Treasure Goblin Packs in Nephalem Rifts are a delight to all. Details and screenshots within:

    One thing I’ve noticed in clan chat, as well as forum posts, is how many people now enjoying Reaper of Souls were following the news not at all during the RoS beta, so that things we discussed to death 3 months ago are brand new news today. The issue of “OMG so many Legendary Materials where I find them?” is a big one, and easily answered with this mega forum thread.

    Another one that’s less urgent or mysterious is the “OMG so many Goblins in my rift!” That one’s pure delight, and it earned a Blue post today.

    So I just found a pack of 12 goblins in a rift…

    Goblin Rift aftermath.

    Goblin Rift aftermath.

    Was able to get them all! No idea if this is a bug or intended but it was pretty freaking amazing!

    Grimiku: It’s always a nice surprise to stumble upon a pack of Treasure Goblins, and congrats on getting as many of them as you did! It can be a challenge to quickly take several of them out when they all go running in different directions, but it’s exciting to try. Nevalistis and I did a bang up job of letting a bunch of them escape back in closed beta, and I haven’t found a group of them since.

    Nevalistis: “WHY ARE YOU LETTING THEM GO?”


    It’s a great team building event, really.

    We posted an article about the huge packs of goblins occasionally found in Rifts back in January during the beta, and they are today much as they were then. In fact, the gallery below I just grabbed from that article then.

    I’ve only seen one Goblin pack so far in Live, but it was awesome. It was also the worst possible place to get one: solo game, on a totally wide open surface level, that was an Elite+ density level, and I first hit them from a long distance away so they scattered wildly before I even knew they were there. During the chase I activated 2 more Elite packs, and this was on HC so I had to pay attention, but on the whole it was fantastically fun. I was pretty overgeared for the difficulty level so I was able to bag most of them anyway, and I got a legendary item and a set plan from it, plus about 40 gems, and it was a wild experience.

    Such packs were more common early in the Beta, and sometimes you’d get a whole Rift level with several of them (not just one pack somewhere on the whole level). I once got 5 separate packs of 8-12 in a Keep 2 style Rift level, and was able to massacre the whole lot, thanks to the small rooms in that dungeon. Alas, that was on the beta so none of the gear mattered, and it was early in the beta before Goblin drops were much-buffed.

    Finding them now is just spectacular, though.


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