A hotfix has gone into Diablo 3 to fix the problem we noted a couple of weeks ago, that monsters could be lured through the Eastern game to create a Tristram Town-Kill Exploit hitting players who were helpless while first joining a game.

    Today a hotfix went live which makes it no longer possible for hostile monsters to enter New Tristram through its eastern gate (any monster that attempts to cross this threshold should now instantly die).

    If you believe that certain players previously used this tactic against you in order to intentionally grief your character, please avoid calling them out by name on the forums and instead report them by submitting a ticket so that we can investigate their accounts and take the necessary actions.

    Unfortunately, as stated in our Diablo III Restorations Policy, Customer Support cannot revive fallen hardcore heroes for any reason and hardcore heroes cannot be rolled back. As such, your hero’s valorous deeds will simply have to be remembered, like so many other fallen Nephalem.

    Welcome to Hardcore Tristram!

    Welcome to Hardcore Tristram!

    All during D3’s development the designers made indirect comments about cool events like battles in town and how town wouldn’t always be a safe place, as it was in previous Diablo titles. Players were intrigued, and I think it was an awesome idea. I loved the scavengers that charged you when you first left Tristram via the Weeping Hollow bridge, and most of us squeaked in surprise the first time those big demons appeared by the entrance to the Keep in Act 3.

    As usual, players abusing features is why we can’t have nice things.

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