Treasure Goblin HPs Issues

A couple of recent blue posts on everyone’s favorite Diablo III feature, the Treasure Goblin.

Please fix the way that Treasure Goblin’s hit points scale with Monster Power. Thank you.
Lylirra: When we were initially deciding how Treasure Goblin health would scale with each level of Monster Power, we wanted to make sure that they could still stand a chance against your heroes and provide a reasonable challenge. We thought we scaled them pretty well, but after paying close attention to your feedback since 1.0.5 launched, we agree that we may have set the bar too high. We’re already looking at making some adjustments to tone down goblin health at higher MP levels, but we don’t have any specifics to share at the moment.

Why is it if I hit a Goblin for 400k damage, he’s immune to damage for a second or two until he can run away, then he can take damage again, then immune again? If I can two-shot a goblin, I should be able to. Especially if I run up, hit one, can’t hurt him as he runs away into a group of 15 Fanatics who proceed to kill me. I feel cheated out of my phat l00tz.
Lylirra: The immunity is actually intended, and it’s there to ensure that Treasure Goblins are able to perform their role once they’re engaged (i.e. so that they have time to run away before getting absolutely clobbered). This is something that’s been there since launch, though, and hasn’t been changed.

What’s likely happening is that, since goblins now have more a lot more health due to Monster Power, every point of damage you’re able to do to them is valuable, so when they’re immune it’s a LOT more noticeable. That said, to my understanding, the immunity should only occur during the first few ticks of combat, so you may still want to kick a report over to the Bug Report forum. 🙂

So seriously… are Treasure Goblins the best thing in Diablo III? Or just one of the best things in Diablo III? Or have you evolved past an interest in the scurrying little rodents and chosen to focus on more profitable boss runs without detours pursuing their glittering trails of glory?

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30 thoughts on “Treasure Goblin HPs Issues

  1. I still chase them! I chase every single one of them.

    -although for the quality of loot they drop, their hit points could probably deserve a nerf on higher monster power.

  2. One of my favorite features of the game, and I still chase the little bastards everytime they pop up!

  3. Treasure Goblins got a vibe from Golden Axe, where you kicked little blue elfs for pots and you also had a limited time before they ran away.

  4. That video cartoon is actually amusing. I think that is worth mentioning as nearly all of them out there are not funny at all.

  5. I do go after every Treasure Goblins (that I see) on MP3 or lower but I just ignore them on MP5 since I can seem to kill them (even with my best character)!

    On another note, does anyone have a tip on how to kill these little buggers effectively with a barb? I mean Ancient Spear would be super awesome to grab these guys in addition to Butcher’s Sickle but they are pretty useless elsewhere.

    • Ancient spear + Hota is the ultimate goblin killer. Add throwing weapon and they cant get away from you.

      Goblins is one of the best new features in D3. Skillrunes and banners are also nice implementations. I’m not 100% satisfied how the goblins work though. They should appear less often and have better loot. I have killed sooo many goblins and never got a legendary.

      • Try putting on a few pieces of MF gear before landing the killing blow on the goblin. I usually get 3-5 rares doing this, and last night I even got a Mempo of Twilight off a particularly generous goblin.

    • Goblins seem to counter WW barbs pretty hard. And if you use Rend you may notice it disappears quite often. As the CM hinted at(as if they already knew for sure), goblins are buggy with their immunity. Basically if they are standing still you can hit them once and then they gain immunity for a second or two.

      I’ve found it best to whack it once or twice then Rend. As long as you and your follower do not hit it again, the Rend will drain hps. Rinse and repeat, although a crit Rend usually does the gobby in. The bashes trigger the immunity and knock it back or keep it still while the immunity runs its course.

  6. I love the whole treasure goblin concept. It works really well. Nothing like greed getting you into trouble lol.

  7. I love them treasure goblins! And I still feel sad whenever I let one portal out or activate one by mistake from off-screen and then find a trail of gold 🙁

    • Haha yeah, running along and then seeing that unmistakable trail of gold with no TG in sight is a bit of a kick in the teeth X)

  8. Best feature of D3 they are not. That would be elite affixes. Next maybe skill runes with zero build permanence. Gobs would definitely come in third – greed getting you killed is a nice touch. But maybe I’m biased for not getting anything worthwhile off them.
    Hey Flux, can we have a vote on best feature of D3?

  9. Maybe I’m becoming a bit cynical, but every time I see ‘Lylirra’ in a post, my “Here comes the bullsh!t” alarm goes off.

  10. Treasure Goblins would be one of the few really well done original additions to the series that were introduced in D3. I’d love to see them expand on the mechanic: elite goblins for example, with a Molten, Waller or Knockback affix and greater treasure. Or goblins that drop more items the faster you kill them vs. increasingly more gold the closer they get to escaping …

    • They could work like monster Illusionists too; they’d drop gold but it wouldn’t actually exist when you went to pick it up.

  11. I either loathe or love them depending on what char I am on, my barb can HOTA kill them pretty easily, but my wizard stands no chance.

    I too have been pretty unlucky with drops from them, usually if I spot them I leave them till I have 5 stacks and come back, but I’ve never gotten a single legendary from them, and I used to farm them when they appeared near the act 2 waypoint.

    Like everyone I still chase them though!

    Last night playing my barb who hardly ever dies in MP5 I spotted one and ran after it, straight into 2 packs of elites (is it just me or do the goblins usually sit right next to a pack of nasty elites – just in range to pick their noses and throw it at you) I didnt care about the elites and ended up very dead watching the goblin jump into his teleport…sigh

  12. Goblins have no place whatsoever in the Diablo universe. Another uninspired development decision made by people all to willing to fall back on their stale WoW ideas time and time again.

    That being said the concept of having a randomly spawning, fast, annoying, super pinata mob is a good idea. I would have preferred little fallens named Bashiok carrying bags of gold around though.

    • Your second paragraph tells me that they have carved a place for themselves in the diablo universe nonetheless.

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