Treasure Goblin Massacre Strategy

Players have found a cheesy Goblin massacre “strategy” that allows merciless exploitation of an area in Act Two where Treasure Goblins frequently spawn near a waypoint. It’s a useful technique for quick and easy riches, and it’s no doubt going to get wildly abused until it’s removed from the game.

The trick is to get a bunch of friends, all creating games and zipping right to the Black Soulstone quest in Act Two, and then traveling to The Desolate Sands waypoint. There’s a high % chance of a Trasure Goblin spawning there, and as soon as someone finds one, everyone else joins their game, they all team up to nuke the goblin, and then leave the game and do it all over again.

It’s not cheating or anything, but it’s a shame that the greed for goods causes so many of us to play this way. Because this is why we can’t have nice things.

Some Bliz dev thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have a high % chance of a DiabloWikiTreasure Goblin appearing right at the start of this level, as a reward for players after they’ve spent an hour exploring the Dahlgur Oasis?”

And so it was, until until players discovered that it could be ruthlessly exploited. So now Blizzard will have to remove that goblin entirely, and thus another cool game feature dies to prevent it being exploited on Inferno.

Speaking of nerfs and hotfixes, did Blizzard not include any mechanism to cap features on Inferno, or to limit total stacking bonuses? You look at their hotfixes to the Demon Hunter and especially the Monk skills, and see how they are ruining useful skills since players figured out ways to stack and abuse them on Inferno.

Yes, 4 Monks could all use DiabloWikiSerenity or DiabloWikiBoon of Protection in a perfectly timed rotation to keep the bonus in effect perpetually and break the game. But isn’t there a better way to fix that than to gut the skill entirely? Can’t Blizzard cap the bonuses when there are multiple monks rotating it? Or put a cool down on repeating the special casting bonus? Or put in a nerf that only kicks in on Inferno, since that’s where the abuse is really occurring? Must they nerf skills for everyone just because they’re being abused at the highest level?


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  1. I don’t like things (in your example, skills) that suddenly change on a certain difficulty, or depending on your team. It never gets properly explained in the game (where would you put it? The tooltip would have to be massive) so you either don’t realise your skill isn’t working as well as you think it should (which sucks) or you have to go and read up on it outside the game, which also sucks.
    An example is life-leech, which is less effective on higher difficulties. It really bugs me that a modifier says, specifically, “3% damage done goes to life” when that is not the case. Best to avoid having these issues by balancing the mod/skill/whatever properly, or at the least have the tooltip update depending on your difficulty setting.

    • It’s not so bad if the reduction in effectiveness is the same for everything. If it’s just some things that don’t work as well in different difficulties and they don’t bother to tell the players that’s just terrible.

    • Games commonly make big sudden changes between difficulties. Like all resistances taking a global 50% hit on hell.

      I don’t think skills changing suddenly on Inferno is optimal, but it’s better than breaking skills completely because they can be abused in one special way by expert players on the highest diff level?

  2. 1) fix checkpoint/quest completion bug (ability to create inferno games at any point in story)
    2) ensure all goblins/chests are sufficently far away from waypoints
    3) ensure goblin/chest spawn %s are low enough to prevent abuse (under 25% for exmaple)
    4) yay!

  3. Yes, 4 Monks all using Serenity or Boon of Protection in a perfectly timed rotation could break the game by indefinitely keeping the short duration bonus effect active throughout the party. But how is the fix to gut the skill entirely?

    Something I’ve seen in other games is a mechanism where after you get the benefit, you get a debuff that prevents you from getting it again. So with Serenity, for example, you could keep the original bonus effect but after it expires, add a 30-60 second debuff that prevents you from receiving it again.

    • I think that is a much better solution to the problem. I thought the same thing when I first read about that hotfix and the reason why.

    • My guess is the hotfix was precisely that: a hotfix. When us devs are in a huge, massive rush (for business reasons, crashes/security concerns or in this case, exploits), we just put a bandaid on the problem and come back later with a more robust “fix.” 

      The bandaid in this case is a total removal of the functionality altogether. It’s quick, effective and solves the problem.

      I would love to see a fix like mentioned by Dr Elmer – something similar to Paladin’s bubble + ret buff where there’s a debuff you get that prevents you from getting the benefit of that ability for a period of time. 

      • I’m hoping you’re right and this solution is temporary. That’s what I suspect as well, but… I’ve been disappointed before.

      • If this is implemented the debuff should be no longer than your own cooldown on the ability. Which sort-of goes without saying.

  4. Blizzard didn’t randomise the spawn locations of treasure goblins very well if there is anywhere you have good odds of finding one repeatedly. If they have fixed possible locations that’s not good.

  5. Can’t people just enjoy the game the way it’s intended? :p I know that I wouldn’t be particularly happy if I farmed a bunch of items this way.

    • Have you played D2? Mind-numbing item farming was the name of the game… Like the glassy-eyed old lady spending 12 hours straight at the nickel slot machines, cigarette hanging out of her mouth, one hand on the slot, the other holding a drink…

  6. It’s human nature. You hang a carrot in front of people and expect it no to be eaten? Gimme a break. It’s the same with AH and loads of cheap items which tivialize the whole game but on the other hand it’s really hard to resist that. For me, personally, it’s Blizz fault not the players’.

  7. Find a spot like that in A3/4 and it’ll be worth farming.

  8. This game is breaking into pieces already. The damage is done. I dont know if they can come back from this. The RMAH is ruined with this stuff being possible. Wont take much longer until hitting the big red reset button is the only option left.

    • You do realise that there are MAYBE 100-200 near perfect yellow items right? Even with this kind of farming getting a perf roll is next to impossible, 200 items aren’t enough to gear 15 accounts, and there are MILIONS of players.

  9. This Gamedesign/MF-System is so bad!

  10. I couldn’t agree more with the “this is why we can’t have nice things” mentality. So tired of us game devs (or heck, society in general) having to create rules/laws for the 2-5% idiots that ruin it for the rest of us. Take the good old “must have the CD in the game to play” stuff of yesteryear’s games… this didn’t stop the pirates from getting games for free and having their way with them (without having the CD in btw), but it did frustrate the folks who legitimately paid for the game.

    I don’t have a good solution here, except to truly make bonus mob spawns like this actually random (not pseudo random). In other words, they could/should change out the code from:

    whether or not to put a treasure goblin at one of (for example) 10 locations on map X


    whether or not to put a treasure goblin ANYWHERE on the map (no possible spawn points, but he could quite literally spawn ANYWHERE).

    This solves the problem quite elegantly and keeps one of the design team’s primary goals intact (have players get the best loot by playing the game as it was intended: explore, find/kill in a natural progression).

    Problem is, it looks like the game’s mob spawn codebase doesn’t work this way… it looks like maps were hand-tailored in segments by designers using a tool and they are sewn together when a game session is created. As a result, random isn’t really random at all, just… pseudo random. This, of course, means there are countless maps just waiting for players to find recognizable patterns for the “most efficient” way to get loot. Great.

    • What?!  People who spend a great deal of time playing the game eventually figure out ways to make playing the game more efficient and profitable?  Those people are clearly “idiots” and ruining the play experience for everyone else.  Everyone should be forced to play inefficiently because that’s how you’d like to play.
      Or maybe people should just play how they want and not spend so much time worrying about what others are doing.  If Blizzard has a problem with something like this they’ll address it, in the meantime you are free to take advantage or not at your own discretion.  Neither choice makes you an idiot, although calling others such things combined with your constant “we developers” type comments do make you come across as self-aggrandizing and judgmental. 

      • I agree David shouldn’t have called people idiots who play the game as it IS as opposed to how it was INTENDED TO BE. Blizzard tend to do that a lot these days. If they don’t like how you’re playing the game, they hotfix it or put in another line in their EULA. I am absolutely against such soft fixes. Developers should realize that they need to focus as much on how people are playing the game in its current state as on how they wanted people to play it.

        • Good points from both of you… I sure didn’t intend to come off offensively! My point is this: exploiting things like this will almost certainly lead to something being patched… sometimes that’s okay, sometimes it isn’t. Clearly there are some Monks out there pissed that they lost a cool glyph. Lots of those Monks weren’t sitting in a circle of 3 other Monks abusing it to be the world’s first team of inferno completes. Was the Monk glyph overpowered? Yes, but only if exploited with clever use of in-game mechanics (which resulted in a hotfix that completely gutted the ability for a temporary (likely 3-4 week minimum) period of time.

          The only point I was trying to make was that I agreed with the author’s perspective: “this is why we can’t have nice things.”

  11. Multiplayer ruins Diablo.

  12. F*CK! I hoped that none will notice that goblin there. Now blizz will “fix” this.

  13. Let’s find all the little backdoors that lets us skip all semblance of difficulty and finish the game with “leet gear” in the shortest time possible so we won’t “have to play it”.

    • Yeah? Then fix the problem with gear. Thats ok that u need act4 gear to pass act 2? Or everyone needs to be by deafult a range class and kite to the hell every f*cking mob? 49k hp/950 res/20k dps monk cant play act 2-3. 

  14. I thought treasure goblins were random.
    Omg, so much for Blizzard’s awesome randomizer.
    Booooooooooh Blizzard

  15. Act 1, dank cellar, treasure goblin. Surprised you missed this one. Same situation.

    • The cellar is farther from the waypoint, making it a bit less efficient, and its loot won’t be as good as the A2 goblin.

  16. Why do people post videos of themselves using an exploit?  It seems like they’d try to keep it secret for as long as possible if they were really interested in exploiting.  I guess the notoriety is more important?  It just seems weird to me.  I’m glad I’m not of the “youtube generation.”

  17. Hey! Look! They have fun killing that goblin.
    Blizz: Fix it! 

    • Except how long can you have fun killing the same goblin over and over again? 😛 Personally I hope they will remove it, just so I can stop doing it.

      • How long did u have fun killing mephisto/pindlle in d2? U must understand, thats not our fault that bosses drop shit in this game.

        • While I did play Diablo 2 I’ve never done the boss runs back then. I just wasn’t into the endgame grind as much. I would just slog through areas and trade whatever I found for upgrades, but I no longer have that much free time. In my opinion they don’t really have to nerf it all that much, just make it so that it’s not more efficient then grinding zones. That way we’ll have more play styles covered.

  18. If a whole heap of players suddenly join then the average MF% will drop, although it’s still an easy chance at getting something this trick has it’s downsides too. I don’t see it as a huge whole in the game since the game itself is a hole you can’t have holes in holes. That just doesn’t make sense. This is only a problem to people who think the game is running just fine, but if you really believe that then you should be more concerned by the players whom are dancing all over inferno milking the riches out of the game before any real content enriching patches have been released. Why? Because the second new content is added it will be GAH’d.
    Anyhow, I’m sure many of you are enjoying getting your nice gear from the GAH and the more nice items appear on there the lower the price should become anyhow. Yay goblin exploit! 8) Yay GAH! Free lootz for all. Won’t be long now.

  19. Yay it looks so fun. Join a game session to kill treasure goblin and get loot. You may as well play a slot machine instead.

    And this was the alternative way to fix “boss farming”From Diablo 2? 

    At least in boss runs you had to make a run for it. It didn’t appear near freeking waypoint.


  20. “and thus another cool game feature dies to prevent it being exploited on Inferno.”
    Or they could, you know, just fucking let players have fun with the game.  Novel idea, I know.

    • But then everyone would gear up to godly levels way too fast and complain that it was too easy.

      Due to how outrageous the scaling is (you can go from dying in a single hit to being nearly invincible just through changes in gear), they’re pretty much screwed with endgame balance in the short term. 

      • Gearing up too fast is not a problem for Bliz. The problem is that they’re doing it without using RMAH => less money for blue => FIX IT! FIX IT ASAP !!!111!!

  21. All it would take is an ounce of thought backed by a bit of testing to rectify it, as is with the skill nerfs.
    eg. As someone said, actual randomization (of dungeon and spawn points…). Or a game timer before goblin can show…etc
    That said, Blizz could very well be working on something workable. Though my original mild skepticism of their abilities and motives have grown from the things I’ve seen so far so who knows.

  22. dont blame the player, blame the designer and upper management for rushing this game to release. Many things in this game was not fully tested, this is why we have nice things and everyone abuse the hack out of it. And then it become hotfixed so that a few players got rich meanwhile the rest are still farming act 1.

    • Diablo 3 rushed? 😯

      • Hehe, I know that after 10 years of waiting that statement may be somewhat suspect. However consider this: Blizzard had a tradition of releasing games “when it’s ready” and now suddenly we get Diablo 3 and a promise of some future pvp patch. In addition there are some terrible ui solutions: skill window with elective mode on is terrible to navigate, and good luck finding one of the books you want to listen to in the log. Now add some weird stuff that’s going in inferno (Rakanoth’s teleport strike) and it just seems to me that some aspects of the game are lacking that Blizzard polish that we’ve come to expect. And don’t even let me get started on server issues in Europe. Blah.

        • Lol. After having to wade through reams of messages of, “Just release it already, I don’t care what the problems are I want to play the game,” over the past few months, now we’re getting posts of, “Thanks for rushing it blizz, you’ve ruined it”

          • I was never in the “just release it ” crowd.
            The game is not ready when you consider how the inferno differculty are put together. Differcult champs but easy bosses, skills arent exactly balance and have lead to early abuse in some cases, Rare and blue item out pace unique…. the lists goes on and on…
            Diablo 3 sell 6 million+ copies because of branding and past sucess. If this were to be a new ip, I doubt it will sell 1 million.
            I know I will be waiting for the review before purchase for diablo 4.

          • Personally I was never on the ‘RELAESE NAO’ bandwagon and, quite frankly, I find it disturbing along with the ‘shaddup and takeh mah moneh’ crowd. I understand the number of people on this website well exceeds the size of our monkeysphere, but trying to put stuff into other people’s mouth doesn’t make you smart. Quite the opposite.

          • This wasn’t a pinpoint attack on you guys. More of an attack on the community itself. I’ve posted a few times throughout development saying that all Blizzard are facing is a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ mentality from the community. It’s extremely disheartening to watch. I’m by no means a Blizz fanboy – but for the amount of effort they have put in, and as much as like Diablo, I would like to see it succeed. No, the game’s not perfect, but that aside Blizzard can effectively do no right. Whatever decision they make they are immediately subject to an extrememly vocal subset of the community that hated that decision, and take every opportunity to deride it. 
            Helical – difficult champs/easy bosses, rare/blue outpace unique: both features which are a design decision and Blizz have informed us of ages ago. They’re not problems with the game, they’re features you don’t like. Sure, skills may not be quite balanced yet, but there’s only so much a few testers can do compared to the many people who’ve bought the game and are looking extremely hard for any way to utilise exploits.

          • I don’t think you can attack the community, because it does not exist in the same sense a person exists. Community is an agregate of individuals which share something in common, in this case love for Diablo games. That’s the one and only thing that connects people in the Diablo community, so how do you want o attack the community itself when we all have different views on how a good Diablo game should look like?
            Also I don’t feel for Blizzard. They sold 6 million copies, didn’t they? I just want to say that, despite or my grumbling I actually enjoy the game very much. It’s just I have too much free time at work today and there are things in the game that annoy the hell out of me. Mostly the skill window and being unable to play on EU servers. Hopefully the server issue will be fixed tonight.

  23. This what actually pisses me off. Blizz poke their noses into some guys farming Treasure Goblins and HURRY! They are actually having fun doing that, let’s patch it out quickly so they must again get facerolled by band of crazy elites, which were slapped togegether without much though or testing (If they were really tested, nobody would make Fire Chain, Molten, Vortex and Plagued all at once possible ffs). Seriously, if they are having fun killing some Goblin over and over again (I know I do too, Dark Cellar act I anyone?) why patch it out? Isnt that the purpose of the game, to have fun?

  24. I’m not quite unsure why this should be considered an exploit? I play mostly alone, and the gear check is the only thing that stopped my progress anywhere so far in the game. This helps, because it takes some grinding out of the game.

    But then again, from an AH perspective this is a massive problem. RMAH and hardcore exploiting is intertwined with survival and food on the table. Expect massive exploiting and nerfing as a result. Have you had a look at the real stock market lately? Fair play and leisure mode there? This is why the 1,5% matters more than the casual gamers, because they break the bank. That’s why you can’t have nice things.

    Follow the money, always follow the money. 

  25. Video gives a bit biased picture, goblin isn’t that common. It gives HC players ok way to farm, but still is extremely dangerous cause exploding little fellows. If your able to play normally Act2 then this isn’t any better imo. Two magic runs yesterday gave 53 rares and 1 legendary with 5 NV stack total 195% MF, all crap and took about 3 hours total. 3 hours of goblin only farming, skipping this area rare monsters might give as much, totally luck based, but most likely as crap as any other way unless really lucky with rolls.

    Might add also that normally running legendary and quite many of rares came from normal mobs + all the extra gold you get vs goblin farming. Not to mention how boring it might be…

    • The reason this works well is because there are 4 players looking for the goblin at the same time. If you are playing alone or with 1 friend then I agree that it’s not all that efficient.

  26. So, here does have the chance to drop the highest ilvl gear?

  27. your friend found this farm spot from Daish’s video

  28. You know what…. People will continue to find short cut ways to stuff and Bli$$ will keep cutting them… and in the end Diablo 3 will be nothing more than a mere MMO.

  29. the goblin is nerfed for sure

  30. this has been nerfed already. the goblin still appears but the loot is considerably less enticing. before it use to be all blues with 1-3 rares. now it is whites and some blues and maybe one rare. 

  31. Been running this a week before it even became main stream…thanks for throwing it all over the place for blizzard to see and destroy it. 👿

  32. guy keeps going on about 130k dps or whatever. so annoying and untrue. Either hes just trying to impress and realizes hes an idiot, or hes just an idiot.. dmg is taking the crit chance at 100% since hes idling and factoring that in as if his crit chance was 100%, all the time.
    Cool trick though with the goblin o.O 

  33. This will be nerfed fast I bet. And I bet it’s about to be in 1.02b ;/

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