Travis Day hopped into a couple of forum threads today to answer questions about the DiabloWikiParagon 2.0 system. He mostly restates what we already knew, but this bit about how ladders will function with paragon is newish.

    I bet you start ladder with paragon 0 and your ladder exp is added to your non-ladder exp in the event of a reset. That’s my hope at least.
    Travis Day: That is currently the plan. Paragon experience will be account but will also be broken out by game play mode. Players who play in Hardcore will have a separate hardcore paragon level from their non hardcore characters.

    When a season ends all of the paragon experience you have earned will be rolled into the appropriate pool of paragon experience for the account and you will be able to start at 0 again in the new season.

    This is all still a work in progress and subject to change but that is what we are currently intending.

    Click through for another longer explanation of the basic paragon 2.0 system, though it’s not new info if you were following the details from Gamescom.

    Paragon levels are account bound, they are also segregated between HC and non HC characters. This means you will have a paragon level associated with HC characters that can not be increased by playing non HC characters. We didn’t want players to feel like the “right way” to level their HC paragon was outside of HC.

    The intent of account wide paragon is to reward the player, not the specific character. Paragon experience and levels are fun to earn, but they currently have the draw back of making people feel tied to a specific character. We want to let players play the game however they want when possible and this was one case where we felt the right thing to do was let you play any character you want and have them all work towards the same rewards.

    In the case of spending paragon points, if you are paragon level 50, you will have 50 points to spend in the assorted categories. Each character that has access to this pool of points will get to allocate them for that character. So your barbs 50 points can be allocated differently than your wizards 50 points.

    Lastly yes paragon levels do not have a cap. The amount of experience required to gain a paragon level increases every time you earn a new one so progress becomes slower the higher you are, but if you theoretically played all day every day for the next 10 years you would still be earning paragon experience.

    I still have 2 main questions: 1) When does a new character get access to paragon points (100% of them level 1? Some % coming in every ten levels? 100% at once at max level?) and 2) Is there nothing tied to an individual character anymore?

    Point #1 is mostly an issue for Hardcore, where rerolling isn’t something you did once last May and never since. Point #2 though seems relevant to everyone. If all we ever get are Paragon Points from our Paragon Levels, then every max level character is identical, assuming the same Account Sharagon level. And that seems weird, to me. If you’ve played a thousand hours with your Wizard and you’re at Sharagon Level 156, and I’ve played a thousand hours of Monk and DH and I’m at Sharagon Level 156, and I make a new Wizard… I don’t think that character should instantly be identical to your 1000+ hour Wizard. Nor should your brand new DH/Monk be equal to mine. There should be some bonuses earned by individual chars, not just all from the Sharagon Account. Right?

    Also, imagine this system long term: It’s 2015, your account is at Sharagon Level 347, and you roll a new Witch Doctor. They get to level 70 and you stack on all 347 Paragon points and your character is instantly awesome, and far stronger than someone else’s WD who has played hundreds of hours but has only Sharagon Level 114 for their account. But then that WD never changes at all. You might need to play 50 hours to ding to the next Sharagon level. So all that time your new max level WD would never gain any kind of level up, any new points, any sign of progress or change whatsoever? That sounds really boring.

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