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  1. has like!

    should be incorporated into D3 RoS +X!

    you have my vote!

  2. Stay a while and listen… to my eternal doom.

  3. Pity about the metal nonsense.

    • So you click on an article which clearly states there will be Metal music and then proceed to complain about the Metal part in the comments…
      Incredibly stupid would be an understatement.

      • There were lots of people praising how great it was. Surely I’m entitled to air my opinion that I think it’s crap? Seems there are several people that agree with me.

        • Your comment implied that you didn’t like it “because it’s Metal”. If that’s the case, see my other post.

          If you think he has no talent that’s another story but you did not say so. And besides, I think he plays pretty well.

          Of course you are entitled to air your opinion. I’m also entitled to say what I think about your opinion. It goes both ways, you see?

          • No, my comment simply said “Pity about the metal nonsense”. That doesn’t mean I hate all metal automatically; just that in this case I feel the metal has not improved the song at all, and has in fact ruined it.

            I didn’t say anything about whether I think he is talented or not.

            “Of course you are entitled to air your opinion. I’m also entitled to say what I think about your opinion. It goes both ways, you see?”

            You stated your opinion *and* you called me incredibly stupid for having stated mine, as if it was somehow invalid or wrong.

  4. Ah, music to my ears! Very well done!

  5. Some parts of this cover remind me of StarCraft Terran themes.

  6. The original song was one of the absolute very first mp3 files I ever had – what, 15 years ago? Still love it.

    This version is really, really cool.

  7. Don’t think of it as “metal”, just think of it as music. Even better, there are no words to get in the way of the music. This selection is outstanding and the young man is a very talented musician.

  8. The original is the ringtone on my phone. It combines nicely with my other Diablo 1-notification sounds: a dropped mail for a SMS, a dropped shield for a calender reminder, a dropped ring for a tweet, a dropped helm for a Facebook thingie, etcetera.

    • Where can I get that ringtone to my phone!? Me want! Me want! I want my phone to sound like Diablo 1 when I get a call or text or…

      • You can find MP3’s of the music on the web. Or you can copy the .WAV-files from the Diablo 1-CD by using an MPQ-extractor and convert them into another format yourself. All the sounds from the game can be extracted and converted that way.

  9. While metal’s not really my cup of tea, I did like this.

  10. Old news is bad news?
    This video is up for 2 years or something. I listen to it very often 😛
    It brings back so many memories… oh well. Still wish D3 was so much better than it is… 😛

  11. Much to like. Very Opeth-like, and that’s not a bad thing.

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