Travis Day returned this morning to follow up yesterday’s bombshell news about Reaper of Souls legendary items and drop rates. The main misconception about his remarks yesterday is that there’s some timer that controls how often you get legendary drops, and he takes an axe to that right at the start, before addressing exploiting, another big question from yesterday.

    Hey folks I’m back with some clarifications and some news that should please everyone.

    First the clarification, the timer system that works behind the scenes is meant to be exactly that, behind the scenes. No you can’t afk the system, there are a lot of moving pieces to it and we talked about it extensively before we implemented it to guarantee its not exploitable. At it’s heart Diablo is a game about slaughtering demons and getting random cool rewards. The system that is in place should never be experienced by 99% of the population, it’s there for the 1% who just get really bad random rolls for an excessively long period of time. If we want you to get a legendary every 2 hours, the system basically says “ok it’s been like double/triple that period of time, just help the guy out!”

    Second and more importantly. I’m in the process of working up another hotfix for the beta that will do 2 things.

    1. Reduce the chance for Kadala to give legendary items. We have a lot of solutions to the split farming problem but they are going to take a little time to be put in place and in the mean time we don’t want peoples feedback to be completely skewed based on her rewards. This reduction will be revisited once we fix all the split farming issues.

    2. Double the legendary drop rate. Your feedback hasn’t been falling on deaf ears, and much discussion and deliberation has gone into it. We know that drop rates aren’t exactly where we want them right now and it’s very important to us to get as much feedback as possible during our beta. We are going to adjust the legendary drop rates via hotfix so that you guys have as much time as possible to test and give us feedback on how the changes feel, also more time for us to compile data and get RoS to be the best it can be.

    And they doubled it!

    Anecdotes from limited sample sizes are useless for larger statistical crunching, but just to give you guys who aren’t in the RoS beta some idea of recent events… I’ve played about 8 hours since the patch, mostly on Hard or Expert in multiplayer games (while testing/exploiting the new Infernal Machine) and have found 5 legendary items in that time. (And made 5 Hellfire Rings, which salvage into Forgotten Souls and thanks to the 100% key/organ drop rate that’s by far the fastest way to obtain that essential legendary material.)

    Over the same time I’ve gambled about 600 Shards, 5 at a time all on 1H weapons, without scoring a single set or legendary item that way. (I didn’t find anywhere near 600 shards in that time; I had ~400 when the patch went live last week.)

    The best strategy once the hotfix goes live will continue to be split farming (where multiple players in the same game split up to do different bounties which share their rewards to everyone in the game), though reducing the legendary rate from gambling will make that slightly less valuable. (Since doing Bounties is where you rack up Shards.)

    Update: Players have been asking if the hotfixes are live yet. They are *not*, as of early Friday morning, Blizzard time, with “doubled legendary drop rate” still listed as an upcoming hotfix for RoS beta and the D3 PTR. The fixes should go in for testing sometime Friday, assuming technical difficulties can be avoided.


  • Legendary drop rates from monsters have been doubled.*
  • Legendary drop rates from Kadala have been decreased.*

  • Rift Guardians now drop Blood Shards and have a chance to drop Forgotten Souls for level 61+ players.*
  • Monster damage has been increased across all levels.*
  • Splash damage will no longer unintentionally proc certain powers.*
  • Hellfire plans no longer cost Blood Shards and should now cost gold.
  • Monster density in Act I has been adjusted.
  • An issue where crafting certain items caused the server to crashed has been resolved.
  • Resolved an issue where the proc from Odyn Son could proc from itself.
  • Lorath Nahr no longer has a vendor list.
  • An error will no longer occur when crafting Archon items.
  • The combat AI for NPCs has received an optimization pass.

  • Update #2: The increased legendary drop rates have been hotfixed in as of Friday afternoon. You’ll be entirely green and orange in no time, now.

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