Players have found a cheesy Goblin massacre “strategy” that allows merciless exploitation of an area in Act Two where Treasure Goblins frequently spawn near a waypoint. It’s a useful technique for quick and easy riches, and it’s no doubt going to get wildly abused until it’s removed from the game.

    The trick is to get a bunch of friends, all creating games and zipping right to the Black Soulstone quest in Act Two, and then traveling to The Desolate Sands waypoint. There’s a high % chance of a Trasure Goblin spawning there, and as soon as someone finds one, everyone else joins their game, they all team up to nuke the goblin, and then leave the game and do it all over again.

    It’s not cheating or anything, but it’s a shame that the greed for goods causes so many of us to play this way. Because this is why we can’t have nice things.

    Some Bliz dev thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have a high % chance of a DiabloWikiTreasure Goblin appearing right at the start of this level, as a reward for players after they’ve spent an hour exploring the Dahlgur Oasis?”

    And so it was, until until players discovered that it could be ruthlessly exploited. So now Blizzard will have to remove that goblin entirely, and thus another cool game feature dies to prevent it being exploited on Inferno.

    Speaking of nerfs and hotfixes, did Blizzard not include any mechanism to cap features on Inferno, or to limit total stacking bonuses? You look at their hotfixes to the Demon Hunter and especially the Monk skills, and see how they are ruining useful skills since players figured out ways to stack and abuse them on Inferno.

    Yes, 4 Monks could all use DiabloWikiSerenity or DiabloWikiBoon of Protection in a perfectly timed rotation to keep the bonus in effect perpetually and break the game. But isn’t there a better way to fix that than to gut the skill entirely? Can’t Blizzard cap the bonuses when there are multiple monks rotating it? Or put a cool down on repeating the special casting bonus? Or put in a nerf that only kicks in on Inferno, since that’s where the abuse is really occurring? Must they nerf skills for everyone just because they’re being abused at the highest level?

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