The guys at Danish fansite http://diablo3x.dk put together a cool video giving us a Tristram comparison between all three Diablo games. The video focuses on the central well, the building locations, Cain’s rusty cage, Griswold’s shop, Adria’s shack, and more, plus the soundtrack features some of everyone’s favorite Matt Uelmen guitar work.

    You wouldn’t know it by looking, but there was some fan debate back in 2000 when Diablo 2 was released, since Tristram was changed around quite a bit from Diablo I. It was cool to see Wirt’s corpse (which initially fountained gold in 50 stacks, in an homage to his D1 avarice) and zombie Griswold, but the complete lack of the cathedral, cemetery, and Adria’s island shack were noted points of contention.

    I was able to ask Max Schaefer about that when we visited Bliz North pre-launch, and as best I recall he just gave his big laugh and a shrug. I certainly can’t quote him from memory thirteen years later, but basically he said they hadn’t worried about trying to recreate the level with total fidelity, and had just aimed more at getting the right feel of the burning, ruined town.

    Things were more casual back then, to the good of the devs and the non-hate of the fans.

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