Travis Day offered up a few paragraphs of detail about how the DiabloWikiParagon 2.0 system is going to work.

    I’ve seen a lot of assorted questions floating about so I wanted to take a little time explaining some of the current details of the system. As always this is not completely final and is subject to change.

    First let me start with the intent of the system so everyone has a bit of context. The initial implementation of the paragon system was meant to help provide players a form of end game progression. The primary end game progression is items, Diablo is all about finding awesome items and using them to murder the hordes of evil. Sometimes though you may go for a while and not find a new exciting item, paragon’s primary goal is provide you with some form of tangible benefit for killing lots of monsters even if you didn’t find new items.

    The initial system accomplishes what it set out to do but unfortunately there comes a time when you have maxed out that progression and suddenly you start losing out of part of your reward for killing monsters (experience). The first change to the Paragon 2.0, removing the cap, is intended to ensure that no matter how much or how little you play you will always be earning that experience.

    Click through for the moar, because long. Also, in this post or on the DiabloWikiParagon 2.0 article you can see all 16 bonuses granted by Paragon points, and the max bonus you can add to (most of) them.

    The next thing that we wanted to address with paragon 2.0 is that since paragon experience was associated with a specific character it had the unfortunate side effect of making players feel more tied to a specific character than we wanted them to be. If you have a paragon 50 Wizard it makes it that much harder to convince yourself to try a new character because some people would feel like they are “wasting experience” either on the Wizard or on the new character they wanted to try out. We want the players to feel that they are being rewarded for their time investment regardless of what character they are in the mood to play or experiment with. This is the primary reason we are changing paragon levels to be account wide instead of character specific. We want people who have invested time earning paragon experience to be able to enjoy all the changes and new content the expansion introduces without having a sense of loss for “wasting paragon levels” on a character, especially since the Crusader is so awesome I expect 200% of players to just reroll 😉

    Lastly, spendable points. Anyone who has played Diablo games in the past has some fond memories (or not if you ever misclicked the wrong stat) of picking how they wanted to spend their points whenever they leveled. While giving players more character customization options isn’t the core intent of the system, it did present itself as a good place to introduce the mechanic. Players already earn bonus stats, magic find, and gold find when they earn a paragon level but we thought giving players more options and letting them choose what they wanted their bonus to be was just better all around. When you gain a paragon level in the new system you will receive a paragon point to spend, what category that point can be spent in is determined by what paragon level you earn. Paragon level 1 gives you a point to spend in a core stat, Paragon 2 gives you a point in the offensive category, 3 is defensive, and 4 is utility, each level past that folows the same pattern. At present all categories other than core stats (Str, Int, Dex, Vit) have a cap on the number of points that can be allocated to them which also means there is a cap to the total number of points that 3 of the 4 categories can have. If you reach paragon 800 you will have maxed the number of points that can be allocated to the offense, defense, and utility categories and all future paragon levels will grant you a point in the core stat category.

    Hopefully this covers the majority of questions that people have. While I am incredibly busy working on the expansion at present I’ll do my best to answer whatever remaining questions people have about paragon 2.0.

    Refer to the DiabloWikiParagon 2.0 article in the wiki if you’ve still got questions. Nothing Travis said in this post wasn’t on that page already except for the cap at 800. Here are the four tabs and the properties you can boost via paragon points.

  • Core tab: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Vitality. (Each paragon point is worth 5 to each stat, up to 250 total bonus to each.)
  • Offensive tab: Attack Speed, Critical hit Chance, Critical hit Damage, Cooldown reduction. (Maximum bonuses appear to be 10% IAS, 10% CC, 50% CD, and -10% cooldown time.)
  • Defensive tab: Increased max resource, increased resource regeneration %, All Resistance, +% Life, +% Armor, Dodge chance.
  • Adventure tab: Movement Speed, Pickup Radius, Magic Find. (No mention of Gold Find.)
  • Questions remaining:

    We do not yet know the values each point gives you in +max resource and +resource regen. It appears that those are the same field, so that a Barb would add a point and get a bonus to +max Fury *and* +Fury generation rate. One of the devs named +% blocking as one of the bonuses in a Gamescom interview, but that isn’t one of the bonus strings in the recent datamined info. We don’t know exactly which bonuses are in the Defensive and Adventure tab; MS, Pickup, and MF are definitely in Adventure, plus one of the 5 now listed in Defensive. (Though that doesn’t really matter, since you can spend your Paragon points all in the same or in a variety of different tabs. The only limit is the hardcap of 50 points per bonus field.)

    All this is subject to change during further development, of course.

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