Treasure Goblin Puzzle Ring Improvements in Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.5

Treasure Goblin Puzzle Ring Improvements in Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.5

Lost amidst the many changes and bug fixes of Patch 2.0.5 was an improvement to one of the cooler legendary items in the game. DiabloWikiThe Puzzle Ring. It’s clearly a fix to new ones, but a a Blue also confirmed that the Patch buffs *should* apply retroactively, improving the function of any found since 2.0.1/RoS began.

The Puzzle Ring goblins have been scouring Sanctuary for better loot to drop:

  • Legendary drop chance doubled
  • Rare items dropped will now always have six affixes
  • The counter for picking up normal-quality items will now persist through death, act transitions, and un-equipping the item
  • It still will not persist across game sessions
  • The goblin will now play a sound when its counter reaches max and it drops an item
  • Something for you, he is maa-a-a-a-a-a-king!
    Something for you, he is maa-a-a-a-a-a-king!
    I checked my Puzzle Ring when I got into a game this afternoon and it doesn’t say anything new… I was also still getting plenty of rares with 4 and 5 mods on them. Does this mean the old Puzzle Rings won’t be upgraded to the 2.0.5 bonuses?
    Grimiku: This seems like the sort of thing that might be hard to tell if it was retroactively adjusted or not, so I asked around to find out for sure. It turns out it was, so any them that were found after patch 2.0.1 should be working like the new version.

    I haven’t gotten to try it out yet on my Barb, who has a Puzzle Goblin. Have some of you guys? Is the new effect noticeable? Does the legendary conversion rate seem improved?

    I’ve long meant to start a data collection thread for Puzzle Rings like we have for gambling results and horadric cache legendaries, but for now, answer here. What kind of legendary odds have people noticed from their Puzzle Goblins?

    For a while both my main characters had a Puzzle Ring (they can have awesome stats) so I saw many items produced by my little traitor pet goblin, and it seemed like maybe 1/10 were legendary (with 9/10 Rare). It was hard to be sure though, since I’d often lose track of how many white items the goblin had vacuumed up, and without any visual or audible notification it was easy for him to toss out a Rare item without me noticing if it was from him or some broken barrel.

    Also note that the Patch change to crafting, where base white items are no longer required, makes the Puzzle Goblin way more useful. Previously the PG could be a real pest when you were trying to find one specific white item for crafting and needed to grab it before the PG did. I’d wind up Vaulting away from each Armor Rack when I clicked it, so the item would drop without Goblin interference. Or else taking off the Puzzle Ring while I sought the white item, but that felt like such a waste of potential. (Once you’ve had a Puzzle Goblin for a while, you become unable to bypass any weapon/armor rack without clicking it, since bypassing one feels like a wasted opportunity.)

    Some real life Puzzle Rings. See hundreds more via the legendary item tracker in

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    15 thoughts on “Treasure Goblin Puzzle Ring Improvements in Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.5

    1. Really glad they added a sound for when he drops something. I thought they should make him do some sort of crazy dance or something to really make it obvious that he’s dropped something.

      • Yeah, only thing I think they messed up on was not adding a buff counter to show how many white items had been picked up. I find myself keeping a mental tally to make sure i don’t leave a game with 11 items picked up and being only 1 away from another drop.

    2. I took it off because the gob was picking up whites I needed for crafting. Was often competing with the gob, racing towards a certain white item 😀

      But indeed, fixed now.

    3. The double legendary drop chance is just for the goblin when he picks up the require items right?

    4. I’m planning to try mine tonight.

      Having the sound will be great, especially when you attempt to count the whites and are thinking ‘it must be one more’ (then he drops 10 items later…lol).

      I wish the goblin had its own pickup radius since I am positive it is tied to my pickup radius. Some of my sets have low radius so I’d have to go stand ontop of the white, wasting precious legendary hunting time.

    5. I found a Puzzle Ring a few days ago, but I didn’t use it because it seemed a bad ring to wear all the time. Now I carry it in my inventory and whenever a white item drops I put it on, let the Goblin grab the item and switch back to my trusty Stone of Jorden. The very first item the Goblin gave me was Pull of the Earth, the gloves from the Barbarian Earthquake-set. Not bad, little buddy!

    6. Pre-patch I got 1 legendary (Chaingmail) in about 20-30 rares. Post-patch, I have yet to get any, but we’ll see.

    7. I think I have two of these in my stash. I did wear it for a while, but got nothing.

    8. Too bad it does not work after white items have been picked up by the player. Otherwise it would be nice to collect all white items yourself and then after collecting the needed number of those, you could just drop them all in town for example, put on the ring which you otherwise don’t wear and let your goblin pick them up hopig for a leg.

    9. Yeah, great, right after i grind em all up into dust cus they really didn’t feel good enough, THAT’S when they decide to improve them. So happy.

    10. A.) Why not stop complaining about the Monk and instead consider it a challenge to master. What, all player types have to be easy to master now?

      B.) My Wizard was pretty much capped off before RoS, and was boring me to the AH… I had to (well, it just happened) quickly adjust armor wise. It’s a heck of a lot more fun to be able to slowly adjust attributes and armor to chisel out the “perfect” Wiz than waiting for another 1 Int on a Wand drop before the expansion.

      C.) I’m not magically running Torment 3 even with my current 60-80 hours of RoS play on my Wizard. But second the Crusader kick ass… I don’t even have much legendary gear on mine and he almost outranks my Wiz (after maybe 20 hours play period).

    11. I tested my little goblin this weekend and was too lazy to record anything. But my results were 2 legendaries in ~10 drops. Both legendaries were dropped while I was in a rift.

      Since I don’t wear my puzzle ring full time I brought it out when I found the battlefields of eternity map in a rift. Depending on the difficulty you could wear your ring and clear, or bring it in bag and swap for the huge number of armor piles, or you can clear the whole map and then run back through to collect all the whites for your goblin (don’t click the armor piles till you go back through with your goblin).

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