welcomed participant.

    TL;DR: I hope to see you and many others in chat this Tuesday!

    Obviously everyone’s got their own top 10 fix-it list, but seriously — if auto-potion pickup and the too-low Blood Shard cap are two of your top four complaints… the game is in pretty damn good shape!

    This is not how D3 bugs are prioritized.

    This is not how D3 bugs are prioritized.

    Yes, potions auto pickup, but they do so seamlessly, only take up one inv space, and stacks up to 5000. So you’ve got to take 3 seconds to sell them off what, every 2-3 months? As for Blood Shards, I’d really like a higher cap or better yet, the ability to gamble for a class I’m not playing (without actually exiting game and switching character) but again, it’s a pretty minor inconvenience. You’ve got to kill 30 seconds after each Rift anyway, and Kadala is always about two steps from Orek. Just get in the habit of gambling after you shut each Rift and it’s not a big deal.

    There are plenty of other Quality of Life fixes that would make a lot more difference in game enjoyment than these, and big changes to be made as well. That said, I hope we’re all wise enough to realize that spamming the chat with the same issue over and over again isn’t going to magically put it atop the Dev’s fix-it list.

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